Gustakh Dil 27th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 27th August 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 27th August 2013 Written Update

The show started with Nikhil and laajos marriage taking place. Laajos father did kanyadaan while Nikhil was lost in his thoughts. He was reeled up thinking about his girlfriend, Ishaana. He was missing her a lot, but he silently married laajo. And during each and every rewaj he was missing ishana and remembering their cozy time together.
The phera was completed and the married was fully done in the presence of his friends and dadaji. Laajo was not herself during the entire marriage.
Later at night during their kaal raatri, laajos parents tried to make nikil comfortable as much as they could and also made sure his friends were equally comfortable in their one bedroom hut.
Laajos father brought home remedy, mosquito repellent and placed them in the room.

villagers came to visit the son-in-law, and laajos mother tried to move her out from the room. The neibour taunted them telling that they are very lucky to get such a rich son-in-law.
While Laajos sister took her to get changed, ishaana called Nikhil. Nikhil took the phone and switched it off. Everyone switched off their cell phones so that Ishana and others cannot reach them.
Ishanas mom came back from her conference and ishaana was happy to meet her after such a long time. She said she missed her daughter a lot. And her mother sensed the tension in her face. Both the mother and the daughter had their private time. She told her mother that she was worried about Nikhil.
Laajo was very upset about the whole thing while her sisters stated their approval of their brother-in-law. They were stating their happiness over the fact that their sister is married in the rich house. But they were happy that their sister was married to a person like nikhi. Laajo became all emotional when her sister reminded over the incident which forced laajo and Nikhil to take that step.
Just like every poor people, Laajos parents were discussing over the fact that laajo being a village how, how she would cope up with posh and aristocratic environment. But her mother was sure that like everytime laajo will take care of everything and will make everyone happy.
Dadaji and buaji was worried about the fact that if her brother, i.e Nikhils father doesnot approve of their marriage. Dadaji was sure that, his son and his grandson has his values and they will obey it.
Laajo was feeling sad about her bidai, hence she was meeting her pet cow and her calf, telling them to take care of themselves and was telling the calf when she will come back to village she might become big like her mother.
Laajos mother meet laajo at the stable and asked her to go and sleep, as tomorrow she was going to have a long journey.
Her mother told her that for them Laajos happiness was the most important thing. She was very emotional. She was sad that she was going to miss laajo a lot from tomorrow. She also told that laajo wont understand know until she becomes a mother herself.
Laajo stated nervously that she did not know anybody and that how she was going to cope up with them.
But her mother gave her strength and told that Nikhil is going to take care of her and will never leave her alone.

Precap: Nikhil arrives home and declares that laajo is his wife.


Update Credit to: indy_KD

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