Pavitra Rishta 25th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 25th November 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 25th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ankita recalling about the doctor’s words about Naren. She recalls the conversation with Rushaali. Mansi brings ginger tea for her. Ankita says she would have prepare tea. Mansi says I can’t do at your home. She says she is happy for her and says you got smart and brilliant man. He is down to earth. Ankita feels sad. Mansi asks, why you took out the bangles? Ankita says she don’t have the habit to wear the expensive things. Ankita says she wants to say something. Just then Soham comes and shows Ankita’s engagement photo in the newspaper. He gets happy and shows to the kids. Mansi finds the jewellery missing in the boxes. She asks Soham about the jewellery . She asks, did you took it. Soham says he kept it safe. Mansi asks him to be away from the jewellery. Soham says they think me as a thief. After Mansi leaves, he eyes at some jewellery and thinks he can drink with the money.

Arjun comes and calls for Tina. Tina says she called him many times. Arjun says he was in meeting and gifts her cell phone. He asks her to promise that she will study well. Tina’s granny asks him, why he brought mobile for her. Arjun says he got it for her happiness and says he has no one in his life. Kaki says someone is there for you, who cares for you and means for you. She says Purvi came home today. Arjun is surprised and asks did she came here? Kaki says she came to meet Ovi. Arjun asks, what did you replied to her? Kaki says I said Ovi didn’t stay here. Kaki says she will prepare tea for him. Purvi calls Arjun and says she wants to meet him. Purvi asks, can I come to your home. Arjun says ofcourse you can come.

Rushaali and Naren comes to Ankita’s home. Naren talks with Sonu and says you are Ahana’s sister. Mansi says you can come at any time. Ankita invites them inside. Naren hugs Ankita, Ankita is shocked. He says he was missing her and that’s why came here. Naren goes to the kitchen and searches for bottlegourd dish. Everyone is surprised. Rushaali asks him, what he is searching. Naren comes to Ankita and asks, didn’t you prepare the dish?lauki ki sabzi. Mansi smiles and says Jiju came to eat Lauki ki sabzi. Ankita says she will prepare it now. Rushaali says she will help her. Naren gets chocolates for the kids. Naren says he will drink tea with vegetable dish.

Ankita thinks nobody knows about Naren’s madness and what if they gets to know. Naren plays with the kids. Rushaali asks her to decide after a lot of thinking. Prashant tells mansi that his behavior is strange. Mansi thinks he is homourous. Ankita serves the vegetable dish with tea. Naren eats it and kisses Ankita’s hand. Sonu says she is Ankita. Naren gets angry and says she is Ahana. Rushaali tells Sonu that Naren likes some girl named Ahana in his childhood and that’s why calling Ankita as Ahana. Prashant thinks something is fishy. Mansi says he has decided about Ankita’s pet name. Rushaali says we shall leave now. Naren asks her to get the lauki dish in the tiffin. They leaves.

Arjun is waiting for Purvi. Purvi comes and looks at him. He asks her to sit. Purvi asks about Pia being Arjun’s daughter. Arjun says yes, she is my daughter. Purvi asks him whether he had relation with Ovi after their marriage. Arjun says I don’t believe you. You are asking this after 20 years. He says it had happened before our marriage and I wasn’t aware of it. Ovi hided it from me. Arjun asks, where were you, when I was approaching you to listen to my truth. He says when I went to Canada for a meeting, I met Ovi there. She had a baby with her. I didn’t know about the baby’s parents. Afterwards I came to know about the baby and Ovi asked me to hide it from you. I lied only once and we got seperated. Purvi asks about Ovi? Arjun says he doesn’t know and says sometimes she calls and sends messages.

Purvi bursts on him saying why you didn’t tell me the truth. We were seperated for 20 years, don’t you think you should call me. She says, our baby is away from your home. Arjun says he tried to talk to her. Purvi asks him to reply. She says she was happy as she thought he loves her sister and her daughter. You chose loneliness. I was living my life with hatred for you and you took away that hatred from me. Arjun says, what shall he do? He made her several phone calls but Manav baba picked the calls. When I came to meet you, you didn’t meet me. you didn’t hear me once. You loves me naa. Then where it went when you saw me with a girl and thinks I am betraying you. Purvi says, why you didn’t tell me 20 years ago. Arjun says why you didn’t asks me? I tried but you didn’t listen. Everything is happening because of you. Purvi is constantly crying.

Manav tells Archana that they will unite their daughter with her love. Archana hugs him. Pari hears everything.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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