Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th November 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th November 2013 Written Update

epi starts with sandy calling suraj to enjoy this night
she says she already checked both are asleep
he says its too cold
sandy says she will take a shawl

bhbhasa calls suraj
and blabbers that has KT stop arrived( he is dreaming of still bus)
momily plan to trap vikna
they hire a man to clear the shop
and he says he will bring some men for work

vik wonders why mohit paid 1500 for 700 worth job
sandy says she wants to make this day special and she wants to walk on the sands
suraj says is she ok

sandy says wont he fulfuill his lovers wish
suraj asks last wish
sandy says yes she will become his wife soon
suraj says that how can he deny his lovers words

omg RM scene
momily is wondering why vikna didnt wake up
mohit says because bhabho is not at home

meena opens the door and gets stuck by something
she wakes up vik and says that someone has locked them from outside

kanha is crying for milk
meena is worried

bhabhasa says he dreamt of walking on the sands with santos

sandy again signals suraj to ask bhabho permission
bhabho asks how come the clothes are full of sand
sandy diverts the topic and says she will make tea

suraj takes rupees notes to give it to milkman
bhabho notices sand from the notes

vikna call momily from window

emily says its the same goods they had kept in the shop

mohit says that she never helped them and then she didnt say where to keep them and he paid 700 for clearing the shop and 800 for keeping them in front of their room
emily says she will give tea and breakfast in the room itself

break: sandy ties mouli ( thread) on suraj’s hands and says after 15 mins its auspicious ofr haldi ki rasam

moonlight walk proof was those sands in the room and the notes which suraj gave

mohit says he is leaving for office and tempt vikna to ask for help
he says to give 1500 rs for removing the goods from their room entrance

sany is making tea and plans to involve suraj
she calls him and says to heelp her

she ties a mouli on his hands and says after 15 mins its auspicious for haldi

break; suraj washing his face and sandy planning again

sandy says that suraj is not cleaning his face properly and plans for something
bhabho says not to rub too much he has already got a lady now why is he rubbing to find a new one

sandy and bhabhasa talk of suraj’s complexion and sandy says that suraj is getting darker these days
bhbho is tempted and she says that she will apply sandalwood
sandy plans again( may be she will mix turmeric0

precap: bhabhasa is shivering and says to suraj that bhabho has gone to bring a pullover from his bag
bhabho opens the bag and is shocked

Update Credit to: ramasuresh78

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