Tumhari Pakhi 25th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 25th November 2013 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 25th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Girish hearing Lavanya talk against Pakhi with Maa ji. He says its not right to give someone hope and taking it back, its painful. Lavanya says its because of Pakhi that we got so many problems, Anshuman can’t decline her as it will ruin his image. Girish says its not right to play with someone’s emotions. Pakhi is a good girl. Lavanya says she is not able to do anything for Anshuman, she can’t take care of anything. Girish takes Pakhi’s side over Tanya. Lavanya gets angry. She says the problem is you men like every woman other than your wife. She says when are you bringing a girl for yourself. She says the dinner is ready, come. Girish says as you say, my wife.

Pakhi sees Anshuman tensed and goes to bring something for him. She asks him to stop his work and says if you have headache, you should have told me. She brings Nilgiri oil to massage his head. He says I m fine. She makes him sit and says try it. She says you liked the food I made, it was the first time, now see the magic of my massage. Anshuman says actually I was….. Pakhi says come on, sit with ease… She starts the massage. Bairi jiya…. tumpe piya… machle…. sambhaalun na ise….. plays…… Anshuman smiles loving the massage. She asks how are you feeling. He says fine. She asks him to rest.

She asks him to sleep while he look at the oil. She cares for him and he sleeps. The next morning, Lavanya wakes up with a baby’s cry. She goes to see who is it. She sees Girish with his Bua and some little boy crying. Lavanya greets the Bua. Bua says many people warned me that Lavanya will feel bad if I saty here for many days, but I was sure if coming here as I m coming to Girish’s house. Lavanya says yes, I don’t care who comes and leaves from here. Lavanya sees the little baby. Girish says its Sudhir’s and Pradha’s daughter, who got killed in the accident. Lavanya smiles seeing the baby and goes to her.

Girish smiles seeing Lavanya with the baby Naina. Bua says Girish, this baby is my responsibility now, she will stay with me. Girish says no, we are happy with Naina. Lavanya cares for Naina. Bua jokes on Lavanya. Naina breaks a flower vase. Bua laughs and asks Naina not to cry. Lavanya leaves annoyed. Pakhi starts her morning with prayers. She sees Anshuman sleeping and stops the sunlight from disturbing his sleep. She keeps his hand on the bed and goes closer to him. Music plays…… She looks at him while he hold her hand while sleeping. She takes her hand our slowly and looks at him smiling.

Anshuman wakes up after she left. Pakhi comes back and wishes him good morning. She says you slept for many hours, you are looking fresh. He asks whats the time. She says its 10. He says its not possible. She shows him the clock. He runs out of the bed and she laughs. He comes out of the bathroom wearing a towel. He is shocked to see her. He asks her not to see him and turn. He says look that side, I have to change. She says I can see you in mirror. She closes her eyes and looks at him through her fingers. He says now you can see. She says I was seeing you in mirror. He says then why did you not tell me. She laughs.

Pakhi comes downstairs and gets the new master key and gets charged of Rs. 10000. Maa ji smiles. She says Rs. 10000? for a key? Anshuman talks to Mr. Rana and gives his commitment. Pakhi comes to him and says I got Rs. 10000 bill for getting the key. She says we used to get two locks in Chittorgarh for Rs. 100, and here see how it is. Anshuman says its fine, give him the money.

Pakhi gives the money to that man and he leaves. Maa ji comes and says I got the old key, stop that man. Pakhi says OMG, its a big loss of Rs. 10000. Maa ji says yes, think about Lavanya’s anger if you can’t take care of the house. Lavanya talks to Anshuman and says I love this, Pakhi won’t be able t take care of the house, she got a big shock. Pakhi thinks the Lord has done good to give her a shock, as she will be extra careful from now on. Anshuman says Pakhi should not be at my house more than one week. Lavanya says Pakhi will not be able to win. She says Pakhi does not have time. Pakhi says I have to take care of the house with this budget. Anshuman says Pakhi will lose and go back home. Pakhi says I won’t break Anshuman’s faith in me, I will win Lavanya’s heart for you and me.

Maa ji is happy to see how Pakhi is losing money. Pakhi comes to her and Maa ji speaks sweetly with her. Maa j is pretentious. Pakhi asks Maa ji to show her the old bills. Pakhi says lets see the bills. Pakhi says these bills show much amount compared to the budget I made. She says it shows the double amount, why did you not tell me. Maa ji says how can I tell you being your servant. Pakhi says its fine, its good that I came to know, now I will take care of everything. Maa ji gets worried seeing Pakhi’s confidence.

Pakhi thinks what to do, how to take care of the house within the budget. She thinks of Anshuman’s words and says Wastage of resources is wastage of savings. She gets some idea and smiles.

Pakhi is controlling everything at home and Maa ji is shocked. Pakhi brings tiffin for Anshuman at the work site. He says is this the place to bring tiffin, am I a small kid.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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