Pavitra Rishta 24th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 24th January 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 24th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Kinnari talking on phone and saying I hate reception as have to attend so many guests. Naren comes with Ankita and says congrats to Raunaq and Kinnari for their marriage. He gifts a bracelet to Raunaq. Raunaq likes it. Naren kisses him on his forehead. Raunaq gets irritated. Ankita says it is okay. Naren says, I will always be your big brother naa. Ankita gives them Ganapati Bappa. Kinnari is again calling someone. Raunaq asks her to give rest to mobile. Kinnari says, I can’t but I am doing this for you. Sunanda comes and congrats them. She says,officially you are Karmakar’s bahu. This is a big responsibility. I didn’t expect anything from Ankita but have lot of expectation from you. Kinnari says, I accepted this house and I will always live upto your expectation.

Raunaq says, superb performance and asks her to try her hand on acting. Kinnari says, you are also a good actor. Soham is dying to have bear. Arjun comes and collides with Soham. Soham hides. Naren tells Arjun that he sees Ahana doing Antarpat and revised the promise. Naren introduces Arjun to Kinnari. Arjun and Ankita greet each other.

Arjun looks for Purvi. He comes to her and says I was waiting for you. Purvi says, my fiancee is waiting for me. Arjun takes her to the room and asks her to answer. He asks, why you are marrying RK? Purvi asks, why you are living with Ovi? As you needs a companion. She says, I want to move on in life and wants a companion. Why you are asking me this question. I begged you to take me back but you threw me out of your life. What do you want? Why you can’t see me happy. Why you can’t let me marry him. Arjun says, RK is a wrong guy. Arjun says, I know you can’t be happy with him as he is wrong. He tells her that RK framed him in the drug case and his arrest and release is planted by him. Purvi says, he don’t have any personal and professional problem with you. Why you are making false stories. Arjun says, Chadda told him about RK. Purvi says, you are happy with Ovi naa, let me be happy with him.

Mansi is trying some saree. Sonu says, you are looking good. Pranav comes and says someone give him this box. They open the box and finds a beautiful dress with a message. Mansi thinks, it is sent by Shashank. Sonu and Pranav ask her to wear this dress. Pranav says, you will look beautiful. Mansi says, I have to get ready and thinks to call Ankita. Pari is working on the laptop and then sleeps. Teju comes and asks, why you are doing this to yourself. Why you are stressing yourself? Pari says, I am fine. have to meet the deadlines as aayi is not here. Teju says, I have seen world more than you. I have seen the people who worship work. She asks, do you misses Aman? Pari is speechless.

Prashant welcomes Shashank’s family. Soham comes home and looks around. Shashank’s mom asks for Mansi. Prashant says she is getting ready. Mansi comes. Shashank’s mom praises her beauty. Mansi takes their blessings. Shashank’s mom asks her to put black spot to keep away the evil eye. Everyone smiles. Everyone enjoy and dance on the music. Shashank tells Mansi that she is looking very beautiful. Mansi says, credit goes to you as you have gifted me a dress. Shashank says, you know very well that I can’t afford a expensive dress. Mansi asks, then who has gifted this dress to me. Shashank says, it might be gifted by Naren’s jiju. Shashank says, it is my victory as my wife looks beautiful in this dress. People will jealous of me today. Mansi and Shashank smiles.

Teju tells Pari that one can’t run from own feelings. Pari says, nothing. Teju says, I am your maasi. I know you love Aman even now. Pari says, I am happy without him. I am growing workwise and my status is increasing. My family is proud of me. I don’t want anything else. Pari says, I know I am overworking now, but this work will give me immense happiness later. Teju says, I am not convinced with you, but as a individual I am giving you space. I won’t tell you anything. If you want to change the path then I am always with you. It is difficult to forget our first love. Pari asks Teju not to tell anyone about Aman. Teju promise her and says I will wait for the day when you will come to me and ask me to break this promise.

Kinnari tells Raunaq that initially she didn’t believe Mansi when she said that Raunaq is after her. She says, you deserve no one but a slap. Mansi is marrying Shashank after rejecting you. You are not worthy of any girl. Raunaq is angry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. RK is not worthy of purvi she should get married to arjun

    1. although RK is handsome he is too old for purvi

  2. wat is this shhow all abt
    after all crisis y arjun and purvi is not uniting and pls take off that archana frm the show and who is this rk he doesnt match purvi and ankita and naren is not a gud pair y dont u tak away ankita from the show she has been here fr a long period of time i dnt think that now anyone is intrested in seeing her i m a grt fan of her it dosnt mean that for that we hav to be bored

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