Rang Rasiya 24th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Rang Rasiya 24th January 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 24th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Paro says after giving me death you are talking about life, you killed my husband, my loved ones, rudra says remain afraid from me, hate me because this hatred and fear is must as this will not let you go away from me and will force you to live, he drags her and run. They comes where aman is standing, Rudra ask whether the work is done? aman hesitates to say,Rudra ask aman whether all believe that paro is being dead? aman says all have accepted that paro is dead, paro is in tears,, aman says yes all think that parvati is dead. we will made post martam report, paro in shock says now my own will think that i am dead, i am dead, she goes back, aman ask her to not go away. rudra comes holds her and put cloth on her mouth, she get unconscious. rudra thinks now that thakur thinks

she is dead so now she is safe from evil. He puts her in car, aman ask where you are taking her? rudra says save plae. HE ask about the doctor? aman says we caught him but he took pill and died before any revelation.

Scene 2
Thakur has gathered villagers in his haveli and informs about paro’s death. He says paro sacrificed her life only to lessen the thrist of these bsd officers, he ask forgiveness that he couldnt save her from their clutches. He says tell me only she died no one else in the car, That bsd officer(rudra) was sitting beside her but why only paro died ? tell me should we remain shut on this injustice? on our paro’s death? villagers screams no, he says i am thankful for the support, villagers leave. Mami ask thakur to call her daughter Nandini, she should know that her sister is dead, please call her. thakur agrees.

Scene 3
Rudra comes to chacha’s haveli and remembers in childhood, how his father was taking him away from haveli and chacha asked him to stop, rudra says i want to stay here, chachi ask why? rudra says i will wait for my mother to come back, father says no she will not come, i am tired to make you understand, i am tired of listening your fights, we are going away. Chachi says thank god you have little sense. Rudra shouts i will not go with you, i am tired of eating vegetables, chachi says she is my sister and she doesnt listen to God then how ca listen to you? so listen to your father, she never loved your father neither you, rudra is hurt. Father takes him away. FB ends. Rudra looks at paro and goes inside the haveli, he opens the gate and remember how he used to play with chacha and how his mother(face not shown) used to pamper him. He comes inside and sees chachi who is busy in scolding workers. Her daughter in law spots rudra and tells chachi, she looks up and is shocked to see him infront of her eyes. Rudra says everyone leave haveli only family should remain here, he says will count till 3, chachi’s DIL ask who is he? one worker tries to say that there is no man in home, rudra points gun at him, all workers leave haveli. Rudra close the gate and goes inside to search for a room, He comes to dining table and gets Fb of childhood how his mother used to make him eat.
He comes back in hall and ask DIL to come here, chachi looks angrily at him. Rudra ask doesnt you hear go inside, DIL ask who are you? chachi says Rudra, dilsher’s child. Rudra looks at her, chachi ask you are meeting your family after much time, will you not blessing? rudra says i hove no family. He points gun at her and ask them to go inside. they goes with him, he puts them in one room and about to close the from outside, chachi says will you not ask how i recognized you? i am your masi too and i recognized you from your eyes as they seem to be taken from your mother on rent.

Scene 4
Thakur ask did yo get who placed bomb in car? servant says i think its done from other side of border but there is no official news, thakur ask whether news of paro dead is correct? servant says yes i even got post martam report. Thakur says if thakurain ask him about nandini tell her i am trying, we know what happens to girls who goes other side of border, we dont know where they go and we dont need it either but thakurain shouls not know about it. servant agrees.
Rudra picks up paro in his arms and comes in haveli.

PRECAP- Rudra says to chacha that i am dividing haveli in two, he ties rope and says this side is mine and other is yours and if someone crosses it then he will be responsible for damage, he leaves. Chachi says he has com back with fire in him but i will tell him once my sons will come back tonight.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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