Beintehaan 24th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaan 24th January 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaan 24th January 2014 Written Update

Shabana is packing Quran and clothes of Aaliya. Surayya comes to her angrily. Shabana says she was coming to her itself. Surayya says already nikah is over, what else she wants now. Shabana asks to forgive Aaliya’s mistakes. Surayya angrily says Aaliya’s mamu is there to forgive her every mistake. She taunts he is her father-in-law now than mamu. She asks if she should call her Shabana or Samdhan sahiba. Shabana says it is a marriage of their kids, she likes the old relation much. Surayya scolds her a lot and says she asked just her brother’s opinion and not her opinion. Shabana says she thought as bhaijan agreed, she thought even she would have agreed. Surayya says Zain was not ready for the marriage, but was dragged into it. She says she did good by keeping her children and Usman away from Bhopal. Bhopal is a very dangerous place. It shows its true colours whenever it gets an opportunity.

Surayya says if anything happens to Aaliya, not to blame her and goes. Shabana gets worried thinking about Surayya words. Aaliya is crying, thinking about the mirror incident holding the broken mirror. Aayat comes. Aaliya says she is leaving her parents on her and to take care of her parents. Aaliya says not to worry, she will handle everything. Aaliya asks about her students. Aayat says she will take care of it as she got trained under her. She asks her to be happy with Zain. She says you have been in touch with Zain always. She read somewhere that hate is the first step of love and she has crossed it now. Aaliya says she is not in a hate relationship with Zain now, she is Zain’s convict now. Aayat asks how. She explains Zain didnt want to marry her and asked her to promise to convince their parents, but looking at her father’s critical condition, she broke her promise with Zain. She does not what will happen now, she has to fight the battle alone now. Aayat hugs her emotionally and goes. Aaliya also cries.
Bidayi ceremony starts and everyone from Aaliya’s family is crying. Shabana gives Quran to Aaliya and hugs her emotionally. She says she knows she has all the answers for her problems in this Quran and to take it’s help. She asks not to allow her mamu/mai to complain about her and to closely knit all the relations of that house. She asks her not to fight with Zain again. She holds Zain’s hands and asks him to forgive Aaliya if she makes any mistakes. Zain sees Aaliya angrily. Shabana says Aaliya is very good at heart and he will realize it soon. She again asks if Zain will take care of Aaliya. Zain says of course he will take care. Shabana hugs Zain’s hands and kisses his forehead. Aaliya looks at Ghulam and goes towards him. She hugs him and cries. Usman consoles crying Shabana and Ghulam. Aaliya hugs Aayat. Usman takes Aayat and Zain and leaves with his family. Shabana, Ghulam and Aayat cry.
Usman’s family reach mumbai. Fahad is traveling in a car with his wives to his home. Both wives are start scheming in their minds. Nafisa thinks her good days will start now. Shaziya thinks she won’t let gauhar’s chance go in vain. Even she married a man with 2 kids. She will break Zain’s marriage as Zain and Surayya are not happy with this marriage.
Zain are Aaliya traveling in a car. Aaliya sees Zain, but he is looking out through window and does not look at her. Even she watches via the window and remembers her talking to Shabana about her marriage. She again looks at Zain but he is busy looking at the window. She again starts remembering her talks with Shabana about her marriage wishes. Now Zain looks at her and she looking at the window. Noor-e-Khuda song plays in the radio. Zain asks driver to switch off the radio angrily. Surayya remembers how Usman was speaking to Shabana and informing her that he will reach Bhopal in 2-3 days and Surayya informing him about singapore delegations coming to mumbai for 1 week. Usman says he has so many managers, they will manage. Surayya says he can handle singapore better than his managers and tells him how he handled the crisis when Korean delegates came. Usman says he has promised Shabna, but Surayya asks him to postpone the plans for 1 week. He agrees and goes. Chand bibi comes and says Surayya that Usman loves Bhopal very much, why don’t you people visit Bhopal once. Surayya asks her to go and check her work and Chand bibi goes. Surayya gets angry and says she made a middle class Bhophali a south mumbai’s business tycoon with great difficulty. She does not want Bhopal in her life again, never. Surayya then remembers the whole marriage incident.
Zain/Aaliya’s car stops suddenly. Aaliya catches Zain’s hand. They look at each other. They remove their hands and again start looking at the windows.

Precap: Aaliya is praying outside Haji Ali dargah. She says she has been forced in someone’s life and asks the saint to not leave her anymore. Zain honks the car’s horn and asks her to come.

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