Tumhari Pakhi 24th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 24th January 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 24th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anshuman and Tanya talking how to outdo Pakhi. Anshuman plans for his engagement but Tanya asks him to first kick out Pakhi from his life. She says Ayaan and comes to fill Ayan’s ears against Pakhi. Tanya plans to send Ayaan to hostel. Anshuman is angry on Pakhi. They don’t talk. Even Pakhi is annoyed with him. Anshuman smokes and she does not care. They bump their heads. He says I have to sleep and turns off the lights. She says my work is going on. She turns on the light. They have a cute fight. Pakhi says you married me and this room is mine, I have equal right on everything. She falls on him and his back is hurt.

She says get up from me. She says leave me first. She asks what happened. She is shocked to see that the needle has hurt Anshuman. She scares him saying his half. He says but this bum is mine, the needle has hurt my bum. He says you broke my lighter. She says its good. She laughs and says you should be sorry. They fight. Anshuman says should I say sorry. She says yes, tell sorry. She says I will make you say sorry. He says are you joking. She says its a challenge. He says fine, challenge. Its morning, Pakhi smiles seeing Anshuman.

She gets ready in the morning, Anshuman looks at her. She writes a note for him as they are not talking. He looks on. She asks him to read. She writes please apply the sindoor even if you are annoyed. He does not agree. He writes a note for her. She reads it. He writes first say sorry, then I will. She says what, but why. He says its a deal. She says its not your office, and this is not a deal, this is your home. He says you took up the challenge. She acts smart and cheats to make him fill sindoor in her maang. He says its cheating. She says everything is fair in love and war.

She leaves. Anshuman says 13 days are over, only two days left now. Anshuman calls Tanya and talks about his engagement plans. Lavanya is upset with Girish and talks to his photo. She says when Girish can do it, why can’t I. She says what should I type. She searches for dating sites. She says its difficlut to look out for a perfect man, is Girish perfect, he is a cheater. She looks at some guys and calls on his number. Anshuman is angry on the servants. He scolds the servants.

Pakhi talks to Ayaan about Life Ok screen awards. Anshuman comes to them. He says I won’t have breakfast today. Pakhi does not react hearing this. He says I m going. She still is quiet. He looks at her.

Anshuman leaves annoyed. Ayaan looks at Pakhi and says dad’s wallet is here, he said he has to make the payment. Pakhi finds it and goes after Anshuman to give him. Ayaan says dracula is gone, now I will see. Pakhi goes after Anshuman in another car. Anshuman meets Tanya and hugs her. Pakhi comes there and Tanya sees her. Tanya hides seeing her. Pakhi comes to Anshuman and asks what are you doing here. Anshuman is shocked to see her.

Anshuman sees that Tanya is gone and lies to Pakhi. He asks what are you doing here. She says I came after you to give you your wallet. The waiter comes and calls Tanya to Pakhi. Anshuman says she isPakhi, my wife. The waiter tells Pakhi about Anshuman’s engagement. Pakhi is shocked and looks at Anshuman.

Pakhi meets Tanya and Tanya talks to Pakhi and says I will make everything fine. Pakhi refuses to take her help.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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