Pavitra Rishta 24th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 24th December 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 24th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Naren showing video game to Kinnari. Sunanda, Rushaali and Nadkarnis come and sits on the sofa. Sunanda says look at today’s generation, they mingled with each other as they each other since years. She says compatibility is needed for marriage. Sunanda asks Naren, what do you think about marriage? Naren looks at Ankita and Raunaq. Raunaq signs him to say yes. Naren says I am totally ready for marriage. Sunanda says it is yes from our side. Rushaali signs Ankita to take Naren inside. Ankita asks him to come with her. Naren says I can’t refuse my Ahana and excuses himself asking them to eat bottle gourd dish.

Rushaali says, I know tai told you everything about Naren but. She says, Naren is in shock since 2 years. We don’t know how he reacts in any

situation, so we give him medicines on time. It is not easy taking care of him. She says, we hided Naren’s madness from everyone and you should also… She says if you say no, then it is okay. Whenever he gets attack, we ties him for 2 days. Ankita looks at them. Kinnari’s parents says, you told everything clearly and transparency is important in any relation. He says, we have full faith on our daughter that she will make him fine with her love and care. We likes your son and this alliance. Sunanda gets happy. Mr. Nadkarnis suggests the engagement to be done in the evening. Rushaali is tensed. Sunanda says, everything will be managed. Raunaq feels happy and says Ankita get ready to leave the house. Ankita is in tears.

Rushaali tells Shirish, how could they agreed for the engagement. Everything is happening opposite to our thinking. Shirish says, but Naren too agreed for marriage, it was unbelievable and unexpected. Rushaali says we have to stopped the engagement. Shirish says, we can’t at this point of time. Tai will be angry if we back off. Rushaali says, I know. Raunaq comes and tells her that Attu called you. Raunaq says, bhai will get marry for sure. Rushaali says your brother is already married. Raunaq says, lets go with the flow as you can’t do anything about it. Ankita listens their conversation.

Sunanda take out ancient jewellery for the almara for Naren’s wife. Naren comes and says she may have many jewellery. Sunanda says it is our ancestrals precious jewellery. Rushaali sees Ankita outside her room. Ankita says, our marriage was a compromise but it was not fake. We married with all the rituals. He can’t marry anyone else. He is my husband. Rushaali says I understand your feelings. Ankita says, I have done as you asked me to do. What I have to do now? Rushaali says I won’t let this marriage happen and says please support me for the last time, let this engagement happen today.

Sunanda calls Rushaali and says, I made some arrangements for the engagement and says Naren will wear this at the engagement. Ankita comes and looks sad. Sunanda eyes her and asks, did you gave medicines to Naren. Ankita signs yes. Sunanda asks her to make sure Naren well being in the evening. Rushaali says I will give Naren’s clothes to Ankita. Ankita takes it sadly.

Purvi is getting ready, Arjun comes to her room and asks for safety pin. Purvi gives it. Ovi comes and asks Arjun to pin her blouse. Arjun obliges. Purvi feels bad and turns away. Ovi says, I wear red saree because Arjun likes this colour. Purvi is also wearing red saree. Ovi and Arjun excuses themselves.

Shirish tells Sunanda that guests can’t come for engagement as everything is happening so fast. Sunanda says, what are you saying? Rushaali says, you know naa about Naren’s condition. Shirish says, everyone have their prior commitments. Sunanda agrees and asks them to get ready before the guest arrives. Rushaali tells Shirish that I am feeling suffocated infront of her, like a child standing hand cuffed. Shirish says I am helpless. Rushaali blames himself for not taking right decision. Shirish says I am punished for my mistake. Rushaali says I am feeling so helpless. She is taking big decisions of my son’s life. I can’t do anymore.

Ankita throws Naren’s clothes on the bed and asks him to wear it. Naren holds her hand and says I beat the high score in the game. He says, I have a surprise for you and asks her to close eyes. He shows the ancient family jewellery and says Attu is about to give you but I wanted to give you. He asks her to try. Ankita says I am not Ahana, I am ankita. we were married but our marriage is a compromise. I tried to save our marriage,but what I got. I am more lonely like before. Anyone can call me anything. Ahana, nurse, or anything. Naren looks shocked. Ankita says, it matters to me a lot. But I have to accept this as I am poor. She asks him to leave and says I don’t want to talk to you. She says, my life can’t change because you are nobody to change it. She says, everyone here are so selfish. If they are my family, then this would have not happened. Ankita asks him to go and says I don’t want to see your face. Naren asks her not to cry. She says, you are same like others. She says, today I am no one. Who is Ahana? Naren says you are Ahana. Ankita shouts and says I am not Ahana. She asks him to go far so that she can’t search for him. Naren says ok and feels bad.

Rushaali comes to Naren’s room and calls him. She wonders whether he went alone or with Ankita.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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