Jee Le Zara 24th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Jee Le Zara 24th December 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 24th December 2013 Written Update

Part 1

DV rues that after doing so much he couldnt win Sanchis trust..! He rues that he couldnt prove to be a better b.f nor lawyer! He rues that his parents went to US in such time that all is mess! Dils comes n asks the matter? She comments that he and Sanchi are always depressed these days! DV asks Dils do u trust me n my love? Dils says yes! DV asks then why not Sanchi?? Dils decides to tell Sanchi all ..! She asks him not to think so . n drink coffee n leaves!

A while later.. Sanchi comes to DV and shows her hand..! He holds it and they sit on the bed..! Sanchi offers her hand n says.. need something! DV asks what? Sanchi says.. what was mine . ..! DV says i gave it to u long back! Sanchi asks n my heart? DV says.. in the guts.. coz it takes guts to love u..!

Sanchi says. .no one can win against u.. in words..! Gimme the thing! DV asks what? Sanchi says.. giving u a hint … u did be that thing. .u did be with me always..! DV thinks .. ! Sanchi says my ring..! DV smiles and then gets serious..! He says. no ..! DV says.. i will give that to u when i can take something from u..! Sanchi asks what? DV says..ur trust..! DV says.. will give u the ring when i can win ur trust or else its meaningless! Sanchi says i do trust u..! Why do u feel so? DV says. .u said.. n it hurt.. right in the heart n a lot.! Sanchi holds his hand n says.. sorry..! She says.. agree Ankys words troubled me. .but am fine now! DV refuses to believe..! He says.. u will trust me when i will talk to my parents..! He says thats a right thing ..! Sanchi says .. u blow off everything as joke. .but took this so seriously? DV holds her hand. .n says.. main har cheez ko maze me uda sakta hun par zindagi ko nahi .. m serious about u. .n i will prove it to the world.. n thats my promise to myself..! SaRuv smile. .n do pinky promise!

Part 2

Anky stops midway and gets down from the car! She is shopping for fruits when DVs elder bro spots her ..! He meets her and she hugs him! Anky asks what are u doing here? U r usually in Swiss these days.. then why here? Anky says.. came to meet DV..! He says.. he is carefree always..enjoying ! Anky says.. he is fighting a case here! He asks whose? Anky tries to remember but cant! He offers to drop her home n Anky blurts.. he is fighting Prabhus case! He says.. hope God saves him that! Anky n he leave for home!

DV is yapping with Aaji-Nani while Sanchi is working on laptop! She clears her throat n coufs.. n DV says.. take meds.. or rest. ur throat is bad! Nani talks to DV about internet & email..! DV says.. open an account! Nani says.. wont take money..! Sanchi glares at DV n he is confused! Sanchi fumes again .. ! She messages DV and Nani reads it.. n says. sweetheart from Sanchi to DV ! DV says.. nothing like that.! Sanchi throws paper ball to DV n DV asks Sanchi what she is doing? If she is in school? Nani says.. she wants to talk to u..! DV says .. speak .. why be violent? Nani says go talk in private! DV says.. nothing in private.. before marriage! Sanchi fumes n walks off! Aaji asks DV to go woo Sanchi! DV says.. she hit me. fought with me. .n now i get scolded? Nani says.. go now..! DV acts dramatic.. !!

Part 3

Sanchi is pacing in the terrace.. n looking at Dils balcony to get a glimpse of DV! DV comes in the balcony n is on his phone! Sanchi smiles and tries to get his attention .. ! She waves at him ..but he doesnt notice.! Sanchi throws a genda phool at DV but it doesnt reach him! She clears her throat again ..coufs.. but DV doesnt notice..! Sanchi calls out to DV .. n then screams.. n waves to him ..! DV acts busy ..n ignores her..! He asks what? Sanchi says wanna talk to u! DV says. .am busy now.. later..? Sanchi calls DV and he takes her call ..! She says dun do this..! Ankho ke samne rehkar bhi door door rahoge to kaise chalega? DV says then i will go away n he goes from the balcony ..!

Sanchi is shopping n finds out DV likes bhindi..! Sanchi asks to buy some for her too.. n Dils says.. gobi ..too .. n says dun take karela..he doesnt eat! Sanchi says dun want anything.. DV doesnt talk to me properly these days! Dils says.. he is hurt.. so..! Sanchi says we talked that day n explained to him! Dils says.. woo him ..! Sanchi says tried.. but he is not relenting! Dils says try harder! Sanchi rues.. her behaviour..n says fume thinking of DV with any other girl..! Dils says..this is love..u fight n make up.. n thats spice in a relation! Dils says.. go and woo him like he has wooed u till date! Sanchi smiles..!

DV is working out .. n Addu says.. Sanchi is calling u! DV says.. busy! Addu says its important..! DV says.. tell her that i will come when i m free! Addu says.. u both are fighting n i m tense..! Addu says.. go work out ur fight with Sanchi..! DV calls Sanchi .. n asks what? Sanchi says.. what? U dun even talk to me these days..! DV says.. u sent Addu to talk about something? DV says.. go ahead..tell me.. m working out! Sanchi says.. ur upset with me. why hurting urself? DV asks why only u can b hurt? Sanchi says have right to woo u ..! DV says nothing! Sanchi says.. trying to woo u. n ur DV says.. acting like u! Sanchi says.. fine lemme see how long u can resist me..! DV says.. m very stubborn n Sanchi says.. n u love me too .. lets see . who wins of the two! DV says.. been stubborn since childhood..! Sanchi says.. u r stubborness will lose!

Next day morning.. Sanchi is drying her hair in the terrace..! DV comes out in the balcony to stretch.. n sees Sanchi n is entranced..! Sanchi smiles..! She turns her head n sees him looking at her.. n he turns away.. ! Sanchi smiles..!

Precap — Sanchi comes in DVs room and he is standing in towel n takes his shirt away! He asks what are u doing? She says. .helping u to change! DV says fine.. n is about to take off his towel n Sanchi screams no n covers her eyes..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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