Tumhari Pakhi 24th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 24th December 2013 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 24th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pakhi talking to Anshuman about her decision to change Ayaan in 15 days. She asks him to mark sindoor to the calender dates too so that she can know how much time she has. He does so. Anshuman thinks these 15 days are your last days. Pakhi thinks 14 days left now. Ayaan sees Pakhi coming with coffee and bumps into her to make it fall but he fails. Pakhi looks at him and smiles. Ayaan is not accepting Pakhi. Anshuman smiles. Pakhi looks at Ayaan. Anshuman asks Maa ji to take care of the teacher who is coming to teach Ayaan today.

Pakhi comes to know about this. Pakhi says I used to love history. Anshuman says Pakhi, my phone is not charged, it has important data, can you charge it. She says yes and leaves. Ayaan thinks of an idea. He plays with Ashok while

Pakhi is taking care of the plants. Ayaan pushes Pakhi and says sorry. He tells Maa ji that its time for his mission. Anshuman comes home and asks Pakhi will you tell me by reading this email. She says how can I read, its chinese. He says someone has changed its language by changing its settings, I had important presentation in it.

Pakhi says I did not do this. Ayaan asks him what happened. Anshuman says even I don’t know how to do this, can you do it. Ayaan takes the phone and does it. Anshuman is shocked and checks his phone. He says thanks to Ayaan and comes to know that it was Ayaan who did it. Pakhi says I will scold him as I got scolded by you. She cutely scolds Ayaan and asks Ayaan to say sorry. Ayaan leaves. Anshuman says I will punish him. Pakhi says I will punish him, you see how I do it. She runs after him. Anshuman leaves.

Ayaan’s history teacher comes and Pakhi greets him. Ayaan’s teacher asks him about Pakhi. Ayaan listens to her words about what he has to do to get freedon. Pakhi comes to them with tea. She says I’m Ayaan’s mum, Mrs. Pakhi Rathore. Pakhi asks Ayaan to study well. Ayaan says fine and smiles. Pakhi says carry on and leaves. Ayaan acts as if he is hungry since morning and tells his teacher that Pakhi is very good and gives him food three times, but not in between, he says I feel hungry most of the times, but she punished me but she is good, but she beats me sometimes.

The teacher says you have these cookies. She says I won’t tell it to her, have it. Ayaan eats it. She feels bad for him. Ayaan thanks her. She says now study. She teaches him, the time passes by and she starts leaving. Ayaan shows her the scale saying Pakhi beats me with this. The teacher feels strange and he stops her and says don’t tell this to my step mum. She says fine, I won’t say, bye. She leaves. Ayaan smiles.

Pakhi is making milkshake for Ayaan. Maa ji says Ayaan likes cold drinks. Pakhi says cold drinks are not good for health. Maa ji says Ayaan does not like milk, you know him. Ayaan comes and sees cold drink and milkshake. He takes the milkshake saying milk is good for health, my science teacher says this, Maa ji is shocked. Pakhi gets happy. She sees Ayaan is throwing the milk in soil. Pakhi says milk is not good for plants. Maa ji says why did he take the milk if he did not wish to have it.

Maa ji is stealing something and Ayaan takes her photo. Ayaan says I will tell this to dad. Maa ji stops Ayaan and pampers him. She says don’t tell this to anyone. Ayaan says on one condition, you should help me. Maa ji asks what to do. He tells her in her eyes.

Lavanya asks Bua about Naina’s relative’s address and number to make the death certificate of Naina’s parents, Bua says I m not getting my diary. Lavanya says I have to think about it. Bua comes to her room and sees her diary. Pakhi comes to Anshuman with the food. She serves food for him. Anshuman is looking at her. She goes. he thinks where she went and she teases him. She says sometimes we look for our support and it depends on how the person views it. She says I mean you want me to leave in 15 days. He says yes. She says yes? Anshuman is tensed.

Anshuman looks at her and says I don’t want you to leave my home, why are you asking this. She says because I know. He asks what. She says because you are not helping me about Ayaan. She says wait here and makes him taste the dish. He says I don’t like this dish. She says exactly, I was telling you this, as you know about your likes and dislikes, you might be knowing what Ayaan likes, his fav food, his friends, his fav game. She says if I don’t know anything about this, how will I make a space in his heart, then I will fail. Anshuman says it depends on his mood. He says he is a naughty kid.

Ayaan is planning with Maa ji. He asks we should call ourselves by code names. He says our mission is on now and hits at Pakhi’s photo in the dart board.

Ayaan and Maa ji are planning against Pakhi. Anshuman is happy to see Pakhi upset.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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