Pavitra Rishta 22nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 22nd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Archana saying she is tensed about Pari’s future. She says she will prepare tea as she is feeling headache. Maanv says it is already midnight and if she drinks tea, she will not sleep. Archana says Naren had come home without Ankita yesterday and says though Pari is their granddaughter, Ankita is also dear to them. Manav says nothing will happen and asks her not to worry.

Archana gives breakfast to Pari. Ankita comes there and says she wants Pari to come and meet Naren as he is behaving normally after she met him. Pari says she will not meet Naren. Ankita asks her what she would have felt it had happened to her and says Naren does not remember anything of 2 years and is stuck at the fire accident incident, he is not even recognizing her. Pari and everyone there feel sorry for Ankita. Ankita again pleads to come with her as she is the only one who can save Naren and she does not want to lose her husband Naren. Pari says she does not want to come in between her and Naren. Ankita insists to come with her for their friendship sake. Pari says she will not come and goes into her room.

Soham and his boss walk on the road inebriated. Soham sees Manav and hides. Manav sees Soham’s boss and identifies him.

Archana says Ankita that she is proud of her as she sacrificing her happiness for her husband. She says once she had sacrificed Manav for someone due to circumstances. She says Manav wanted to marry his younger brother’s fiance when he died and Sachin is his brother’s son, but things changed for good and they are together forever. She says she is exactly like her and says marriage is a biggest bond in world and cannot be lost easily. Ankita requests Archana to ask Pari to come with her as Pari listens to her.

Manav asks Soham’s boss about Soham and says if he does not say, he will put him jail. Boss says Lala/Soham died 20 years ago and he is still in grief of his death. Manav says he is telling lie. Boss says he must be knowing about him and asks him to tell the truth. Manav goes from there. Boss then thinks Soham saw Manav, so he hid and asks Soham to come out.

Rushali thinks Ankita listened to her and has gone out to bring Pari and if she does not bring Pari here, Naren will not get well, then she can blame her and kick her out of house. She thinks Ankita is a chawl dwelling and Pari is a businesswoman and business tycoon’s daughter. She thinks Pari is perfect for her son and she will punish Ankita for sending her son Raunakh to jail.

Archana says Pari that Ankita is confident about her relationship with Naren, then why can’t she help Ankita. Pari says she still loves Naren, whenever he comes in front of her, she gets angry, but as soon as he goes, she starts repenting. She says Naren is her friend’s husband and wants Naren to be out of her life as Shekhar is in her life now. Archana says she knows it is difficult for her to do this. She will move forward after marrying Shekhar, but what about Ankia, she will be stuck. She says Pari her one decision can change Ankita’s life. She asks her to take a decision and she will be there in whatever decision she takes.

Ankita goes back to Naren’s room. Naren greets her in, shows her a gown and says he bought it for Ahana and wants to patch up with her. He says Ahana likes surprises. Ahana is angry on her. He starts telling about their London days. Ankita gets vomiting and goes out.

Archana and Pari are traveling in a car. Archana says she is doing a big help to Ankita as she is giving her back his husband. Pari asks her come with her. Archana says it is her fight and she has to fight alone and win. She drops Pari at Naren/Ankita’s house and goes back.

Precap: Pari comes to Naren’s house. Naren emotionally kisses on her foreadhead. Ankita watches them silently.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Dis is just not done. Naren should be wid ankita. Dis story is just dragging.

  2. bloody crap and both Archina and Ankita are both fucked for trying to use Pari for there dirty game and why didnt Ankita think thoroughly before marring Narren a man with half brain yyyaaarr

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