Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 22nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 22nd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sid’s mum entry scene. She scolds the auto driver seeing his meter so high. He calls her talkative. She says I will pay you Rs 5 more. He says I don’t want, pay the meter and end the talk. She thinks how will she lift so much items and go back. She asks a girl to take her to Siddharth’s house. She says he went to Ajju’s house, come I will take you. Astha asks Jyoti not to cry as everything will be fine. Jyoti says you said mum is like wax, no she is stone, I hate her. Astha says what are you saying. Jyoti gets Sid’s call and she rejects. Sid says why did she cut my call and calls again. She cuts again. He says what happened. Astha says talk to him. Jyoti turns off the phone. Sid gets her number switched off. She says I don’t want to talk now.

Astha says I can’t tell her about Anjali now, but I won’t let their beautiful relation spoil. The girl brings Sid’s mum to Ajju. Ajju greets her. Sid’s mum asks where is my son, I told him I m coming, but…….. Ajju says come sit. She says I told him two months before I m coming, but he does not care for me. She says I came sudden to see whats going on his life. She praises Sid and asks how is he. Ajju says fine. She asks do you have phone, call him, don’t tell him I came, I will give him surprise. She asks Ajju’s name. ajju says Ketki. She says my name is Renuka. Ajju calls Sid.

Varad comes to office and talks to Sid. Varad gets Sojal’s call and says I was in meeting. Sojal tells him that Jyoti was not well, just now doctor checked her, now she is fine. She tells him everything what Anjali did. Varad says what. Sojal says she is better now. Varad says be with her, I m coming home. Varad tells Sid he will talk to him later and rushes home. Sid thinks what happened to her, is she fine. Varad leaves his phone. He says this phone is a reason to meet Jyoti, Lord keep her fine.

Astha asks Jyoti to forget everything. Jyoti says you are lucky to get a mum like Kalindi. She says you can’t feel my pain. Astha says I wish your all pains become mine, and my all happiness becomes yours, I can feel your pain, don’t be sad. Jyoti says fine, don’t talk to me about mum, I m broken because of her, I felt mum is not bad, but strict, I used to call her always, but today I felt I wasted my time, she does not care about me and my daughter. She says its good, I promise I will not become a mum like her. Varad comes to meet Jyoti and asks are you fine. Astha leaves.

Varad says don’t cry, we are with you. He hugs her. Ajju talks to Kalindi. Renuka asks I thought I will get Sid married, he has grown up, till when will he be alone. She says I chose a girl for her. I fixed the meeting also. Ajju says but you know today’s generation, they want to choose life partner. Renuka says I asked Sid, but he does not have anyone in his life. She shows girls pics to Ajju. Ajju sees them and smiles. Anjali makes tea for Niranjan. He says today first time, I took Jyoti’s side and did you see what was your state.

He says Shlok was kicking you out of the house, you know whats your status in this house, a zero. Anjali looks upset. He says if you want good for Jyoti, be in limits and do as I say. He scares her. He says tomorrow we have puja, it should be done good. He says I hope you will do this work well. Anjali gives him tea and says I will see. He looks at her signing her to leave. She leaves. Sid comes to Agnihotri house and rings the bell. He asks is Varad at home. The maid says he is in Jyoti’s room. Sid goes to meet Varad and Jyoti. He sees Jyoti fine and knocks the door. Varad says you here.

Sid says you left your phone in office. Varad says 17 missed calls. He gets a call and leaves. Sid sees Jyoti and asks how are you. She says fine. He says I feel you are not well. Are you happy here. She says I m in my house and very happy. He says I know that till you were there in at house and Kalindi’s house, I did not see you sad. She says did you come to meet me to question me. She scolds him and says I don’t need anyone’s sympathy, please go. He holds her hand and says I m sorry Jyoti, I did wish to hurt you, I was worried about you so I……….. She says fine, where is my Imli if you were worried. He smiles and says I forgot to bring, I will bring now. She stops him and says Malai Kulfi and Chaat also. He says ok and Varad comes.

Sid says Sir I will go. Varad sees Jyoti smiling and thanks Sid. He says come here when you have free time. Sid leaves. Varad asks Jyoti to keep smiling, as he does not want her daughter to be born crying, she should be smiling like her Mama else he will call Shlok and tickle her. She smiles. Anjali talks to pandit. He asks her to arrange the items for the puja and the mahurat is of 6am. He asks her to sit in the puja with Niranjan. Kaka looks on. Anjali sees Niranjan coming and says its our rules that only Niranjan sits in the puja. He says fine and leaves.

Anjali asks the maid to bring all the items of puja. Kaka leaves. Sid comes to meet Ajju and his mum surprises him. He asks when did you come. She says today. He asks did you trouble Ajju. She says no, we became good friends. She talks non stop and shows him girls pics. She says this time your marriage will be fixed. He says I don’t want to marry. He says I came here for work. Ajju asks Sid to talk to her well. He says sorry, I want to talk to Ajju alone. He asks his mum to wait. He goes inside with Ajju. She feels bad.

Astha comes to Shlok and he is angry. She says try to understand Anjali, did you not see Niranjan was about to beat him. He says he was helpless, maybe she did something. He says Baba is not like this, anyone would have got angry seeing his daughter in pain. She says yes, parents did angry seeing children in pain, she says we are not understanding each other. He says I don’t want to know. She says I felt it was wrong, its never justified. She asks if I make any mistake, will you beat me, does Varad beat Sojal, no. She asks him to see the other side of the coin.

He says you don’t know Anjali, I know her since childhood, promise me we won’t talk about her. She nods yes. He kisses her and leaves. Astha says how to explain you, the man you regard Lord, is the main culprit, the day the truth comes out, you will be hurt the most, but how will I see your trust breaking.

Astha does drama standing on the sofa. Shlok lies on bed and is bored. He holds her and gets closer.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

  1. surely aastha break the truth of nirnjan to shlok but i am eager to know wats shlok reaction when he came to know about his dad?
    PPls dub dis serial in tamil and telecast in starvijay pls pls…

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    No no way its better 2 be in hindi

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