Pavitra Rishta 21st August 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 21st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Manav’s whole family waiting outside his hospital room. Teju informs Archana that Manav is awake now and he wants to talk to you. Archana enters Manav’s room and asks what happened to him. He says nothing has happened to him and asks her to call everyone. Whole family gathers around his bed. Pari asks Manav to tell in front of everyone what has in his mind. Manav says he wants to rest now and get away from all his responsibilities and tensions and says he wants to dedicate the rest of his life to his wife. He calls lawyer and asks him to prepare his will and take details form Archana. He addresses his whole family and says they are educated and talented, but he cannot give his responsibility to everyone, so he has decided to give it to one person. He says they have to prove themselves to prove their right on the property and he will tell the reason later. He has decided to give his responsibility to one person, Archana calls the person in and everyone is surprised to see Ankita coming in. Ankita’s siblings and Shashank get happy seeing her while Pari and rest of her puppets gets irked seeing her including Rushali and Pari.

Rushali, Neena, Pari and others ask Manav how can he give his property to Ankita who ruined her life and says she worked hard and increased company’s revenue, but he gave company’s responsibility to Ankita. Prashanth gets irked and says he cannot hear bad about his sister. Archana asks them to stop and says Manav will explain his decision. Manav says he wanted a person who is honest, efficient, dedicated and is courageous at taking important decision and Ankita has those qualities which none of the family members have. He says Ankita helped only others and even left her family for their benefit and only this kind of person can do a business. He says Ankita is his grandaughter, he could not give Soham his right and neither he demanded that, this is the right time he can give rights to Soham’s family. He says he gave opportunity to everyone, but they misused it. He says he is sure Ankita will not let him down and Ankita is his company’s MD from today. He says Ankita that he believes she will give preference to his business than her family and herself. Ankita says she did not come for his property and just came to realize someone’s mistake. Pari gets irked and leaves.

Pari comes home and starts throwing things. Naren says Manav did a right decision as she is the legal heir of his property, she has lead a miserable life and now she will see happiness. Pari says Ankita ruined my life and she even tried to separate us, she worked hard day and night for the company and now Manav gave company to Ankita. Naren says you have your whole family and when Ankita is getting something, let her be. Pari says Azoba showed who is his dear one. Naren gets irked and asked her to shut up. Pari thinks she will not leave her company easily and will get back her right.

Rushali looks at Ashi and thinks her fear came true, now with Ankita coming back, Naren and Pari’s relationship will be at risk. She thinks what will we do if Ankita takes back the house, what if Naren will know the truth. Naren hears that and asks what is she talking about. She says she is worried about Ashi, will we be able to fulfill her responsibilities, what if Ashi’s real mom comes and takes her back. Naren says Ashi’s parent’s themselves left her on our door, though I don’t have money, I have taken care of her as my own daughter, though she is not his blood, nobody can take away her from me. Rushali thinks she will have to keep away Naren from Ankita as Naren will not tolerate if he will know the truth of Ashi.

Precap: Archana says she is confused if she did right to her children.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Dhanna Sarjoo

    Good. Anti ka deserve it. Let her now fight for ramvijay right and know about het daughter also. But I hope she doesn’t go back with naran.

  2. Losing the company would hurt Pari but I want to see her faced with the consequences of the accident that she caused which she has yet to even show any remorse for. She is so delusional…smh

  3. (I’m new here) I’m so happy that finally people acknowledges Ankita’s goodness and giving her what she deserves. Pari is nothing but SELFISH! Where are parents? They should return and put some sense into her. Rushali should atleast pay for her sins also.

  4. Dhana your fears are going to come true i hope,naren needs to know the truth about his mom and the evil she has perpetrated all along,dont forget that ankita once prayed to God not to separate her from her love,i think its time for that prayer to be answered,naren and ankita are good together

  5. Get Pari and to scrub the floor and rushalli to do the gardening because she is perfect for the bugs outside.

  6. Noo ooooh nia it shouldn’t get to that,pari was blinded by her infatuation for naren which she thought was love and her accomplice ovi’s daughter didnt see it even teju all of them were part of it she would have made a better wife for the lawyer rushali is the only one to go to jail here and under hard labour

  7. To think of it why is there no special thing about teju?why is she not in love we know she’s been all work work type doesn’t she meet people/men during her meeting that likes her?whats about her

  8. When we naren mom tell d true stw pari won’t leave d 2 ppl alone

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