Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 21st August 2014 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 21st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Niranjan telling Astha that he has created differences between them and she can’t do anything to safe her relation. Astha is shocked. Niranjan tells her that he was behind the fire accident. I opened the curtain and the remaining work is done by the lamp. A flashback is shown. Niranjan open the curtain to light it on fire. He tells her that he moved the lamp near to the curtain in her room also to prove Shlok that she have become careless day by day. He says, he didn’t know that fire would catch so fast. He smiles and says it is showing effect on my son.

Astha is shocked at his cheap tactics. Niranjan asks her, won’t you congrats me. He says, you didn’t know me. Shlok will be away from you slowly. He will hate you, your face, voice etc. This is not my warning. Astha says, I know what you are. Now it is Shlok’s turn to know your truth. I will tell Shlok about your truth. Shlok comes and asks which truth are you talking about? He asks her to say. Astha looks at Niranjan. Shlok shouts at her and asks her to say.

Niranjan asks Astha, what she wants to tell to Shlok which is oblivious to him. Astha tells Shlok that Niranjan lighted the fire intentionally. Shlok asks, have you lost it. Why he will risked his life. Astha says, because he wants to separate us. Shlok gets angry at her. Niranjan asks Anjali to make them quiet. Astha tells him that Niranjan has two faces and tells that Niranjan vacated the ashram. Astha says, I can’t keep quiet. Shlok gets angry and is about to slap Astha. Astha stops his hand and looks daringly in his eyes. She is shocked at Shlok’s behavior.

Astha tells him that she didn’t give him the right to raise hand on her. She reminds him that she is his wife and not a servant. She asks him to be in his limits. Shlok fumes in anger. Astha gets teary eyed. Astha requests him to try to understand. She says, I have proof. Shlok asks, you will give me proof! I know how is my Baba. Astha asks Niranjan to say what she wants to say. Anjali asks Astha to keep quiet. Astha tells her that she won’t and says you also knows his truth. Shlok asks Astha to keep quiet.

Niranjan enjoys their fight. He tells Shlok to keep quiet and tells that Astha might have misunderstood him. He tells Astha that he can’t see them fighting. Astha tells him that she took the original DVD from Pawar and asks him not to act. Niranjan acts innocent. Astha says, she will show the DVD to everyone. Shlok asks her to stop the drama and says he knows his baba. Niranjan asks Shlok to look at the DVD if Astha is insisting. Shlok says, you are God for us. I know that my baba is not wrong. Niranjan says, I know you trusts me fully. What is the problem if Astha wants us to see that DVD. I didn’t force my children to do something. I can’t change Astha’s mindset. He asks Astha to bring the DVD.

Astha leaves. Anjali follows her. Niranjan asks Shlok not to get angry. Anjali asks Astha why she is sacrificing her relation for truth. She asks, why you are inviting an storm. He won’t get afraid. Astha says, she can understand her worry. Nobody can stop her from uncovering the truth. Anjali stops her. Astha asks, why you wants to keep a distance with Shlok. I have to show the truth to Shlok. She gives her promise. Anjali says, you binded me with the promise. She asks her to apologize to Niranjan. Astha says, she is not wrong. She will fall in her eyes. Anjali tells her that she can’t see Shlok broken again. She explains to her to save their beautiful relation by apologizing to Niranjan. Astha says, Shlok will be shaken by the truth. Baba snatched happiness of everyone and Shlok. She asks her not to stop and let her go.

Jaya tells Sojal that Astha crossed all limits today. Attacked Niranjan. She will get thrown out of the house. Sojal laughs. Jaya says, why Anjali followed Astha? Sojal says, she has changed. We will go and see what is in the DVD.

Astha says, she have to see the DVD to Shlok to prove her right. Shlok tells that he won’t forget Astha. Niranjan gets up and tells Shlok that he don’t want to become a reason for their fight. Shlok says, she is wrong. Astha brings the DVD and says truth will be out.

Shlok tells Astha that she can stay at home but he will do partition. He says, this house will be divided into two. One part is for you and the other is for Agnihotri family.

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  1. Amena plz update it fast why late today

    1. Amena

      Update got late because of electricity issues. Sorry.

  2. NA’s great smile can hide his rudeness.

  3. Sholk needs a cat scan I don’t think he has a brain

  4. Shlok’s voice gets really ugly and irritating sounding when he starts shouting at Ashta. It also looks like he is messing up the words while he is shouting in that ugly voice. I don’t think this guy that plays Shlok knows how to act well. His only way of showing frustration is just shouting, no acting behind it.

  5. Yea i agree @whatever.. his voice is so irritating when he yells .. he only yells when he’s angry. .so irritating

  6. This season is not even close to the previous one! I can watch Arshi scenes anytime! Arnav’s attitude, his love and care for Khushi and her mischief, their petty fights and making up, their background songs and what not! I never get bored. But I don’t know where this love story is headed. It doesn’t seem like one. All I can do now is watch Arshi scenes. ♡

  7. I feel that pathak didn’t gave astha the right dvd

  8. Should astha forgive shlok after he realize he was wrong?
    NO NO NO NO!!!!!!
    Shlok do one thing marry your dad

  9. Bakawas serial

  10. kamina niranjan!!!!!!!! n well done astha!!!!

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