Sadda Haq 21st August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 21st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kabir asks sanyu you are still here ? I thought your college must have suspended you for making that useless exhaust, I hope you won’tdo that again. and randhir you are still here. After all your rudeness. Parth is here the favorite students of his mentors. There will be no team and no dream. The dream for which parth you left CITE. He says so where is your prototype of 0 to 150 miles in 60 sec. Vardhan says get your facts straight. Our car is from 0 to 100 miles in 30 secs. Kabir says when will you come in the present. maya asks what you mean ?
Kabir says I mean your vardhan is stuck in past. The dream team’s new parameter is 0 to 160 miles in 60 seconds. SO are you guys ready who will come ? sanyu and randhir raise there hand. He asks sanyu why you wanna go ? Sanyu says because I am the best. Randhir says I am the best, you were always slow. SAnyu says yeah we all know you were to blast the engine. Kabir says vardhan will your primary school students stop fighting. You all have time till 4pm.Kabir asks maya whats wrong ? Maya says they are just nervous they will be fine. he says no I mean what is wrong with you ? Guests are here and you didn’t ask for the coffee. I hope you know the general courtesy.

Sanyu and randhir are fighting to drive. jiggy says we have to work. We have to touch 150. Lets go back to work.

Kabir says I am charming but stop staring at me. Vardhan says yeah have you took advantage of that to come here ? will you take advantage of your post. Tell me what are you here for ?he says I am just here to test your team. I doubt your credibility though.
Maaya says vardhan has done so much for the team and I know his history. You can’t doubt his caliber. He says of course what you know is a story not history. I will tell you the right story. A few years back a gf and bf started a dream team. The guys made an engine and everyone expected something from it. The girl sat in the car to see if the car can touch 0 to 100 miles. You know what happened ? The car blasted and nothing was left. The car was repaired and they won competition. The girl was dead. They lost the precious student and the guy responsible is still living. Vardhan leaves in anger.

parth says we have to work so fast on this. Vardhan comes in. He recalls when he was working on the engine. The girl came and asked ready Vardhan ? He sais I am ready. are you ready with your poem? I know you must have written. she says I will tell the poem later. Wish me luck I will drive this car. vardhan said I will drive but she sat in the car. he says I don’t trust his car this can be unsafe. She says I trust you and I know you can’t make anything wrong.

Sanyu says sir we have change all the inner parts. We have made everything from fiber parts? Is everything done ? He nods.
Randhir asks whom will you choose to drive parth ? He says I don’t know. randhir says please choose me. I can’t endanger sanyu’s life.
Parth says everything is done. Now we have to present it. Sahil says I am very nervous. Parth says now we will know after testing. randhir says in heart I will drive the car sanyu. sanyu says randhir I will drive the car.

Scene 2
The entire team is going. Yoyo takes kaustuki on a side and says I went to temple to pray for you. He gives her chocolate and says this is the parsad. Kasutuki smiles and says thank you. jiggy comes and says why are you eating the chochlate alone. Give it to me. He takes the chocolate from her.
Kabir says where is vardhan maya ? She says he must be coming.
Kabir says I hope you and your car is ready. If your car doesn’t achieve the milestone the game is over for you. sanyu says in heart how can it be ? It has been my dream. Randhir says in heart sanyu’s dream is mine too. After this I will propose her. Kabit says the silence either means that you are ready or you are not. I hope you are ready. so who is gonna drive ? Kabir says you keep fighting like a school student. Randir says you need strength to control the stirring. Sanyu says I can control it. Kabir says where is vardhan ? I thought its maya’s college now, I am disappointed. Maya says I am bringing him don’t be disappointed.

Vardhan is in his cabin flipping pages of a diary. He recalls the blast. Maya comes in, she looks in the book. Vardhan is in tears. She touches his shoulder and says why are you here ? He says you don’t bother. maya says I know its not my business but I know what you must be feeling. it was an accident. it could be anyone. vardhan says it was me though. I was standing there I didn’t do anything. Maya says you did all you could. He says I killed her. Maya says why are you blaming yourself ? All that happens to us is in control of God. Vardhan says this is what he did ? Killed and innocent man. Maya says the team needs you. you have been living for them. he says I am useless. Maya says everyone is waiting for you. That was a mistake but if you don’t come you will ruin their future.

Kabir says I should have know that the team whose mentor is vardhan can’t do anything. I will be over. VArdhan comes and says its not over. Kabir says you like to be the hero. Vardhan says my team is the hero. Kabir says So who will drive ? Vardha says sanyu will drive the car.

Precap-.sanyu drives the car, everyone asks her to slow down the car or the engine will blast. She is not listening. The car hits the wall and blasts. Everyone runs to her. Randhir is in front of the car.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Guyzz i thnk aftr d blast rd will gt to knw about sanyu’ engagement truth

  2. ah those emptions….just luved this episode……….everyones emotions were coming out….Randheer,sanyu,vidhushi,vardhan,maya…..vidhushi ne kuch kaha nahi bt team se door khade reh kr wo jis tarha se team ko dekh rahi thi wo emotional tha

  3. sorry i mean emotions

  4. Shrox,u r doing great job,luv ur ff..thank u so much

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