Pavitra Rishta 20th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 20th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sonu and Mannu’s baby arguing with each other. Prashant asks Mansi to serve food to him as he is getting late. He tastes the dish and says it is awesome. Mansi says, tai used to make tasty veggie. Mansi’s baby asks her about tai. Mansi says, you doesn’t know her. She thinks, where are you?

Pari says to Archana and family that Ankita ruined her life and snatched their home. Nothing is left to them now. she says, Naren had everything before but now he don’t have a home. Neena badmouths about Ankita. She says, you snatched her husband from her and she snatched your home. Manav says, both are our grand daughters. Don’t know whom to support. Pari says, you are supporting Ankita. Manav says, whatever you said is your version. Ankita will speak her version. We can’t decide until we speak to her.

Rushaali says, Pari said truth. Ankita played a big drama and filed a fake case against Naren. We have nothing now. Prashant asks her to keep quiet and says you ruined her life. You snatched her husband and gave him to someone else. He asks, where is my Tai? Pari asks him to know the truth before saying anything. She says, your sister is not innocent. She tells Manav to help her. Neena thinks Manav have opened a charity. Prashant tells them that they are lying and he doesn’t believe them. Archana asks Manav to do something. Prashant leaves. Manav tells Naren that they have to get a home for living. He says, we have a unit in this chawl. We have made it for Soham and asks them to stay there.

Sachin asks Neena about a file. Neena says, baba took a big decision. Naren and Pari will live with us now. Sachin says, baba is sensitive. Neena says, they are not close to her. Sachin says, Pari is baba’s grand daughter. Neena asks Sachin, what is his thinking about Pari’s words. Sachin says, he doesn’t know. He says, one thing is sure that Naren and Pari will stay with us. Neena says, what will happen if Ankita returns here. Sachin says, she can’t be back. Neena hopes so.

Manav tells Archana that Pari can’t lie this much. Archana says, but Ranvijay had an accident. Ankita was about to marry him. Archana tells Manav that they have to support Ankita this time and have to help her. She is bearing everything alone. Manav gets a heart attack again. Archana calls Sachin.

Prashant tells Mansi that he is going to Agra to be at Ankita’s side. He says, he won’t leave Ankita alone. Mansi hopes that the guy whom Ankita has chosen is right for her. She tells Shashank that they will go to temple. Shashank gets a call. He says we will reach there. He tells Mansi that Manav got a heart attack and asks Prashant to come with them.

Archana cries and recalls their marriage anniversary and the moment spent with Manav. Archana gets emotional. Teju assures her that Baba will be fine. Mansi comes there and asks what happened to Azoba. Archana says he heard about Ankita and got a heart attack. Prashant says, he was leaving for Agra. Archana says, you can’t go now as Manav wants to talk to you all and wants to see everyone. Prashant says he will postpone his visit. Sachin says, he will inform Naren and Pari.

Shirish tells Rushaali that they will get a maid soon. Rushaali says, it is dirty place. We can’t leave here. Shirish says, thanks to Manav ji We got a good house. Rushaali gets angry and says this is not house. I can’t live here. Naren is busy with unpacking the things. Pari comes and asks Naren to come as Manav is calling them. She says, this is the time for us to get rewarded. He may tell us about the will. Naren asks, where is he? PAri says, he is in hospital, got heart attack. Naren gets shocked and says how can you be so seflish. Pari asks him not to refuse the property. He goes to the hospital. Pari tells Rushaali that she wished Naren was like her.

Prashant talks to Agra’s detective agency and says he asked them to search Ankita. Mansi says, Bappa will unite us. Shashank says, now you came to know that Ankita is in Agra. Mansi says, don’t you think Pari is lying. Prashant says, I am sure Pari is lying. Mansi says, she messed her life. I don’t know how Ankita is managing alone. Prashant gets a call from the detective agency. Prashant tells them to find her soon. He tells Mansi and shashank that Ankita was seen at some place. They pray for Manav’s recovery.

Neena tells Sachin that Manav might have called them to announce his will. Sachin says, have you lost it. Teju taunts them and says you have proved that you are strangers. Prashant says, they can’t pray for Azoba. Teju asks them not to think like that and says her baba won’t die. She asks them to leave. Neena gets angry and tells Sachin that Teju taunt them. Sachin asks her to come. Neena says, we shall try to get the property.

Archana asks Manav, what happened to him. Manav says, he was standing between live and death and her love brought him back.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Pari is so disgusting!!!! I can’t believe she lied to her grandparents like that about Ankita!!! I hope she gets what coming to her soon.

  2. Pari is the perfect bitch like Rushalli.

    1. She looks like one too

  3. I hate Pari. She is a witch

  4. harshitha reddy

    yaar yeh maanav ke saath aisa kitne baar hoga……………..dizz z d 5th tym in d show……whr he strugld fr his life………….nd haa…..yeh show tho ek numbr ka bakwaas show hogaya abhi……………..i dont watch it regularly frm wen ashvik left……………but wenevr i read dis updatezz i feel y r dey strechnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggg………………….d show

  5. Pari is so damn UGLY……. My backyard frogs looks sooooooooooooo much better than her

  6. pari isn’t pari she is kaaali pari!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dayan kai ki!

  7. i dont know why this show is being over stretched without any meaningful episode concluded,its been round and round the circle since 2009,what exactly do we hope to make out of this pls pls pls someone tell me ,the bad ones like rushali are having a fun filed day and the innocent are seen to bear pain from one point to another,is this life?

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