Saraswatichandra 20th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 20th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saras falling on the kitchen door. Everyone get shocked and rush to him saying Saras. They ask what happened to him. Vidyachatur asks Kabir to call the doctor. They take him to his room. Kumud asks the doctor is everything fine. The doctor says he needs bed rest, he had operation few days ago and it seems he is taking work stress, give medicines to him on time and make sure he does not take any stress. Vidyachatur says I told him to take rest, but now he won’t go out till he gets completely fine. Kabir says yes, Kaka is right, you take rest. Danny and I will manage the work. Everyone leave asking him to rest. Kumud asks him to lie down and not get up. She says I know there is lots of factory and school work, but first think about your health.

She says I will get medicines. She turns and sees the letter in her bag. Its morning, Kumud tells Kabir that she will go, and not tell anyone that she went alone. Kabir says but….She asks him to go to Danny. Kabir says fine and leaves. She gets another letter at the same place. She gets a baby doll pic. She reads the letter that its Saras’s valuable thing, if you want to see it, come at this address, your well wisher. She says who is this and why is he doing this. I should tell everything to Saras, no, he is not fine and doctor asked not to give him stress. She says first I will go and see.

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Kumud comes to see the ladies in the mental asylum as the address brought her here. She hears the lady singing the lullaby. She sees the same doll in her lap and checks the pic. She goes to the lady. She is shocked to see her face and says Saraswati Maa. She thinks about Badimaa’s words. She thinks how can this be possible, Saras’ mum is alive, but she did suicide. She smiles and thinks your mum is alive Saras. She gets tears of happiness. The doctor asks do you know her. Kumud says yes, she is my mum in law, Saraswati Vyas, but how did she come here. The doctor says she is here before I joined, she is unstable, she does not hurt anyone, but play with this doll calling it Chandra, I don’t know who is this Chandra.

Kumud cups her face and smiles. She gets Saras’ call and thinks how to tell you where I m and whom I m seeing right now. Kumud talks to Saras and says she is out for work and will come home after some time. He ends the call. Kumud says the doctor that she wants to take her home. The doctor says no, she is not fine, you can’t take her. She says no one came to meet her. Kumud says we felt she did suicide and died. The doctor says she is here since many years, it won’t be good if you take her out. Kumud says fine, I will come here daily, call me if you need anything. Kumud sits near Saraswati and thinks Maa, no one thought this can happen, but Saras always prayed to get you back, Kanha heard him and has sent you back, soon I will take you to your Chandra.

Kumud touches Saraswati’s feet to seek her blessings and cries. She leaves. Ghuman looks on and stands out of the dark smiling. Ghuman thinks Saraswati may know my face, she may identity, but I have to take the risk, if she identifies me, I will shout. She comes to her and says Saraswati. Saraswati smiles and says my son Chandra is sleeping. Ghuman says this is not your Chandra, it’s a doll, your son Saraswatichandra and your husband Laxminandan have gone very far from you.

She says do you know who made them far, this girl who came just now and touched your feet. She says this girl is very clever, she is the one who has made you way from your husband and Chandra. She did this to you, don’t trust her, she is very bad and will take your Chandra. Saraswati gets worried. Ghuman says her name is Kumud. Saraswati says I won’t let anything happen to my son. (Shame on Ghuman, for falling so low!!)Avinash comes to Anushka and praises Kabir. He says he is a super hero and now my best friend. He says I don’t want to go to my hostel, I will miss you all.

He says I have an idea to be with Kabir, you marry him. She says are you mad, what are you saying. He says its right, you won’t get 6 pack husband. He says you both look so good together. She asks him to go and change. He leaves. Anushka thinks how to tell you Avi, even I dreamt this, but it can’t be fulfilled, I don’t know how can I live without him. Kabir hears them and thinks Anushka does not love her, this relation broke before getting linked.

Saras calls Kumud and is worried as her phone is off. Kumud comes home and thinks to tell Saras or not about his mum. He asks where was she, she did not call him. She says the battery was dead. He says he worries for her, don’t do this, its wrong. She says fine, I won’t talk to you. He says when I lost my memory, when I acted, then you used to talk to me and spend time, now when I got memory back, you don’t spend time with me. He says he is annoyed, she is not annoyed with him. She says fine sorry, I won’t do this again. He asks where did she go. She thinks how to say she went to get his most valuable thing.

He asks whats the surprise and asks why is she crying, ok fine, I was joking, no surprise, don’t cry please. She thinks no Saras, mum is back. He asks what happened, please tell me. She says no, old thing came in my mind. He asks what. She says nothing. He says we know you can’t lie, why do you try. She says I have hidden something, but will tell you on right time, don’t ask me, do you trust me. He says more than myself, but tell me when time comes. She goes. He thinks what is the matter that she cried.

Kumud comes to meet Saraswati. The nurse says she went in other ward, she said her food has poison and you mixed it, you don’t meet her, her stress level is increasing. The doctor asks Kumud not to meet Saraswati.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Kumud is dumb to act hero after all things happened because of her actions. If not Saras she can tell Danny or Kabir instead of acting dumb and stupid again and again. These kind of shows insult the intelegence of Indian women.

    1. I agree….kumud needs to change and grow up for once she needs to know the problems she caused to Saras when she hide things from him for “his well being”. Maybe Jenifer demans attention for her character and she seems stiff towards her husband. Why do the show if you are comfortable wit it??!

      1. *uncomfortable with it*

  2. Please change kumud. She looks very dull. She should have to look pretty. She used to look very pretty. Now she doesn’t . Don’t like her outfit. Sara’s looks very handsome and she looks very very ugly comparison to him .

  3. oh no tank u

  4. kumud looks beautiful…just change her outfits pls….

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