Sasural Simar Ka 20th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 20th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar looks at everyone’s sad faces. Mausi ji says no ne has eaten anything since morning come and eat something.
roli asks simar what happened at the hospital ? Why are you going back. Simar tells her everything how karthik emotionally blackmailed vikran. she says they’re so clever. Much more than we expected. And now I have lost vikran’s trust too. roli says I will talk to sid when he returns. Siamr says he isn’t back ? He left earlier.
Simar calls sid. baa receives the call and says I have abducted sid. there is no taste left in this race. Lets end this game. Should I send his corpse to you ? simar is in tears. Baa says I am planning to give him peace before I leave for Ahmedabad. Simar says what will you take to leave sid and sunnaina ? roli is shocked. she says what happened ? baa says I wil leave them but I need your life in trade. Sid will reach home safely. Surbhi will handle your daughter. I will handle sanju. No one needs you. sunnaina and her duplicate both will get peace. If you agree to the deal come to karthik’s place. roli says was that baa ? What did she say ? Where is sid ? simar says nothing roli baa just want to end all this with negotiations. Simar says if I go there she will release sid don’t worry. Roli says I will come with you, simar says you will stay here. If sid doesn’t come back reach karthik’s house with whole family. till then you will just stay here. simar swipes roli’s tears.

simar says in heart its time to make my death real. simar was dead in everyone’s eyes. If this sacrifice can bring sid back then I am ready to do this.

Scene 2
Gandhi enters a dark room. he has kept sunnaina there. sunnaina says why have you abducted me ? What you want from me ? He says I am a pundit and I set souls like you at large. sunnaina says I am not a bad soul I came here to get myself justice. I won’t go back until I find who killed me. I wont harm anyone. Gandhi says every soul says the same. if you were a good soul you would never have penetrated through my daughter’s body. she is so scared since that day. You don’t know whats better for you. I will send you away from this world. sunnaina says no you can’t do that. He leaves. sunnaina says I am not a bad soul.

Scene 3
Prem says will we be able to tell Anjali that she is sunnaina not simar. simar comes in and says I know trouble prem ji but I am helpless. Anjali goes and hugs simar. simar says you know you were ill so mama left that game in middle but now Anjali is well so mama has to go. if I don’t go back I will lose that game. does Anjali want me to lose ? Anjali hugs her and says no. she says mama don’t go. Simar says you don’t want me to lose. Anjali nods. simar says so can I go back ? Anjali says love you mama. You should go. Promise me you will accept surbhi as your mom she will take care of you and play with you. simar pick up Anjali and gives her to surbhi. Anjali ays surbhi mama. surbhi hugs her she is in tears. pre says you made it easy for us. Simar recalls when she came to bharadwaj house as prem’s wife. She is in tears. then she recalls baa demanding for her life. She goes out of the room and looks at Anjali in tears.

Precap-baa and karthik are set to hand simar.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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