Pavitra Rishta 20th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 20th August 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 20th August 2013 Written Update

Episode begins wihth a changed montage. It’s Arvi in their wedding attire with Archu smiling!

Arvi are walking around and Arjun suddenly stops Purvi and says Purvi…your choodiyan! She says what? And he grabs her hand to examine her choodiyan but instead kisses her hand and smiles and runs away! Purvi follows him and says Arjun… she points towards his face and gives him a playful light slap on his cheeks and runs away smiling.

TUMHI HI HO begins to play in the background.

Purvi runs up the stairs and Arjun is chasing after her. Purvi is cornered on the second floor. Arjun slows down and smiles and walks slowly towards her. She turns around and closes her eyes and Arjun walks up behind her and hugs her from behind. Slowly purvi turns around to face him. Purvi

slowly raises her gaze to look at him and then again lowers it. Arjun helps her turn completely toward him and hold her by the arms as he looks at her lovingly. Purvi smiles and pulls away from the hug and tries to walk away but she can’t because Arjun is still holding on to her hand. Tuhjse juda gar ho jaayenge, toh khud se hi ho jaayenge judaa. Arjun smiles and walks toward her ..never letting her hand go. He comes up to her and he turns her hand so he can kiss it. He looks at her in her eyes as he kisses her hand. Kyunki tumhi ho… ab tumhi hi ho zindagi ab tumhi hi ho. Arvi hug and then once purvi tries to go away from him teasing him. He smiles and follows. They walk down the stairs slowly and Arjun once again kisses her hand. They hug and then again purvi teases him by trying to walk away from him. Arjun follows her and put his hand infront of her so she can’t leave. Tere liye har roz hai jeete. Arjun picks Purvi up in his arms. Purvi rests her head on Arjun’s chest as he carries her down the stairs and into their room.
Their bed is beautifully decorated in their room. Arjun lets Purvi down from his arms and she again gets shy and tries to walk away from him but Arjun holds on to her sari pallu and she stops. He slowly folds the sari pallu which makes purvi come closer and closer to him until she’s right next to him. He looks at her with this look in his eyes as Purvi puts her hands on his shoulders. He brushes her hair aside and kisses her shoulder.

Purvi is sitting on the bed. And Arjun sits behind her and begins to remove her earring off slowly. Then he turns her to face him and she looks at him and he kisses her eyes and then she’s hugging him with her head resting on his shoulder and eyes closed. Arjun unties her sari blouse in the back. And then Arjun lays her down and the candles are shut off by Mr. Kirloskar. Tumhi ho continues to play in the background and one candle is shown burning brightly as the scene changes.

Scene shifts to D home inside Arman’s bedroom. Archu is taking care of Pari and just changed her clothes because pari wet herself. Manav asks how did you know she needed to be changed? Archu says she just does because she was crying and she picked her up. Manav says lets put pari to sleep between us. Archu then tells Manav how she wishes he was able to see Purvi’s childhood and she had seen Ovi and Teju’s childhood. She says now she wants to see Pari’s childhood together. Manav smiles and agrees.
Scene shifts to D home inside Arman’s bedroom. Archu is taking care of Pari and just changed her clothes because pari wet herself. Manav asks how did you know she needed to be changed? Archu says she just does because she was crying and she picked her up. Manav says lets put pari to sleep between us. Archu then tells Manav how she wishes he was able to see Purvi’s childhood and she had seen Ovi and Teju’s childhood. She says now she wants to see Pari’s childhood together. Manav smiles and agrees and says pari is our daughter too.

It’s the next morning and the lovebirds are fast asleep while holding each other in a embrace in their bedroom. Purvi opens her eyes and she watches Arjun and touches his face. Purvi tells him to awake and that they must go. Arjun just holds her tighter and refuses to go with his eyes still shut closed.

Sacchu and Teju arrive at the place Arvi is at and Teju is trying to call arvi but tells Sacchu that they’re not picking up. Sacchu tells her to try to understand that it’s their suhaag raat! Then suddenly they see Arvi posing and taking photographs with some props and having fun. Teju and Sacchu watch them as Arvi play around and pose for the photographer. Arvi begin to make pottery with the pottery machine and a song plays in the background. Purvi playfully wipes some of the pottery making stuff onto Arjun’s face. Both their faces are dirty and Arjun is looking at her so lovingly and Sacchu and Teju are watching them. Purvi’s hair is getting into her face and Arjun tries to brush it aside with his hand and then begins to blow it away with his mouth. Purvi looks at him and they have this magical eyelock! Then Purvi wipes more of that mud from the pottery on to Arjuns face playfully and Arjun puts some of that stuff on to purvis nose and he smiles. Teju and Sacchu walk away and laugh and ask what’s going on. Arjun tells Sacchu that this is all purvi’s fault! They start play fighting and Sacchu says ok we can do that when we get home. Clean your faces so we can eat! They laugh. …

DK sir is at D home having some tea with Armaan. DK tells them that he wants to a reception for Arvi as he wasn’t able to invite everyone in the family and other friends for the celebration. Archu smiles and says this is great and we will surely have this celebration.

Teju is teasing Purvi and saying so “kaal raat ko…?” asking about purvi’s night. Purvi tells Teju to get married. Teju says she doesn’t know when she’ll marry and if it’ll marry in 5 years, 10 years or if it will ever happen so she thinks she should get some training from purvi now. Purvi says she’s crazy and these things can’t be explained. Teju says she came from so far and to tell her something at least! Purvi says she won’t tell her anything. Teju says no she has to tell her something as she came from so far to pick them up. Arjun suddenly appears and asks whats going on and what does Teju need to know? Teju gets shy and begins to stutter and says now it’s morning..uh …hm…em…uh… i was asking about …uh…last night… Arjun puts his arm around Teju and holds her and Teju says… uh u like the package…emmm…the AC was working right?…u didnt get cold? Arjun says…cold…? what? Teju begins to stutter more and then says what happend and Arjun says OHHH…okay let me explain to you! I have so much fun in explaining. And i’ll explain better than Purvi. Arjun tries to take her from there and Teju gets supershy and tries to break out of Arjun’s hold and tries to go to Purvi. Teju hides behind Purvi and Arjun is teasing her and saying I’ll explain! Then Sacchu comes there and says lets eat and Teju is LIKE YES! (Saved by the bell!) They leave and Arjun and Purvi look at each other and have a cute moment.

Archu is showing Soham a blazaar. He asks whats it for? Archu tells him he must wear it tonight as it’s Arvi’s reception tonight. Soham says oh so gentelmen will be there so I have to be a gentleman too. Archu smiles and tells him to try it on. He does.

Soham arrives at Gauri’s home for a delivery. Gauri’s home greets him and begins to pick up the delievery order and Soham says oh.. isn’t anyone else home? Gauri’s mom says Atul is at school and his father is at work. Soham looks at her waiting to hear where Gauri is but her mom doesn’t say and walks away with the order. Then she stops smiles and turns back toward Soham and says Gauri is getting ready as she has to go to the hospital too. Soham offers to help Gauri’s mom to bring in the stuff but she tells him to sit down and she’ll bring tea for him. Soham sits and he sees Gauri coming and pretends to read a newspaper. Gauri arrives there and greets him and he pretends to be really shocked that Gauri is there. He tells her tonight’s arvi’s reception. She said she’s going to the hospital now and Soham says wont you come to the reception and she said she will as he shift will be over by then. She leaves without eating and her mother scolds after her. Then she tells Soham to eat the lunch she had brought for Gauri. She tells him she made one of Gauri’s favorite dish and Soham says it’s his favorite too and begins to eat it and Gauri’s mom looks at him a little suprised.

Ovi is sitting with Pari and saying sorry to pari for taking her anger out on her. She said she was angry with Arvi but took her anger out on her. She asks a sleeping pari to forgive her. She tells her that pari will always be her first child because she taught her first how it was to be a mother but she’s sad she couldn’t be a good mother to her. She says she hopes her parents give her all the world’s happiness. Archu comes in and says she can give that too. She tells Ovi she has every right over Pari. Ovi smiles and says she came to get some things as she’s leaving to Canada tomorrow. Archu says no she can’t go as tonights arvi’s reception and then after that they can spend all the time together as she wasn’t able to give her enough time with the wedding preparations. Ovi tells her that she was going to go back before but then she found out about Onir’s truth and had to stay. Archu says it’s good the truth came out and everything happens for a good reason. Archu says Ovi can’t leave at all and she doesn’t care. Teju comes and asks archu what to wear for the party. Archu says with ovi here why is she asking her. Teju says you’re right and asks Ovi.

Scene shifts to Sulo aai home. Manju tells Sulo that she got a rishta for Ruchi as she’s at a marriageable age now. She shows a picture of the boy for Ruchi. Sulo tells Manju to ask Ruchi before she finalizes everything as these days kids pick their own life partners. Manju agrees and says yes she will ask Ruchi and maybe she’s picked someone for herself too. Then sulo says she needs to think about Soham too as he’s approching a marriage age too. Manju says it doesn’t matter if Soham is at that age…because one should be worthy of being married. She tells Sulo not to misunderstand her and all she’s saying is that Soham is uneducated, his speech is messed up and doesn’t make enough money. She says who would marry him and a girl does what will he feed her and where will he keep her? Sulo says she’s only saying this because of Soham’s condition today. Sulo tells her Soham will be a very big man one day and there will be a line one day of girls wanting to marry him. IM FIRST IN LINE OF COURSE. Vinod walks in and tells them about Arvi’s reception and Manju says why didn’t you tell me before? I must pick a sari! Vinod and Sulo smile.

Precap: A doctor is telling Archu that Manav will survive but…Archu says you said he’ll be okay but what? Tell me clearly? You said the operation was successful! Tell me clearly…


Update Credit to: soniiya

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  1. Awwwww! Sooo cute! Now, would u guys just pls end the show! Jeez! Even Kasamse didn’t take dis long!

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