Madhubala 20th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 20th August 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 20th August 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK is drinking watching news reports about the Rishbala divorce status.!

Radha comes n RK says.. dun wish to talk to anyone..dun need anyone. not the one who gave birth n lied nor the one who promised to love but decided to break his heart!

Radha informs that Madhu is picking up the beads of the mangalsutra and broken ties of Rishbala bond!

BG – Saiyan

She cleans her sindoor and ties the beads of the mangalsutra … and wears around her hand and hides it by wearing bangles..!

RK arrives and Madhu is wheeling her luggage..! He asks her where she is off to Madhu says guest room! RK says she is BIWI ..n so she looks good in the hubbys bedroom!

Madhu says to let her go but RK reminds Judges words ..n till then they have to be like Ek duje Ke liye. Madhu says.. din force to stay in one room! But RK stops Madhu n says.. its my house n ur My will decide all..!

Madhu almost gives in ..when RK touches her! But Madhu pushes him n is about to leave when RK says.. if she wants divorce she better do as he says!

At night when RK comes in the room he sees her asleep with a pillow wall inbetween the bed..! He sits by the bedside n looks at her…with pain n hurt in his eyes!

He stops himself from touching her… n as he is about to get up. his coat gets stuck in the mangalsutra in Madhus hand.. n BG – Fir kyun har pal bechaini hai!

RK goes to sleep on the couch !

Radha tells Bittu the mangalsutra event..n she says..feeling all will be well! Bittu says.. such a made for each other pair… dunno why evil eye falls on them!

RK wakes up in the morning n finds Madhu gone ..! He turns n sees Madhu arrive and he asks where was she? Thot n Madhu says ran off? Wont..till get divorce!

Madhu says his back must be paining sleeping on the couch.. he rather sleep on the bed.. n RK says.. wanting divorce n worrying for back?

Servant brings in a frame and RK asks what is it? Madhu says.. patience! She looks at Sultans pic and self thot.. even if she leaves RK ..she wont b Sultans ever.. n he will never be happy ..thats a curse!

RK fumes..!

Part 2

RK asks what nonsense? Why his pic in our room?

Madhu says Nothing OUR .. he has stopped her forcibly so he has to bear all.. ! RK asks to throw it.. n Madhu says..pic ok? But what about the memories..??

She goes to put the pic on the wall n RK breaks the frame..

Madhu says will bring again n again .. n RK says.. will end him everytime.. ! Madhu says lemme go to guest room then n RK leaves from there! Madhu says.. sorry..!

Part 3

All are at breakfast table and eating but Madhu doesnt eat RK is fuming..! Radha offers poha n RK says can take..! Sikky asks Dips if it doesnt look like they are in shok sabha?

Dips says to take breaths..! Radha asks Madhu why she is not eating n Madhu says..why they are all after her? Why cant she live life at her own terms? Is she GHULAM???

Madhu says m not ur daughter.. Relation was there now no more..! Dun wanna stay here.. but RK has forcibly tied her here..! RK fumes… Radha cries..!

Precap —- Madhu decides to call .. but stops herself n says. .he will think i care..! Madhu turns to go to her room n RK arrives with some hot gal… in his arms..! Madhu is surprised..!


Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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