Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 20th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 20th August 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 20th August 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
manvi asks beeji what were they talking about? What’s the matter. Bari beeji says we were talking about you monty uncle. We don’t like him coming here and being so frank . What’s wrong with him? Bari beeji says because he has his own family and it would hurt you if he can’t meet you. pinki says she is right. Manvi says i pray all the time that his family forgive him. But they haven’t. I need to support him in this rough stage of his time. Why are you all asking me to stay away from him? How can i leave him when he feels so alone. Whenever i meet his family i would request them to pardon him. Bari beeji says some mistakes and unforgettable. May be your monty uncle has given them a grief. Whatever says manvi i will never break

my friendship with him. I wont leave him alone. Never. When she leaves dabo says you are doing this wrong by concealing the truth from her. Beeji says i know what’s better for her.

scene 2
some who has lend harshad money calls and threatens him if he didn’t return the money he will take it my hook or crook . Suddenly viren comes from back he manages to make an excuse. He says i was talking about your problem to a friend. He says give him money and ask him to sign the papers. Viren says do whatever you want. Give him all the money he wants i just want security of my child.

Scene 3
mahesh is crying looking at his wife’s picture saying i’m sorry. You were right i’ll never be happy leaving the family. Look what has destiny done to me i can’t even tell my daughter that i’m her dad. I am your culprit. I left when you needed me the most. I was on unjustified with everyone with you, my daughters and everyone. I deserve a punishment that not a single man has ever been through. He says to himself please forgive your dad manvi please.

Scene 4
vidhi comes to viren. She says actually i want to talk about something. I would have told you in the evening but harshad came in so i couldn’t. Viren says harshad is like my family member he’s helping me in solving your husband’s matter. Vidhi is startled. What were you saying? He asks.
Jeevika comes in and asks what were they both doing in study this late. Viren says i wasn’t sleepy. So Vidhi joined me.

Scene 5
Manvi calls virat but he doesn’t receive she says my hubby is so busy. She then calls monty uncle but he doesn’t receive as well. She is a bit sad.

Scene 6
Vidhi goes to Harshad she says oh, morning view. It feels like you missed me all over the night. Vidhi finally shouts i’m not here to listen all this. I just want to ask what game are you playing by impersonating his friend. What you want. Viren comes in Harshad says she is just so worried about her husband. Viren says don’t worry we have decided to give him all the money he wants. Vidhi says what if he doesn’t stop and keep blackmailing you over and over again. Viren says you shouldn’t be worried about it. Harshad says he is right we’ll handle it. Viren says Harshad i want to talk to vidhi. Harshad leaves.

Scene 7
Beeji is looking for manvi. she wants her to drink some milk. She looks in her room and the washroom. Where she is. Suddenly manvi’s phone rings. Beeji checks it is monty uncle. She receives the call and becomes so angry she says why don’t you leave us and manvi and disconnects the call. Manvi comes out of the washroom an asks whose phone was it ? Beeji says no it was a wrong number.

Scene 8
Harshad stops jeevika and says are you looking for viren? He is in the room vidhi and talking to him about something important. He even asked me to go out.
Vidhi is crying and viren is trying to console her. She hugs him and vidhi is so worried. Suddenly jeevika comes in from the back. They are all bit startled. Jeevika asks vidhi whats wrong? She leaves without saying anything. She asks Viren. He says nothing she is just worried about her family. Jeevika says something is wrong with her. Everything will be okay he says. Jeevika thinks everything isn’t okay thats what your eyes says.

Precap:Viren is ram you can’t dout him, says manvi to jeevika. Jeevika says its not like that i’m just saying that there is something they are hiding. .

Update Credit to: Atiba

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