Pavitra Rishta 19th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 19th June 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 19th June 2013 Written Update

arjun is at his house n recives a courier, he finds a cd in it.. he watches it and finds a video recording by ovi… she tells him how he had helped her for the first time with her modelling.. but from then to now, things have drastically changed.. she shows him divorce papers, n says she had them prepared long time back, but now found d courage to sign them, she couldn’t tolerate the fact that pari is purvi’s child n its right that they end the relation.. he finds the divorce papers in the envelope.. and she tells him to sign them..
arjun sees the papers n recalls the past with her..(BG music.. ankahee)

archu at home is worried n tells manav to call arjun n ask if he knows anything abt purvi.. arjun tells manav, purvi is not answering her phone.. manav then tells him that pari is at gauri’s place so she would have to get back there.. arjun says he’l try finding her.

arjun is out in his car n its raining heavily.. he has the divorce papers with him, n wonders how ovi could just sign them… he then notices something, turns around and finds purvi sitting on a bridge like thing.. he sighs n recalls a scene from their past,
” purvi sitting there drenched in the rain, arjun comes there, he apologizes fror scolding her in front of her colleauges , she says its ok.. he then asks her why she is sitting here getting wet n getting him drenched too, she says she likes this place n finds lot of peace, he says thank u, and says now he’l knw where come when she is sad or angry, and they hug”
cut to current scene.. arjun takes an umbrella n goes to her and sits next to her, purvi tells him to go away, he tells her to get back home.. she says she doesn’t need anyone, she starts crying n says what a fool she was to trust onir, she leans on it him n sobs.. he consoles her n says she should go home, and that archana n everyone is franctically searching for her.. she says she doesn’t want to go home, everyonbe there hates her n archana doesnt want to see her face even.. she then says she wants to see pari. arjun agrees n says he’l take her there.. he sends her to the car..
purvi goes to the car, arjun calls home n informs manav, he tells her to get purvi home n to tell her that they are not angry with her..
on the other end purvi calls gauri n tells her she’l be back home.
she notices some papers.. arjun is out on a phone call.. purvi sees that they are divorce papers and is shocked n looks on toward arjun..
arjun then gets back n tells her that he is always there for her to support her n never to believe that she is alone..he notices that the divorces papers are right there n hurriedly hides them
purvi thinks to herself, that arjun is consoling him, but at the moment he is the one who needs support..

back at gauri’s place, purvi is crying, shr then tells gauri everyhting, right from how she sacrificed her love for ovi, the baby, onir , now that ovi is divorcing arjun

archu is standing outside sulking, manav comes there, she tells him she had never thought onir would turn out to be such a person, she had always thaught that he had saved purvi, manav tells archu, he also feels bad for purvi, n says in a way she has suffered a bigger “dhoka” than ovi, he also says purvi wants to stay at gauri’s house.. archu says she has been so mean to her at the hospital n probably that is why she never told them about onir.. manav tells her not to worry, to give purvi time n then both of them would go n bring her home..

PRECAP: purvi with pari and K house, sulo ayee, manju n archu satanding, purvi walks past them sad n gets into her room

Update Credit to: ArVi-licious

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