Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th June 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th June 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Meena asking permission to go to the temple. Bhabo asks her to control her words & gives her permission. Meena asks vikram to accompany her. Vikram tells that bhabo will scold him if she gets to know abt this. Babasa looks at maheshwari family’s newspaper & he tries to take that from their house & that person taunts babasa for stealing his newspaper. RP gets worried & bhabo returns the newspaper & apologises to maheshwari. He tells bhabo that she need not but babasa should feel ashamed & leaves the place. Bhabo taunts babasa & a man looks at these. Bhabo taunts him also telling that she will send him breakfast. Babasa tries to convince bhabo (meanwhile he asks her abt the halwa she is making) & adds that he will buy newspaper hereafter. Babasa tells that newspaper is not very expensive but is like only tea’s worth. And adds that they should buy newspaper for the sake of children. Mohit vikram chavi seconds babasa. Bhabo asks them to take up the fare if they want. Mohit steps back Vikram follows him. Emily is shocked with this. Chavi also steps back.

Bhabo taunts MVC to babasa & asks him to cut his paan expense & bring newspaer. Babasa tells that he will avoid paan here after & buy newspaper with that money. He leaves to return back the newspaper.
Bhabo tells everyone that she can’t afford any further expense neither to a baby nor to its father.
Babasa reads the newspaper aloud that too in front of bhabo. Bhabo taunts him & he worries that he never gets praised even for stopping paan.

Suraj in his shop finds a newspaper delivery man & informs him something.

Bhabo asks emily to work carefully as she is pregnant.

Chavi gets excited on seeing an ornament. Meena blabbers saying that she must have some wishes for her MIL to fulfill. Vikram asks her to shut up & concentrate on kanha.

Vikram praises Dhaisa grand daughter & everyone seconds him. Bhabo tells that Dhaisa’s DIL worked during her preggy period. Meena tells that it is not true & blurts out that her baby is good & manages it well after.

A man with cable comes & vikram & mohit tries to send him out. Bhabo calls him in & asks him to work on the cable. He leaves to upstairs.
Bhabo taunts vik & mohit for not raising up to the std of Suraj & praises suraj for handling the household single handedly.

Babasa meanwhile reads out the news of the chit fund closure & tells that the police did a good job & those ppl got their lesson. Emily gets shocked.

Emly remembers herself giving 26500 rs to mohit to invest in that chit company. She gets worries. Vikram asks mohit abt the chit company & mocks him. Mohit tells that it must not be the same. Bbasa confirms it & mohit gets tensed & rudely behaves. Suraj & sandy enter & suraj advises mohit. Bhabo asks mohit what is the necessity to urge & bhabo taunts him saying that she can even understand the value of money & not like him. Suraj gets a call but he makes excuse &leave to hall as he couldn’t hear them properly. A man delivers a huge amount of newspaper.

Meena picks it up & wonders why that man delivered so much magazines & newspaper. Babasa tells that he doesn’t do that. Mohit also denies. Bhabo asks meena to return those or else maheswari will taunt again. Suraj stops meena & tells that he bought that. Babasa praises him. Bhabo interrupt by questioning suraj. She asks why he bought such old papers & magazines. Suraj tells that these papers are new & bought for sandy’s preparation. Bhabo gives a grinning look.

Precap: The cable wala fixes the cable & tells suraj that he will get Tv by 27000 & 3000 for the accessories. Babasa tells that it might be someone else’. But the cable wala gives them the receipt having the name of suraj rathi. Sandy & bhabo gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Shobhna

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