Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 19th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 19th June 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 19th June 2013 Written Update

Ravan is disturbed at Shivji not coming with him. He trys to convince Shivji to come with him to Lanka, trys to move the Shiv ling, but fails. He trys his emotional atyachar once again by his head cutting trick. Sumali stops him.

At kailash Ganesh meets Shivji, who is happy seeing Ganesh fulfilled the promise given to his mother. He did what was destined. Ganesh gives credit to his mamaji- Vishnuji.
Here Nanaji- Sumali trys to reason out how the entire thing happened, says he must be a Deva, who stopped him. Ravan asks who he can be? Sumali says as per his description, there can be only one such Deva. Ravan realises he was Mahadev putra, Ganesh. Shivji is watching this.

Here Ganesh holding Shivji’s finger, comes to Parvati, says he has fulfilled his promise. All the Ganas, kartikeya, Parvati are happy seeing them. Rishis comes there chanting, ” Har Har Mahadev”.
At ksheersagar, Lakshmiji asks why all the rishis have gathered today at Kailash? Saraswatiji says they are here for the Gyan sabha

At Kailash as per rishi’s wish Shivji tells them to be at the Gyan sabha venue. He will be there soon after being with Parvati for some time. They disappear.
Rishi Bhringi doesn’t leave. Nandi asks him why has he still not accepted mata Parvati? Rishi says for him Shiv bhakti is through Gyan marg. Shakti is not required for that. After their marriage, Shivji’s attention is divided, earlier he would start Gyan sabha anytime. Nandi tells him not accepting mata Parvati is a mistake. Bhringi says he will find answer himself.
Parvati asks Shivji, how did he return so soon? She thought, he will reside in his Mahan Bhakta’s bhavan. He might have forgotten her. He answers, even after forgetting you, I remember you only. Both say Gyan sabha & go there.

Durgam is discussing with one Asura, about Shivji returning to Kailash so soon, it was good not to attack Kailash now. Let him go out of Kailash for a long time. In his absence he’ll take over Kailash & kill Shivji when he returns back.

At Gyan sabha, Shivji comes with Parvati, says Paravti has accepted to be in Gyan sabha. He asks her to take her seat. She sits on a stone next to him.
Heart broken Ravan is still standing in front of the Shiv ling. It’s raining. He says he is doing Shivji’s bhakti since Kalpas, made the Gold bhavan fot him. He brought this Shiv ling here from Kailash but you chaeated me by your son. I cut my 9 heads. What did I get in return? I always did your bhakti but You always harmed me. You’ve rejected my Sewa. I chose you in front of this Sansar. You are Mahadev, capable of taking your decision. Now I am taking my big decision, if I couldn’t get this with bhakti, then will get it thro gh Shakti, will conquer this World, make others cry through my Shakti. Today at this moment, Mahan bhakta Dashanana ends & Mahan shaktishali Ravan gets active.

At Gyan sabha, rishi Atri says Aadi Shakti’s presence in highly significant today. Shivji asks rishi Bhringi to ask the 1st question. Rishi Bhringi asks, can’t he worship Shivji alone? Is it necessary to worship Vishnuji, Lakshmiji, Brhmaji, Saraswatiji, Parvati to worship you? Shivji thinks his ignorance is the roort of his ego.

Precap: Our ex mahan bhakta, trys to break the Shiv ling with his hands, but can’t. Shivji is watching this.
Rishi Atri wants to do pradakshina of Shivji & Parvati. He does so. Bhringi does pradakshina of only Shivji. Parvati tells him, he did pradakshina of Purush tatva, ignoring Shakti tatva. Let the Shakti tatva disappear from your body. Bhringi’s body turns in to sand.
A voice over says how Shivji shows his Ardhnarishwar form to the rishis, indicating both of them are not separate, they are one..

Update Credit to: mnx12

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