Dil Dosti Dance 19th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 19th June 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 19th June 2013 Written Update

The professor was taking up classes when Swayam and Sharon are seeing each other.Rey sees for Taani and thinks that she does not bunk classes but where are they.Taani are VP are on a talk about .Taani says she is worried not for herself but for the college.She has written the blog and she will have to face it.VP says that first he used to tell this to Rey but now he is telling her.He feels that the position of GS makes them aggressive..Both Taani and Rey are the same.The class is on progress when Rinni and Simmi make fun acts.Rey writes a note and passes it to Swayam.Swayam guess as it is from Sharon and thinks on the first day of Love a letter.He smiles seeing Sharon and Sharon smiles back.Rey shows his hand and when Swayam reads he comes to know it is from Rey.Both discuss in actions that Taani has come.Swayam clears Aashi doubts and Sharon sees this and is all happy.

Taani is walking in the corridor thinking about what VP just said.She think is she like Rey ambitious,Focused and so on.Rey sees her and guesses this is the perfect time to speak .This was the time he was waiting.He goes to speak when Taani starts speaking with the clerk present there and keeps on saying something.Rey thinks he needs to speak with her or she will keep on going with the same GS duties.He walks by her side waiting for a moment.

The team is walking towards the rehearsal hall when the boys ask how is Swayam participating in Jashn.Swayam says he is.Simmi pulls Sharon forward and asks her when Sharon hits her will her elbow.Sharon says lets stop He is dancing and now we have less time for rehearsals and lets move to the rehearsals.The team moves forward and Swayam and Sharon stay back.Swayam asks what more.Sharon says what more.Swayam say nothing.Sharon is shocked.Just then the team comes back and says they need to change.Simmi pulls Sharon with her and Sharon and Swayam move with the LLHH.

The team is in rehearsal hall when Swayam is seeing Sharon and Smiling.Sharon acts like she does not notice it and Swayam says he is seeing her from then and she is not.Swayam calls Nilesh and asks do you remember the routine we both prepared.Nilesh says yes.Swayam says so lets practice may be we can use it in Jashn.Swayam says now how will you ignore me.They both dance on the song Ishk Wala Love and Sharon sees Swayam dancing.he whole team praises them after their routine is over.

Taani asks Rey why is he walking along with her when there is nothing to speak.Rey asks Taani to be careful.Taani says she is not a Kid.She can take care of herself.Rey asks her not to be nervous.Taani says she is fine and is not nervous.Rey asks about is she tensed Taani says she is not.Rey asks taani to lie when they ask about blog.Taani says she has already told this to Vp and is telling him to she will not lie.She has taken strand for the truth and will stand by it.Rey says you have changed Taani.Taani says yes I told you right that having break up with you was the best decision of my life.Rey says I though this break up will affect you but seems not.

Precap:Rey deciding to impress Taani.He wears new dress and comes and thinks she will notice.Swayam asks why didn’t you tell me the same.Rey says yours has started.Mine is yet to begin.Taani speaking with authorities of NDC.Swayam and Sharon in a class room when Swayam tells Sharon about her Love by writing the letters LOVE and joining hands together.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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