Suvreen Guggal 19th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 19th June 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 19th June 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Suvi telling Yuvi he is the world’s bestest boyfriend, Yuvi comes closer to her and says for a girlfriend like every guy would want to be the best, he goes much more closer as Suvi goes back (background music Saans), Suvi takes hold of some of the petals on the table and throws on Yuvi and makes a run as Yuvi follows her throwing some petals on her and then finally gets hold of her and picks her up

Mamma asks Suvi on the phone ‘what to do now’, Suvi tells her its done and to put on the headphones, she wears the headphones and asks Suvi what to do next, Suvi instructs her to keep the phone and press enter, Mamma G. and Suvi are on video call, Mamma admires Suvi on the screen and gets emotional, Suvi jokes with her that she is so photogenic and she should try modeling
Mamma tells her to keep quiet and cries and tells her she feels good seeing her now, Suvi asks her if she’s crying, Mamma makes an excuse and says when she gets happy she becomes very emotional, Mamma then asks her about what is happening with her there, Suvi then goes on talking about her eventful life as Mamma listens happily
Pappa G. calls out for Mamma and she tells Suvi she has to keep now as her dad is here, they bid goodbye and Mamma in a hurry just switches off the monitor without cutting the line and leaves, Suvi notices that her Mamma didn’t cut the line, she calls out to her mom but no response

Suvi hears Mamma and Pappa’s convo about Pappa going to office to talk to those people but they not only put a false blame on him for fraud but are even going to sue him, Suvi gets shocked, Pappa tells Mamma that one day in court will cost them so much and he cant understand how they will manage their home expense along with it, Mamma G. starts crying asking how will they do all this
Pappa G. consoles Mamma telling her not to cry as Suvi is still stunned by what she heard, she goes through her father’s words in her head and starts crying
Suvi is still on the bed crying out, she finally thinks of talking to her Pappa and picks up the phone but then thinks what will she say to him, she cries and thinks her dad doesn’t want to even talk to her

Soni comes in and rushes to Suvi who is crying, she asks her what happened and asks if Yuvi said anything or Ira said anything, Suvi nods no, Soni asks if her mobile fell in the washroom or did she watch Kal ho na ho’s ending, Suvi nods again, Soni still persuades her to say what happened, Suvi in her mind thinks how will she say to her that her Pappa is accused of insurance fraud
Suvi tells Soni she was missing her home so she called and spoke to her mom and came to know about the case on her dad, Suvi cries and tells everything to Soni, Soni comforts her, Suvi tells her her dad was a topper getting 98 marks in maths but he sent it back for re-evaluation because her dad knew he only answered for 93 marks, his marks were deducted and he wasn’t a topper anymore, Suvi says her dad always returns things which are not his and during their childhood they used to laugh on this matter but then they even used to feel proud of him, she cries and says she knows her dad isn’t a fraud and still how can they accuse him of such a fraud

Soni tries to calm her down, Suvi tells her she is going to get the first available ticket and go to Delhi, Suvi gets up to pack her bags, Soni tries to explain her to not take a haste decision and to think practically, Soni stops her from packing and tells her that she knows they need herr the most right now but they need financial support the most which Suvi can give staying here
Soni tells Suvi to stay here and help them financially, Suvi agrees with her and says she shouldn’t take a haste decision, she says since she got the news right now it will take time to sink, she tells Soni she will call Mamma tomorrow morning, Soni nods

Soni wakes Suvi up in the morning and offers her tea, she tells Suvi that whole night she was murmuring in her sleep and she was really worried for her, Suvi apologizes her for disturbing her sleep, Soni says its ok as what is sleep in front of her, she then tells her to get ready quick and leaves, Suvi thanks gannuji for giving a friend like Soni
Suvi thinks her mom might be up by now and calls her, Mamma is cleaning up when the phone rings, Suvi greets her and Mamma asks her how is she, Suvi asks her how is she, Mamma says she is first class what will happen to her, Suvi says she has started lying to her now, Suvi tells Mamma she knows everything as the chat call wasn’t disconnected and she heard Pappa-Mamma’s convo
Mamma gets tensed, Suvi tells her she didn’t even feel the need to tell her, she still thinks that Suvi is still a kid and cant handle the problems and all, Suvi reminds her mom that she only said that they should all face it together as a family, Mamma cries and says she wanted to say but Pappa didn’t want to put pressure on her

Suvi tells her not to worry since she came to know now she will help her and Pappa and everything will be fine, she consoles her not to take tension, just then Pappa comes and calls out to Mamma, Mamma tells her her dad must have come from morning walk and she will talk to her later, Suvi tells her not to worry and keeps the phone
Pappa G. comes in and looks at Mamma and says he knew she was smiling as the day looks brighter outside, Mamma smiles and thinks when one has a daughter like Suvi then why will that mom not smile
Suvi on the other hand thinks how will she manage her parents and her expense

Preeti in the office looking at dating site and thinks while eating if the pic wasn’t there she would have given a thought to date him, she rejects the guy and looks at the next one who wrote ‘where are the bad girls’ Preeti exclaims he wants bad girls and rejects him, she sees at others and thinks no one is even close to him, she thinks that the only way is to have a real boyfriend but she cant even like anyone, she didn’t know it would be so difficult to like someone
Rohan comes to her greeting her good morning, Preeti comes out of her thoughts and tries to hide the screen as Rohan asks her how is she, he notices her and says she is hiding something from him, Preeti looks stumped, Rohan says she is talking to Raj and asks him to show once, Preeti says no but Rohan keeps persuading but Preeti shouts out no, she then apologizes and mumbles and thinks and says that it’s a very private convo so she cant show him

Rohan says now he knows why she comes half an hour earlier than him, Preeti thinks what is he thinking, Rohan asks her to show the photo atleast, Preeti says no as she never asked for his girlfriend’s photo and she doesn’t even know the name so why will she show Raj’s photo, Rohan says that is right and leaves, Preeti sits down relieved
Rohan comes back saying he will show her photo tomorrow, and her name is Trisha, Preeti is stunned and stresses out thinking where will she get Raj’s photo from
Suvi just leaves home when Yuvi comes screaming out to her from the taxi, he sees the faint smile on her face and asks what happened, Suvi nods nothing and sits in the taxi, Yuvi tells her he was worrying about her thinking she mustn’t have slept all night but it looks like she was crying the whole night, Suvi doesn’t say anything
Yuvi gives her her drink and then asks her to say what happened, Suvi starts crying and he hugs her and asks her who said what, Suvi says that’s the problem as no one said anything as no one thought it necessary to say, Suvi tells Yuvi everything about her dad’s problem

At office caf, Geeti comes to drink coffee seeing Vikram already there, she sits down, Vikram goes to her and pours coffee for her and asks her how is she, Geeti replies thrilling, she tells him her parents have found a guy for her and this weekend they are going to see him as her parents are stubborn on her meeting the guy, Vikram tells her to meet him and then later on she can say no so then parents will be also happy and even she will be too

Geeti tells him if she has to reject then why to meet him in the first place and why should she lie, Geeti asks him she cant understand why he cant go and tell them they both love each other, why cant he meet them once, Vikram replies back because he isn’t ready, he tells her that these things need time and happens slowly with time but she has been nagging him for so long about this marriage issue its putting a lot of pressure on him and he feels suffocated
Geeti teary eyed says few days back she was everything for him but ever since she asked him to meet her parents she has started suffocating him, Vikram tells her off he cant repeat one thing again and again, Geeti looks hurt

Yuvi tells Suvi that if she doesn’t have problem then to take money from him, Suvi tells him she doesn’t need money, if she needs to send her parents money she will earn it herself, she tells him her dad never borrowed money to raise them, Yuvi says sorry to her and tells her she is taking him wrong and she knows how much he respects Uncle, and if she knows then she should better know that she isn’t alone, they will solve this problem together
Seeing her mood still off Yuvi tells her she is Suvreen Guggal who made the delhi police go on their knees and for her it’s a small thing, he asks her they can do it right, Suvi says yeah they will, Yuvi promises to her that how much stressed she is right now by evening she wont be this much stressed, Suvi smiles at him(awww he really is the best)

Precap : Alisha packs up an outfit and spots RC’s diary on the bed and thinks what does he write on it, she opens and sees his and Suvi’s pic and what RC wrote about his feelings for Suvi, Alisha says to herself that Guggal doesn know but she knows, Alisha takes some snaps of the diary entries and says to herself she doesn’t know why people write diaries coz diaries always creates scandals, she smiles evil to herself

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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