Pavitra Rishta 15th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 15th September 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 15th September 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Archu telling Purvi about Soham’s behavior with Gauri. Purvi suggests to send Soham outside Mumbai, but Archu says that way Manav will doubt.

Next day, everyone gets ready to go to Ganpati event. Archu is worried as there is no news of Soham. After everyone leaves the house, Purvi tells her that she will try calling, but Archu says no use as she called him many times already. Purvi says, he knows it’s Ganpati arti today and he will be there before it starts.

Soham is with Balan. They discuss their plan. Balan says, somehow try to bring Sachin outside the mandap before an hour of his marriage and then we will kidnap him. You can take his place and as your face will be covered, no one will know it’s you. Soham likes the idea. Balan

tells him to act like he’s happy with this marriage so no one will doubt on the last moment. He is receiving a call from Archu again and again. Balan tells him to call her and talk to her. Soham calls Archu and says he will join them soon, before arti.

At the function venue, Archu is welcoming everyone. Vinod and Manju arrive. Vinod apologizes to Archu for his behavior with Manav the other day. Archu says, seeing you here, I figured it out that you forgot everything. They hug. Manju too seems happy with that and she hugs Archu as wel. Onir and Shalini arrive now. Everyone congratulates them for their marriage. It’s arti time now and everyone goes for the arti. Ekta Kapoor’s father, Jitendra, has joined Pavitra Rishta team. They all do the arti. Arti finishes, but still no news of Soham.

After Ganpati function, it’s Sachu’s sangeet ceremony at the same place.

Archu is worried. Soham finally comes and says he was busy with some work. He then tells Archu, I realized that Gauri is not for me. I am an uneducated and she is a doctor. Now just watch I will attend all the functions and help in marriage preparations. Purvi hears it and comes there. Both Purvi and Archu are happy with his decision. Teju and Ovi come to take Archu for her dance act. Archu doesn’t want to dance, but she goes when Soham says that she should dance.

Soham meets Balan there and asks why he had to come here. Balan tells him that he will need to find out what Sachin is going to wear and make same type of clothes for him so no one can doubt when they are exchanged in the mandap. Sachin’s outfit is in their house. Soham is confused how to leave this place. Balan says, you will have to. We just have tonight. Varsha sees Balan and Soham together. Soham acts and shouts at Balan that he won’t become Vishnu Lala again. Varsha is happy to hear that. She then asks Balan to leave from there.

Arjun and Purvi are the host. First dance act is of Archu. Manav is impressed seeing her dance. Savita has to go to their house to bring something. Soham gets an excuse to leave from here. He tells Savita to stay in the function and he will get it.

Next set of dance acts – Savita and her husband, Manav and Archu, Arjun and Purvi

Sachin is desperately waiting for Gauri. Arjun calls Manav and they both tease Sachin and give him tips what guys should do after their marriage. Purvi comes and Arjun gets quiet.

Varsha meets Archu and tells her that Soham is really changed now. She tells her how she saw Soham with Balan and he refused to go with him. They both are happy and credit each other for this change in Soham.

Next dance act – Ayaan from Qubool Hai and Aarti from Punar Vivah 1

Soham can’t find Sachin’s outfit. He receives a call from Archu. Archu asks why he is taking so much time and tells him to hurry up. Archu is going to their house too. Soham opens the cupboard and finally finds Sachin’s outfit. He takes the pictures. When he is putting it back, he sees money and takes it. When he is putting back the keys, he sees an envelope with I am proud of my son written on it in English (Manav put Soham’s first salary in it). Soham tries to read, but don’t think he can read English. Archu calls him and he gets scared. Archu enters and he hides. Archu goes in and sees a cloth is hanging out. Soham runs out. Archu opens it and sees that the money is missing there.

Next dance act – Shweta Tiwari and another lady

Soham is going somewhere. He stops near a saree shop. He goes in and asks for a saree for Gauri saying it’s his wedding tomorrow. When he’s checking it, he imagines Gauri being there and trying out the sarees. He buys a saree and says Gauri will look so lovely in it.

Shalini brings shagun thaal. Savita asks why did you bring? Soham went to get it, right? Shalini says he brought but he gave to Archanaji and she gave it to me. They start the rituals.

Purvi comes to Archu and sees her tensed. Archu tells her that Soham did a robbery in their house. Purvi is shocked. Archu doesn’t know why Soham is doing all this. She says, I followed him when you said he went to home to get thaal, and when I reached there I could’t find money and Soham wasnt there either. Purvi says she will talk to him. Someone comes and tells Purvi that Arjun is calling her. Archu tells her to go. Purvi leaves.

Next performance – Grand Masti actors

Soham is in a tailor shop. He shows photos and says he wants exact outfit by tomorrow. The tailor says if you want faster, then it will cost more too. Soham says dont worry about money. Just get it ready by morning. He receives a call from Archu. He figures Archu may have found about the money. He picks up and says you called me about the money, right? Then I didn’t have wrong intentions. I will tell you why I took when I come there. Manav comes to Archu and asks about Soham. He asks if he went on wrong path again. Archu says, he is busy in all preparations.

Next performance – Actors from new upcoming Zee TV show

Gauri is sitting alone. Purvi comes with juice. They talk about Soham. Gauri says she didn’t intend to hurt Soham. Purvi tells her not to worry.

Next performance – Jasvant from Do DIl Bandhe… and Vikrant from Punar Vivah

Soham comes with the gifts and tells Archu this is why he took the money and he will return by working very hard. Archu says, you should have asked me if you needed money then. Soham says everyone gave expensive gifts to Purvi on her marriage and I just gave bangles. I felt very bad so this time I decided to buy good gifts. He asks her to give them to Gauri and Sachin. Archu says, you give by yourself. Soham says, you promised that you will help me in forgetting everything and right now I don’t want to face Gauri.

Archu comes to Gauri and gives the gifts to her. Gauri loves the saree. Archu says this is from Soham. Gauri asks, that means he.. Archu says, yes he accepted your and Sachin’s rishta now. Gauri is happy. She thanks Soham. Soham smiles. Gauri then tells Archu it looks expensive. Archu says, I gave him money.. don’t worry about it. Manav also looks at saree and wonders from where Soham got that much money. He decides to talk with Archu.

Next dance – Rachana and Vihaan from Sapne Suhane

Sachin comes to Gauri. He tells her that her brother just took his test and results are tomorrow. He says, he didn’t get tired asking questions, but I got tired answering. He really loves you a lot. Gauri gives his gift to him and it’s a shirt. Sachin says his choice is good. Gauri says not just in shirt, but also in choosing saree. She shows the saree to him. While Sachin is checking, Gauri finds a receipt and is shocked to see price. Gauri shows it to him. Sachin wonders from where Soham got so much money. He says, I liked what he did, but.. Gauri says, whatever it is.. his intentions are good.. what else do we want. Sachin agrees.

Actors from Ek Mutthi Aasman come and have conversation with Arjun and Purvi related to their show I guess

Soham comes to Gauri and grabs her hand. Gauri gets scared. Soham says, I hurt you so much, but now I won’t hurt you at all. He apologizes to her. Gauri says, whatever happened was just because a misunderstanding.. I never thought you were wrong so there is no question of forgiving. Sachin comes there. Soham says he was just asking whether she liked saree. Sachin says, very beautiful.. both saree and shirt. Sachin expresses happiness as despite so many fights between them, Soham is still attending all the functions and helping in preparations. Soham says, I never felt bad.. you’re my elder brother and you can scold me on my mistake. They both hug. Sachin then says how about a picture. Sachin was going to stand in middle, but Soham says he will stand in middle. Gauri feels uncomfortable.

Archu comes to Gauri to tell her to go to final arti. Gauri says, I am disturbed about something.. the gift that Soham had receipt with it and it’s very expensive. Archu says, i told you na I gave money. Gauri says, why you had to give that much money.. that saree’s price was 15000. And shirt price would easily be 4000-5000.Archu is shocked but tells Gauri, don’t worry about it.. I gave money to him. You go to arti.

Archu comes to Soham and questions him how much money he “stole”. Soham doesn’t know what to say. Manav comes and takes Archu for the arti. Soham is saved for now.

Final performance by Soham…. whole family then do the final arti and take Ganpati for visarjan.

Episode ends.


Update Credit to: DTB

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