Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 15th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 15th September 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 15th September 2013 Written Update

Everyone gathered at Kailash…
Mahadev informs that dear Andhak baba has now resolved to attack Kailash!!!
Everyone gets astounded and Kartikeya is ready to fight like always!!
But Mahadev says that Andhak will face the consequences but no body other than Parvati and him will attack Andhak!! This is an internal battle of mahadev and Parvati..because Andhak is a thought…and not a person!! And it has to be dissolved !! and it is imperative tht only he and Parvati tackle…
Kartikeya says that he will not attack Andhak…but they will attack other demons…NAndi also asks for permission to be involved in the war along with the Gan pret!!

They hear a big army coming through (Andhak is early?? Ghadi kahan hai Andhak!!)

informs that the army of Andhak has reached KAilash!!! (Woh toh humein bhi pata chal gayaq!)
Nandi asks for permsision and Mahadev nods his head in yes and they all depart!!!
So it is Andkha and Shukracyarya (Err AGAIN !! Shukracharya why dont you hunt for some other pupil than Mahadev Anshas) and on the other hand we have the MAhadev Family and NAndi…
Mahadev and Parvati on the top of a hill…M informs P that they need to destroy Andhak tomorrow…Parvati says that she is ready!! One mistake has come bakc from where it begin!!! this was his beginning and this will be his end!!!
Nandi sees Andhak …the whole war errupts with everyone fight!!
Shukracharya says that he is to protect Andhak in this war he tries to warn NAndi..but Andhak rises again shouting NOOO and he will deal with the bull by hismself…they exchange hot words…Nandi says that he will fight till the end!! Mahadev softly says Nandi’s name with pride …(So Kartikeya is not allowed to fight Andhak, but Nandi is??)

Nandi and andhak fight…and all nonsense by Andhak!!! Andhak keeps on instigating Nandi!( Waise this time Nandi is not going to respect the Shivansh like he did during Jallu??)
Narad is watching it live along with Brahmaji (Vishnuji is right now in Dwapar Yug, shooting for Mahabharat so live audience is less in number today!!) He is happy seeing Kartikeya fight!!!
Kartikeya is killing and then remembers that he is killing the same men again and again!! And he sees Shukraycharya moving his jadui chhadi aka Sanjivini with a wand
Indru again panicking in his Swarglok and almost clinging to his throne thinking that Andhak will attack Swarglok!! Brihaspati shuts him up!! (Thank god for that!)
Nandi is now overpowering Andhak who is clearly in a bad he starts apologizing to Nandi and says that he will take back whatever he said and respect Parvati …Nandi who is reluctant to believe him ,,,finally loosens his grip and walks away when Andhak the backstabber attacks him from behind…Mahadev softly cries out Nandi’s name (I just love how Mahadev says NAndi’s name both the times!! Once with pride and second time with concern!!!) Nandi falls on the ground injured!! Parvati says that now they cannot wait!!! Mahadev refuses to go when Nandi cries out for Mahadev!!!

Mahadev comes in the battlefield (Haye Dil garden garnden..Kya Entry hai!!) Om Namah shivaya plays on as Andhak feels Mahadev’s presence and Nandi smiles!!! Mahadev looks at Nandi and Nandi is on his feet in a second!!!!
Andhak like a coward calls in for Shukracharya to protect him (Shukracharya is like…everytime you people go and challenge Mahadev and Meri haddiyan tudvatey ho!!! )

Shukracharya comes in between Andhak and Mahadev (Haye haye!! Shukracharya,..ab ye din dekhne padenge) Mahadev says that he should comply with his responsibility with full dedication..Shukracharya tells Mahadev to begin…Mahadev says And that he cannot attack his pupil Shukracharya says that a pupil cannot attack his guru (haye haye!! Kya cutie pie conversation hai dono mein1!!) Andhak PAnics (Paseene chhoot gaye bande ke!! )
Mahadev tells him that it is alright for a guru to fight to protect his pupil…Shukracharya obeys him very reluctantly and tries to attack Mahadev ..and every attempt is futile!!! He loses all his weapons!!! He says that he will still stand in between Andhak nad Mahadev…
Mahadev enlarges his self…and opens his mouth…Shukracharya understands Mahadev’s action…he smiles and bows his head to his Aaradhya… Mahadev usurps him in his body!!!

Andhak is shouting Gurudev Gurudev (Andhak your Gurudev is on his flight to Mahadev’s stomach via his mouth!!)
Karppura Gauram playing in back ground!!

Mahadev comes in his original form!! He says “Andhak”…Andhak panics and says that I am not afraid of you inspite of you eating my Guru (Oh how did he know Mahadev ATE his Guru…did he hear the chewing sound??? I mean Andhak has some real good ears if he could hear his guru reaching Mahadev’s stomach!!) Mahadev says that he is afraid and doing a big drama…He then pulls out one of his locks and throws it on the ground…the lock starts burning and out comes Kaal Bhairava!!!
Andhak fights him…Kaalbhairava injures him..but everytime a blood drop is shed, Another Andhak is born…it keeps on happening till Kaal Bhairava is frustrated!!!
MAahdev says that it is time for her to intervene…Parvati calls her Ashashaktis…but is still not able to remove her “Mother love” for Andhak
MAhadev tells her that she is Jagat Janani so that is completely possible!!! But tells her that while Killing Andhak she has to become darker than Darknes that depicts Andhak!!

Parvati takes the Swarooppa of Kaali!! And comes charging towards Andhak with a bowl which would be filled with his blood!!!

Precap: Mata Kaali throws Andhak on the ground and puts her foot on his chest as MAhadev stands behind watching it!!

Update Credit to: Srushti

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