Anamika 13th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Anamika 13th September 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 13th September 2013 Written Update

Anamika tells Chavi what did you think that you will come here and take Jeet back easily? He is no more like you. He has become like me. Old Jeet is finished. Chavi says, no it can’t happen. Anamika says, it already happened. Jeet is made for me. Chavi tells Jeet that Anamika is a bad soul and he is not from this world. Jeet doesn’t listen. Anamika laughs and says whom you came to save, he will finish you now. Anamika tells Jeet to finish Anamika. Jeet pushes Chavi and Chavi’s head hits to a rock.

At home, 2nd knot opens up. Shalaka informs everyone that this is not a good sign. Chavi lost trishul. One more knot and everything will be over.

Anamika laughs and tells Chavi I warned you, but you didn’t listen. Now watch what happens with you. Anamika asks Jeet to finish Chavi again. Jeet stares at Chavi and goes to her. Chavi looks at the trishul and tries to pick it up, but Jeet comes in between.

At home, everyone is praying.

Jeet looks at the trishul and picks it up. Anamika shouts no. Jeet is back to normal. At home, Shalaka informs that the Goddess is with them and she is protecting Jeet and Chavi. Everyone is happy at home. Jeet remembers everything and gives a hand to Chavi. Chavi is happy. She holds his hand and gets up. Both hug. Anamika is not happy. She tells Jeet, you love me and I love you. Jeet says how did you even think that I still love you. I just came to you because of my mum, not for any love. I just have hate for you. Anamika says, I did everything for you. Jeet says, if you really tried to win me with honesty then today situation would be different. Anamika asks you think my love was fake? Jeet says, I am not saying that, but what you’re calling love is actually your stubbornness.. to win me.

Shalaka tells Chavi to finish her work fast. Jeet asks do you even know what’s love? Rano used to love me who gave up her own life to save my life. Look at Chavi.. this is what you call love. She came here to save me. You say you waited 17 lives for me, but you still don’t know what love is. Let me go. If our love was true, then we will meet again.. in a different life. My this life is of Chavi. Anamika gets angry and says if you can’t be mine, then you can’t be anyone else’s. She throws a fire ball at them. Jeet pushes Chavi and both are saved. Anamika approaches Chavi. Jeet comes in between and stabs Anamika with the trishul. Anamika is shocked. She falls down on the ground and looks at Jeet. Jeet and Chavi hug.

At home, Jeet and Chavi regain the consciousness. They greet and hug everyone. The family thanks Shalaka. Shalaka says, it’s all thanks to the Goddess.

Jeet is lost in thoughts in his room. Chavi comes and asks him what happened. Jeet says so much happened and I am very sorry for what I did with you. Now you will be most important person for me. They both go down on the bed and lights go off.

After few months..

Everyone has gathered for a birthday celebration. They look at Rano’s photo and says today everyone is happy and Jeet and chavi are together as well. and it’s finally the end of Anamika as well. Chavi is pregnant. Her and Jeet come with the cake and they cut the cake. Suddenly a baby’s noise comes from outside. Jeet opens the door and someone has left a baby there. They wonder whose baby it can be. Jeet looks around, but there’s no one around. Chavi asks if they can keep the baby with them until her parents return. Family agrees.

Someone is shown outside their house. He remembers how Anamika asked him to save her child before dying and he promised her that he will send the child to his father when right time comes. Back to the present, he says your ancestry will always stay alive.. and soon one of us will take place on this earth.

Chavi is playing with the baby. Jeet smiles looking at that. He then goes somewhere. Screen splits with the face of the baby and Anamika’s face.

Series ends with the message “Kuch Nazare.. Utaare Nahi Utarati” (You can’t get rid of some evil eyes).

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  1. i love this drama but the end was very bad

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