Pavitra Rishta 15th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 15th April 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 15th April 2013 Written Update

Episode starts by cutting a big chocolate cake by Arjun and Ovi for celebrating their first marriage anniversary. Ovi gives Pari to Teju and Teju gets surprise a bit by seeing her behavior of reluctance. Jignesh comes to meet Teju in party and helps her with the presentation which Teju has specially made this for Arjun and Ovi by gathering all of their childhood snaps and moments. Both of them share a cute, masti bhara moment. Teju starts giving presentation. It shows how Ovi and Arjun are frinds from childhood and Ovi could feel jealous if another girl was talking with Arjun. In those days, Arjun promised Ovi to keep this friendship forver. This makes emotional Ovi and Arjun.

Onir asks Purvi to arrange the gifts where Arjun comes. Purvi says that she is afraid by thinking about the moment when the truth will come out. Soham sees it from the distance and Ovi also sees ArVi talking. So, she gets hypered and starts taking alcohol. Manav comes to her asking if she is okay or not. Soham thinks that ArVi may be talking regarding that secret which Ovi has complained to him at that night.

Teju asks Arjun to say something about their conjugal life. Arjun says Ovi is a great support for him always and now, his life has been changed after his little angel Pari comes in his life. Ovi has already taken some pegs so when she comes to say something everybody seems little worried. She takes Pari and starts giving thank Arjun as he gifted her many gifts. Ovi then says that Pari is Arjun and Purvi’s kid. Manav wants to know if she has lost her cautious or not as she starts believing in the lie by Mittal. Now, Mittal comes to the scenes for defending himself and starts the CD in the projector which was previously used for ArOvi togetherness purpose. The CD clearly shows the fact where Pruvi asks Onir to give their kid to Ovi. Mittal laughs and says everybody to respond him now. He specially pinched Onir and Sulo. Arjun threats Mittal to shout his mouth when Manav asks Arjun to stay in his limit.

Ovi tells Manav that she just come to know about it yesterday. Ovi says Purvi that she felt her as her friend and shared everything with her. She even says that Purvi must have felt good when she advised Purvi after loosing her child. Ovi says from today everything has ended between Arjun and Ovi as he and Purvi have cheated her.

Pre cap – Sulo slaps Purvi and Soham sees it from the distance


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