Punar Vivah 15th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Punar Vivah 15th April 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 15th April 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s residence.
akash apologises profusely for his behaviour. Suraj says that he is the most fortunate if akash actually realises his mistake, as from now on he would have 4 instead of 3 sons. akash turns to radha maa too and apologizes for insulting her. Radha hugs him emotionally. arti says that she managed to give him the wedding gift that she wanted. radha is overwhelmed

Later, the sons of the family are sitting down at leisure, chatting away. Pankaj cracks a joke, which only akash finds funny. All of them together get to teasing pankaj. arti omes in to tell that their wives are waiting for their respective spouses. Prateik says that they wont go, and if she wantgs icecream, then they would send to her room. But akash says that they would have to listen to arti’s words, and all of them should go to their rooms. As all disperse, akash is about to go, when arti tells him that she knows that he doesnt consider ishita as his wife, but he would get to love her her as she’s not a bad girl. He says that she is not what she seems to be. Arti stops him saying that he shouldnt talk like that, and asks him to give ishita one chance for her sake. Akash goes obediently.

In his room, akash comes to ishita, who wonders that he would start shouting any minute now. she thinks that if he hits her today, then she too would respond back, but is surprised when he helps her to take off her jewellery. He says sorry for behaving like he did. he says that he has married her, and its a pious institution, and hence they should start afresh and give each other a chance. He is about to cup her face, but she flinches thinking that he would hit her again. Akash tells her that its due to arti, who turned him into a human. He says that had arti not been there, he would have been dead today, and goes on to recount how she had helped him to live. he says that now he understands everything, and the importance of his family. Ishiuta is baffled at all this. Akash leaves for getting a family photo to put in the empty frame lying in his room.

Ishita says that now she has to admit that there’s something in arti, that he could change akash too, but she shouldnt try to impose akash on him, as he can never be her husband. she says that she wont let akash near her, as her love and her life is only for her Yash. They may be the Ram Sita of this house, but in today’s world, she would never let Ram be Sita’s.

In their room, arti asks yash to guess what she feels like doing. Yash gusses icecream, and other stuff to eat. Arti says that she feels like listening to lots of praises about her from him, about her personality. Yash is baffled at this question, saying that he loves her whole. arti asks him to be more romantic in his opinion. She says that she’s disappointed with him. Yash says that he’s not a born poet, but still more than words, he believes that true feelings speak more than poetic words. He says that he wants to see her till the last breath. arti says that she cant grant him that, as she wishes that god give him a long life, and wants to die married. yaash asks her never to talk like that again, and says that they would spend their life together. He shuts down the lights and they hug each other. A romantic embrace follows. ishita watches their silhouettes, and thinks that arti has completely captivated yash, and the child is bringing them closer. She thinks that she wont let this happen, as she’s willing to lose everything in her life, but not yash.

At the dining table, the kids compliment the halwa that radha made. Yash and akash say that whats happening isnt right, as they arent being pampered when they too are her kids. Suraj and radha laugh at this. Radha feeds them. Radha says that they would forever be kids for her, but they should grow up now, as they have to welcome the newest member in the house. All say that they await the delivery of the child with much eagerness.

Suraj thinks of gayatri and her hopes for the child. Yash says that they would fulfill gayatri’s dreams for their child. vidhi says that if its a son, then he would be an engineer, and if a girl, then a doctor, as gayatri wanted to become in her college life. Arti asks suraj what does he want his grandchild to be. suraj says that its their descision, he just wants him/her to be a good person. Meanwhile, Akash tells ishita to go to his room, and give the keys of the locker to arti. This surprises the family, and shocks ishita. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Buaji tanuts ishita saying that she doesnt wish that even her enemies dont get the luck that ishita has, as she was dressed as a bride, yet yash turned away from her, and went back to arti, who skillfully snatched away from her what was rightfully hers. ishita is very upset to hear this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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