Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 15th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 15th April 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 15th April 2013 Written Update

Part 1

In the morning, Sona opens the door and finds the milk still at the door and goes to the kitchen and starts boiling it wondering how is she going to prepare the breakfast so fast? Someone calls out Sona and its the laundry man who comes asking if there is any other clothes and Sona looks at a pile of clothes on the washing machine and wonders why didn’t Neelam put them for washing. Sona packs all the clothes and gives it to the laundry man and realize that she left the milk boiling on the stove and goes to off it. The laundry man calls Sona asking for payment for the previous laundry and Sona says just give me a minute and i will be back. Suhnaina comes saying Sona, you are doing all the work alone, where is Neelam? Sona says that Neelam must have slept late and Suhnaina asks the laundry man to come and collect the payment the next day. Suhnaina calls Neelam while Sona goes back into the kitchen to prepare the tea. Sona hears Suhnaina questioning Neelam on where she went and Neelam remains silent. Suhnaina asks why is Neelam not doing any work since morning? Renu and Bindiya comes down holding a board saying Non Co-operation movement and Suhnaina asks what is this new drama? Bindiya says that this means they will not be doing any work in this house. Suhnaina asks who gave them the rights to make such decision against her in this house and calls out Manohar, Govardan and Udham. Suhnaina asks what is your wives talking and Udham says that all of us have decided the same and we will not do anything till this house is sold. Sona asks what is everyone saying and how can they make such decision? Udham asks Sona to stay out of it where Kanhaiya gets angry but Suhnaina stops him. Suhnaina says alright, i am not going to stop you all but my decision remains the same and the house will not be sold. I don’t need anyone’s help to run this house and my son Kanhaiya is with me. Manohar and the rest say that they will also not change their decision and everyone leaves. Sona comes to Suhnaina asking her not to worry as she can do all the work alone. Suhnaina remains silent and leaves while Sona remembers the tea where its spilling down. One of the container is about to fall but Kanhaiya catches it in time. Sona asks how come you changed your uniform? You were supposed to go to the headquaters? Kanhaiya says that the meeting is cancelled and i decide to be a house husband with my wife today. Sona asks Kanhaiya to change back to his uniform and leave to his work and they have the Tum Ho moments where Kanhaiya closes Sona’s mouth saying she will not speak anything and only listen to him. Sona smiles and agrees by giving Kanhaiya a task of cutting the vegetables. Sona and Kanhaiya prepares the meal while Govardan and Manohar enters with food bought from shop. Sona asks why did you all bought food while i cooked for everyone. Govardan says there is no need for it and Suhnaina says its good you all bought food for your own.

Part 2

A priest asks if he could enter and comes in saying he had came to do a prayers. Suhnaina asks where will the prayers be taking place and the priest says in this house and everyone is shocked. Suhnaina says but i didn’t call you and the priest says this is the list for the things to be bought and leaves. Suhnaina looks at everyone and wonders if this is their new game and everyone say that they didn’t do anything like this. The house phone rings and Indrani says Suhnaina Chaturvedi, how is the preparation of Navratri going on in Chaturvedi Mansion? Suhnaina says Indrani!! So this is your game and Indrani laughs who else? I was the one who called the priest. Suhnaina says that Indrani can’t do anything and Indrani says you have a lot to do and if i am not wrong, only your housewife Sona and son Kanhaiya is supporting you now right? Everyone else is against you right? Suhnaina says so you divided my family and Indrani says just agree and everything will be back to before. Suhnaina says you can do anything you want and i will not sell this house. Indrani says get prepared for the prayers then and hangs the call. Suhnaina says my childrens are not with me but for this prayers, everyone need to be together and Udham asks why should we be together? This house is not ours and we are not part of anything and everyone leaves. Suhnaina cries saying how can my childrens do this to me and not listen to what i say? Everyone in this colony will also be attending and how will i prepare for the prayers? Suhnaina says to Chacha ji that they better go and inform all the neighbours that the prayers will not take place before they come and laugh at them. Sona says to Suhnaina on how many people do you think will attend? Because i will cook for everyone. Suhnaina says this is not a joke Sona bahu, you can’t prepare everything within short time. Sona says people will find chance to make fun of others, so why should we give them the chance? Lets just try and Chacha ji supports that they are not alone but 4 of them will face this together. Suhnaina agrees and starts to get ready while Darshana is unhappy.

Precap :

Durgesh is giving running commentary on the housewife challenge between Sona and Neelam where they are cooking Dhal and Neelam’s dhal drops. Sona slips and her food is also about to fall and Durgesh says lets see who wins.

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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