Pavitra Rishta 13th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 13th August 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 13th August 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with Soham walking into D home happily. He has brought kulfi for everyone. He calls out for Aai and sees Savita looking at something in the closet. Savita gets frightened at him suddenly coming in and drops pictures on the floor. Soham picks them up and asks her why she’s crying. Savita claims she’s not crying and walks a little away from him. She says she was just looking at old photos. Soham looks at her worried. He says he brought Kulfi and wants to give one to her. Savita says don’t you know eating ice cream in the cold will cause me to get sick? Soham says he just thought everyone would like it. Savita says she likes spicy vada pao. She says that you brought Teju that the other day and didn’t think of your aaji may like it too. Soham gets happy and walks toward her and says if he had known, he would have def got it for her too. She says get it next time. She sits him down and begins to show him the pictures she was looking at. She shows pictures of Soham as a child. She tells him how when he was a child and anyone tried scolding him, she would get furious! He was her laadla <3 Then Savita aaji with tears in her eyes hugs Soham and asks for forgiveness from Soham. Soham hugs aaji and lets her cry in his arms. She asks for forgiveness and says she did a lot of wrong to him. He says no you didn't.Ovi is sitting by her laptop and calls home. Soham picks up and Ovi says hello to him and asks for aai. He tells her that aai has fallen asleep. Ovi apologizes for calling so late and realizes everyone must have fallen asleep. Soham tells her that she's the daughter of the house and can call anytime she wishes and not to be so silly. Soham tells her he just got home from work and explains what happenend yesterday with the baby being delievered etc. He tells her Onir helped him and ovi is shocked. Soham explains that he turned his face away from Onir thinking why would the person who ruined his sister's life would help now. Soham says but he did help. He says Onir helps the whole world but couldn't help his wife and ruined her life. Ovi is listening carefully. He tells Ovi to go now and that he'll have aai call her in the morning. Arjun is speaking to a employee but lost in his thoughts about what Manav was saying yesterday about getting Purvi married to someone who can take care of both Purvi and Pari. Finally he asks the employee if they can do this meeting another time. She leaves and he's still sitting in his chair again lost in his thoughts and worried. Purvi walks in then and she talks about some business stuff with him and then slowly turns to walk away. Arjun calls out to her. She turns around and suddenly blows upPurvi: Arjun why did you do this? Arjun: what you mean? What did I do? P: Why did you support aai and baba's decision to get me remarried? (angrily) Didn't you think about me even once? A: Think about you? (gets up from chair and walks toward her) I thought about you and said yes. Afterall, you said yes to aai when she asked you. P: Yes, I said yes. But I only agreed because aai said she would get a father for pari and someone who will love her very much. How can you expect me to go against aai's wishes? A: (angirily) If you can't go against aai's wishes then why are you complaining? (Purvi blinks her eyes in a little shock) And if you didn't want this then why did you agree to her wishes? Why didn't you just express your feelings to her? P: Oh really? Then why didn't you express your feelings? A: How would I express my feelings? What are you talking about? Baba came to me and told me about getting your remarried for your happiness and he said he doesn't want your past to haunt you anymore. So obviously he meant me and doesn't want me to be married to you and every father wants their daughter to have a good life partner. And from his words, it sounded pretty clear that I was not the choice to be your husband. So how could I say I want to marry you? (Purvi turns her face away in anger) I just agreed with him because he wants your happiness and I want you to be happy also. P: What about pari? What if I get married to someone else and you get married elsewhere then what about pari? Will those people be able to love pari the same way? A: But I'm not marrying again! And I can ask you the same question, what if your second husband isn't a good father to pari? Then? (Turns away from her) P: (turns away from Arjun) I don't know what to do but I can't marry anyone else but you. A: (Turns toward Purvi in shock) P: Aai and baba won't agree to our marriage but I don't want pari to have any other father since her father is still here and who loves her alot. A: (Takes purvi by the shoulders and turns her towards him) So then do what should have been done a long time ago. P: Matlab? A: Go tell aai that you love me and we want to marry P: No, I can't tell him that and especially after what happened to Ovi. They'll only think we're selfish. A: Purvi we must stop thinking about others and living for others. It's enough! We must think of ourselves. We've done it enough. And if not for ourselves, think about our pari. She needs us and we must convince aai and baba for us. P: (nods her head yes)Atul is asking Gauri to make him special dish. She agrees with him and they do some promotion for a new film channel.Onir is reading the newspaper. Shalini is in the kitchen and tells Onir that there's nothing stored in the kitchen. Onir says yes, he has made a list to get new groceries but didn't have time to go. Shalini tells Onir that she understands and doesn't even thinking of eating in this state that he is. She tells him to give her the list and that'll she go to get the grocery. Suddenly Onir shows Shalini the newspaper and she read the headline that says Arjun is getting married to Purvi. Shalini says I'm so sorry at a stunned Onir. Onir says no, this is what we wanted. And now they're marrying. The doorbell rings and Onir goes to answer it. It's the mailman and he gives a letter to Onir. Onir reads it and gets frustrated and tells Shalini that there's another hearing now for the case. Shalini says there's already been 4 or 5 hearings and hopefully this is the last one so he can get his medical license back. Onir hopes he wishes that too. Shalini says why is all this stuff happening to him? She says this human organ trafficiking case is against him and yet he helped that woman yesterday. Onir says that he had to help that woman yesterday. Shalini says she doesn't mean it like that and that's he a great doctor but because of this false case against him, he's unable to practice medicine.One one side Purvi is meeting Archu and on the other side Arjun is meeting Manav. Purvi tells aai that she can't marry anyone else. Archu says but you agreed yesterday. Purvi says yes she agreed but she's changed her mind now. Manav asks Arjun that why are you suddenly changing your decision? Arjun tells him because of pari and he's worried about her. Manav tells him that and you think we're not thinking about pari? We're only doing this for pari. Arjun says I've thought this out and I'm not sure if pari will get good parenting after the marriage and her future may be spoiled because of that. Archu tells Purvi that she understands her problem but she's only thinking about pari and her. Purvi says she knows but she afraid if the man she marries tomorrow doesn't accept Pari. Manav tries to speak but Arjun interrupts and says I know what I'm saying is hurting you and I'm sorry but the truth is that I still love Purvi very much today. Arjun says I can't marry Purvi because you don't want her past to be with her. Purvi tells Archu that please listen and understand that I can't live my life always wondering if my second husband will accept pari or not. Manav says to Arjun who told you we're marrying purvi to someone else? Archu tells Purvi that Manav and I decided to marry you to Arjun. Manav tells Arjun that you deserve to marry Purvi. You're the best life partner for her. Arjun gets happy and thanks Manav. Manav says so you've been thinking we're marrying purvi to someone else? Arjun smiles and hugs Manav and thanks him. On the other side Purvi is hugging Archu in happiness. The song "Pavitra Rishta" is playing in the background while they show Archu and Purvi hugging on one side and Manav and Arjun on other side.Purvi runs out of D home and gets in a rickshaw. One the other side Arjun is in a car going toward to Purvi house. The song "Mera yaar, yaar" is playing in the background. Both are smiling like crazy! Arjun arrives at Purvi home and runs upstairs and teju tells him she's not here and he runs back out in the car and he's smiling like crazy. They're showing flashbacks of Arvi love. Purvi is standing at their location in the park smiling and waiting. Arjun arrives there and sees Purvi and gets out of the car slowly in awe as he gazes at her. She's smiling and looking so beautiful. Her face is glowing and she's just looking stunning even in that ugly sari. There's a flashback of when Arjun confessed his love for the first time and when Purvi confessed her love for the first time. They walk towards one another and it begins to POUR!A: Woh... P: woh... Aai told me... (smiling) A: Baba told me... (smiling)They gaze at one another with so much love and awe in their eyes. Then they hug eachother tightly as if they're hugging for the very first time. The song "mera yaar, yaar" continues to play in the background and it's still raining like crazy.A: Purvi, I love you! P: I love you, too!A: Wait, one moment I brought something for you!!!! He lets purvi go from his hug P: KYA? (with the biggest smile on her face)Arjun pulls out a beautiful red rose for Purvi. She smiles and takes it from him. Then he pulls another rose out and gives it to her. She takes it. Then the music stops. All you can hear is the rain falling and he pulls out another rose and gets on one knee.A: Will you marry me Purvi? P: (Nods her head excitedly with tears in her eyes and lowers down a little and holds Arjun's face with one hand.)The "mera yaar, yaar" song begins to play again. Arjun smiles and they hug once again. He picks her up and holds her up and he spins them around. He puts her down and pulls purvi closer to him. She's holding the roses against his chest and he kisses her forehead. They hug closer and the scene freezes on them and all you can hear is the sound of rain falling.Precap: Onir, Purvi and Ovi are standing together. Onir says Purvi? Purvi says she’s only come here to do the right thing. She looks at Ovi and tells her let’s go. They leave with a suprised Onir standing there.

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