Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 13th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 13th August 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 13th August 2013 Written Update

Mahadev, Parvati are watching the Swayamvar invitees coming. Janak welcomes all the participants. Mithila Naresh Janak declares, whoever will be able to tie pratyancha to this Shiv Dhanush, my daugher Sita will marry him. Vishwamitra comes with Ram & Lakshman. The invited kings are discussing about them as the one who had killed Taraka.
Janak’s minister thanks all for coming to Mithila, now it’s time for all to have darshan of the Shiv Dhanush. Janak himself will show that. Janak removes the cloth covering the Dhanush. Brhmaji, Saraswatiji, Naradji are watching this live. All the kings comes, joins hands to Shiv dhanush. Ram too comes, seeing it, thinks this is my Mahadev’s dhanush. I am glad seeing it, this feeling is unexplainable.


comes with Urmila. All the kings excited seeing her. But Sita’s eyes are searching someone else. Urmila tells her, it seems you are searching someone but he is not here. Sita spots Ram, smiles, goes towards Janak & Sunayana. Minister takes names of the kings, who have come, they are king Chitraketu, Dhumraketu, Bhimsen, Banasur etc. They come one by one try to lift the dhanush but are unable.

Baliputra, Shonitpur Samrat Banasur, Mahadev Bhakta, is called.
Mahadev tells Parvati he is blessed with long life, is going to be proudy. In his next Avatar, Narayan will kill him.
Banasur trys hard but he can’t. Minister announces his failure. Other kings are discussing it’s better not to participate instead of getting humiliated. King Bhimsen is asked to come but he walks towards the exit. Everyone laughs at him. It’s Sunset. All leave.

Sunayana is with Sita. Urmila comes, says seeing today’s performance didi will be here for a long time. Sunayan tells her not to say so, some result will surely come tomorrow. Urmila tells Sita, some kings haven’t yet got the chance to lift the dhanush. Sita asks who they are? 2 Prince, who are come with rishi Vishwamitra. Sunayana tells her they are not kings but are sons of Ayodhya ‘s king Dashrath. But among the kings who have come, someone will surely be able to lift the Dhanush. Ram & Lakshman are just guests, they only want to see the Swayamvar. Hearing this Sita is disheartened.

Precap: Ravan comes, tells Janaks you’ve invited all but forgot me. Who except me is capable of lifting this Shiv dhanush?
Mahadev says Ravan’s ego will be hurt today. He’ll experience his first defeat by Ram today.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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