Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 13th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 13th August 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 13th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Bharti sending a sms to Akshay, that reads don’t let Avni go from your clutches. Her mobile falls down, and Bhoomi looks at her suspiciously. Ketki says rain will start soon, so that’s why she came to take off the clothes from the rope. Ketki asks Bhoomi to give water to ganga, the cow. Bhoomi takes off the clothes from the rope, Bharti tries to get hold of the clothes and angrily holds Bhoomi’s hands. She asks for her phone, Bhoomi says what is special in this phone that’s why you are asking this. Bhoomi says it is not good to steal someone mobile. Bharti remembers how she sent a message from Bhoomi’s mobile to Kishan ( on Bhoomi’s behalf) stating that she is leaving this house, as she is unable to adjust with his family. Bharti asks what you want to say. Bhoomi says she knew better what she is speaking about, she dont have proof right now but she will get the proof soon and then she will show her true face to them. Bhoomi says now you are getting sweat after listening to me, and gives the same towel which Bharti gave her previous day. Bhoomi leaves, while Bharti is stunned to silence.

Bharti sees Kishan and thinks of some plan. She asks Kishan to design clothes for her wedding, as he used to do it in their childhood. Kishan reluctantly agrees. Bharti thanks him and says but…. Kishan asks what happened? Bharti says leave it, and says Bhoomi may get angry at you, if you design clothes for me. Kishan says nothing will happen between them and says he will design her clothes along with Bhoomi as she is a good designer. He says he will clear the misunderstanding Bhoomi had for her. After he leaves, Bharti thinks she will bridge a distance between him and Bhoomi.

Kishan sees Dilip with the scooter, Dilip says it stopped working suddenly. Kishan gives instructions to his employee and stands the vehicle there itself. Dilip asks about kaki, Kishan says mama will go and take her. Bhoomi tells Kishan that she needs to talk something important, Kishan asks what? and says he has some work and have to design someone wedding dress. Bhoomi says Bharti’s, right. Kishan says yes, and she wants me to design her wedding attire. Bhoomi feels bad that Kishan is not listening to her. Kishan says Bharti said that Bhoomi will react if she gets to know that I am designing her clothes. Kishan says your madness will not give anything to this family. Bhoomi says my madness? Kishan says sorry. Bhoomi thinks she have to find out the proof soon. Kishan asks what happened. Bhoomi says may be you are right. Kishan says you are perfecting fine and asks her help in designing Bharti’s clothes. Bhoomi cries all the while.

After Kishan leaves, Bhoomi sees Bharti listening to her conversation with Kishan. Evil bharti gives evil expression as if she won and says you was about to make me cry but you are the one who is crying. She says no need to cry for me as I will stay here itself after marriage, as your dear sister in law. Bhoomi is teary eyed while Bharti gives a winning evil smile. Bharti offers her pallu to wipe Bhoomi tears.

Avni is acting on stage. Akshay asks her to retry the scene. He gets angry and says you are not acting right, he yells at her and says don’t you have feelings for your mom and dad. He asks her to learn her lines and till then dont show your face to me. Avni is shocked.

Ketki says Dilip always wants to go to office early morning and she takes the breakfast for Dilip. Bhoomi comes and Ketki says she is taking breakfast for dilip. Bhoomi says Kishan is going to office late and offers her help. Bharti takes the breakfast for Ramila kaki and says the same to Bhoomi. She says Ansubaa is making her bahu and soon, she will become bahu rani of this house. Bhoomi leaves, while Bharti smiles. Ramila tells Ketki that Dilip is leaving home without having breakfast, Ketki says how can he go without having breakfast and goes inside to convince Dilip. Dilip says he will eat in the office. Dilip says workers are waiting for him. Dilip asks Ketki to leave the jealously.

Akshay talks rudely with Avni, Avni says nobody speaks with her in that tone, Akshay says but he will. Ketki cries and Bharti thinks to get advantage of the situation. Bharti instigates Ketki against Bhoomi and Kishan.

Bhoomi asks Ankit to tell her the truth whether he wants to marry Bharti, Ankit replies that he don’t want to marry Bharti.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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