Pavitra Rishta 12th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 12th September 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 12th September 2013 Written Update

balan meets soham, soham angrily walks away, but balan tells him he wants to talk something really important, but soham leaves..

shalini is super excited, she comes n tells purvi that onir proposed n thanks purvi for get her feelings across to onir.. purvi tells her its nothing in front of what they did for arvi.. shalini informs that they r getting married d next day in a very simple way, n requests purvi to come with arjun..

soham is drinking at a bar n recalls what archana had told him, balan comes there n sits at his table, soham gets up to leave, but balan says he wants to talk abt gauri.. soham gets interested n sits down to listen..
balan tells him he knows soham since childhood n knows his likes n dislikes.. he tells soham that manv is being partial

n getting gauri married to their fav son sachin.. he orders a bottle n makes soham drink too.. he goes on to tell him, that manav has always been favorable towards his others kids, he says soham has to work in a grocery shop n not in their office, he keeps on instigating him.. balan goes on to tell him that balan is a better father n always got him everything he wanted.. balan tells him he knows everything abt his love for gauri, he tells soham if he really wants the girl, balan will get her to him… he tells soham to just give him the word n he’l promise to get gauri.. soham looks determined, he says yes ‘baba’ n takes a swig.. balan is overjoyed

teju is doing some decoration n requests soham to help.. he reluctantly helps.. purvi n arjun comes there, soham is irritated to see everyone so excited.. sachin also is there.. arjun congratulates him n gives him a sherwani.. sachin thanks them.. soham is still struggling with d deco..

purvi then informs archana that onir n shalini are getting married today itself.. teju comes in with d sherwani n archana keeps it in d cupborad… soham also enters her room, archana asks him if he isnt going to work.. he says he’l finish sum chores n leave.. he sees the sherwani in archu’s cupboard..

at d registers office.. arvi, shalini n onir n ovi are assembled… they get reg married n arvi r d witnesses.. they exchange garlands.. purvi gifts them a bappa idol.. n also invites them to all d celeb of sachin’s wedding..

at home teju says its a shaadi ka ghar n there must be music, she makes evry1 dance.. ovi sachin n all dance.. savita n archu look at them enjoying.. teju pulls soham but he doesnt join..

archu then sends teju to gauri’s place to give her some bangles n tells her to take purvi also along.. soham gets annoyed n goes to his room.. he opens his cupborad n sees the bangles he got for gauri.. he gets angry.. he has a bottle of liquor behind his clothes.. he drinks n says that he’l never let gauri be sachin’s!

at gauri’s place.. purvi is putting d bangles on gauri’s hands.. gauri asks her abt soham.. purvi replies that soham is fine n that she has told archana also abt him.. she tells gauri to just enjoy n not worry abt soham.. there is music n dance going on.. teju n purvi join d other ladies, gauri watches them n is also pulled to dance..

a very drunk soham comes to balan’s hideout n keep howling..”where is my gauri, bring her to me” he is i rage n keeps screaming.. balan tells him to wait but soham says he is ready to kill or die.. balan tells him not to do such things.. soham says he needs gauri n if he gets gauri to him.. he will again turn into bisnun lala n becum bahubali n go back to their village, but he just wants gauri.. balan asks him if he will leave his ayee baba? soham takes a moment to think.. balan says if tmrw soham changes his mind what will he do? but soham tells him he will do anything for gauri,leave manv n archana also.. balan is happy..

soham asks him how n when will he get gauri, balan tells him he’l tell him all his plans tmrw.. soham tells him to do anything but gauri coz he cant see gauri with sachin anymore n smashes a glass n leaves..

balan wonders he has promised soham but how will he get her.. his assistant says they’l just kidnap her n get them married.. balan says she is to be manav deshmukh’s DIL n its not easy they’l need a plan..

PRECAP: manav finds d liquor bottle n sachin’s cupborad n asks archana abt it, she is shocked

Update Credit to: ArVi-licious

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