Chanchan 12th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 12th September 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 12th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Manthan worrying about the condition. Manthan says its Manav’s mistake. Mokut says Manav is my brother, we can’t leave him. Manthan speaks against Manav. He says I can do anything, and I will do. He leaves in anger. Dada ji asks the bahus to bring food. They discuss about the court case. Manthan asks Manav to stay at home. He taunts Manav and asks him to stay away away from family and business. Manav says I know its because of me. Mokut says its ok, you don’t think about this. Manav says let me go office. Mokut says ok. Chhan Chhan smiles and thinks she will do whats pending. She comes to Harish’s house to meet his wife.

Chhan Chhan says I came here to find out the truth. She asks why are you wearing the mangalsutra. Harish’s wife says its my wish. Chhan Chhan says you are a widow now. She makes excuses. Chhan Chhan sees laddus and says how can you make sweets after your husband’s death. She asks Chhan Chhan to leave from her house and closes the door. Hairhs’s wife goes to meet Harish. Chhan Chhan follows her.

Harish’s wife Gita tells Harish that Chhan Chhan is doubting her. He says nothing will happen, she can’t do anything. Mokut meets clients and have a deal with them. Manav comes in the meeting. Mokut says he is our brother and business partner. The clients discuss and says we need some time. They end the meeting and leave.

Manthan gets angry and says Manav why did you come. Manthan says I m not his enemy, I explained him not to do anything. I heard him saying that Manav fights and beats the client, and he is charged of client’s murder. Manav feels bad. Chhan Chhan comes home. Kaumudi asks her what happened. Chhan chhan hugs her and cries. She says what should I do, I tell Manav that everything will be fine, but I m losing courage.

She says I followed Gita but nothing found. Kaumudi says I trust you that you will do anything but save Manav. Chhan Chhan says you are right, I won’t cry, I have to smile and try for Manav. Matilal comes to office and have a talk with his sons. He says I know the time is tough but it can get worse if we are not together. Mokut says we will be together. Manek says it can happen with anyone of us. Manav says Manthan is right, I should stay at home. Matilal says no, be at office and help your brothers. Manav says ok, if you are saying so.

Matilal gets a call from his friend. He asks for Maansi’s proposal. Matilal tells everyone about Maansi’s proposal. Everyone are happy.Maansi brings tea for Dada ji. Matilal comes home with good news. He tells it to Dada ji. Maansi smiles. Chhan Chhan says its good news. Dada ji says we should be careful that Umaben is not here and about Manav’s case. This can affect the proposal. Matilal says Umaben knows that guy, but Manav’s case can create a trouble. Kaumudi says maybe they know Manav, so we should tell them later about this.

Chhan Chhan asks Manav what happened in the office. He says about the deal failure. She says what and gets upset. He says we are losing out clients because of me. She says be positive and asks him to talk to the clients to convince them.

Chhan Chhan and Manav come to meet the client. The client says I will tell you about my decision. Manav tells him that I m framed in the case, I m innocent, but you can test me. Chhan Chhan says Manav is a honest and hardworking man. He can’t cheat anyone. She says maintian the relation with our company. The client trusts them. Chhan Chhan smiles. Chhan Chhan and Manav are on the way and they see Harish on the road. Chhan Chhan and Manav are shocked to see him.

Manav runs after Harish. Chhan Chhan also follows him. Harish hides.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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