Do Dil Ek Jaan 12th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 12th September 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 12th September 2013 Written Update

Antara throws a bucket of water on the crackers and water splashes on DM’s face
DM looks at Antara in anger and wipes the water of her face
Raghu says Miss Call and Antara says Raghu
DM looks at Raghu
Raghu walks towards Antara and asks her wat is she doing here and wat did u do
Antara says the noise of crackers is disturbing my mom
Raghu says u could have shut the windows and doors na
Antara says I did but it did not help

DM calls Raghu
Raghu tells Antara that he does not want any lafda and asks her to get inside the house
Raghu goes to DM and Raghu tells her that her mom’s health is not good and hence she did this
DM asks Raghu name and Raghu says Antara
As Raghu and DM begin to walk, the lady

asks Antara as to wat has she done
Antara says bursting crackers so late in the night is not allowed
Aaji takes aarti of DM and is has tears in her eyes
Mach Mach tells DM that we shall enjoy during Ganpati
Mach Mach bends on the floor and does namaskar to DM
People in the house does her namaskar by bending on their knee

Rasika tells DM that everyone missed u
Manohar tells DM that your gaddi was waiting for u and Rasika removes the cloth that has covered the gaddi
Manohar says the gaddi is the same way as u left it and went
DM sits on the gaddi which is more like a swing
DM says no one will dare sit on this and even if they sit they cannot manage this
Aaji tells DM to take her medicines on time and orders the servant to get her medicines
DM tells Aaji that you go rest and I shall take my medicines
Aaji bids her goodnite and leaves

Raghu is sitting next to DM’s leg
Manohar and Rasika and leave
DM asks Raghu as to what is happening in the basti these days
Maami tells Antara u shudnt have said that to DM
Antara says how cud someone burst crackers in the night
Maami says in this basti, only DM’s kanoon works and nothing else
Antara says Raghu never told me anything about DM
Maami says after Raghu’s mom’s death, DM has brought him up and like a bhagwaan
Antara says well if thats the case, then tomorrow morning I shall ask DM for forgiveness

Antara says when I tell her that my mom gets disturbed of crackers she will understand na
DM asks Raghu what is the new Shaukat shop that i saw in the basti
Raghu says that shop is my friend’s
DM says I keep grateful people with me and ungrateful people
Raghu gets a call from Pakiya
Raghu tells DM that some lady in a different basti passed away in the jail
DM says I think i saw the lady in jail
Raghu says y are u so concerned about her
DM says enemity is different and hope her soul RIP

Antara comes to her balcony
Raghu is locking the gate
Antara and Raghu look at each other and smile
Raghu asks Antara to come down and Antara says u go to the terrace and Raghu says I will come and Antara says I shall come down
Both Antara and Raghu are standing outside the gate
Raghu says wat were u doing standing in the balcony
Raghu and Antara says DM and Antara says I did not intentionally insult DM
Raghu says when am there no one can insult DM
Raghu says u r my friend
Raghu makes Antara sit on the steps
Raghu smiles and Antara asks her y are u smiling
Raghu says DM’s hand on my head makes me feel so good

Raghu says its feel so good to know that there is someone for you
While DM was sitting on the gaddi, Raghu was sitting next to her chappals and pressing her legs

Raghu says till DM is here, no one will ever be in trouble
Antara says so DM is a maalkin
Raghu says she is a Bhagwaan of this basti
Raghu says DM makes all the rules here and no police comes here
Antara says kanoon is made for us na
Raghu says had kanoon been there, there wud have been a big building here and neither wud you and nor would I be here
Antara says u love DM so much na
Raghu says no I worship her

Antara tells Raghu that u love DM so much na
Raghu says I worship her
Antara hears the local train pass by
Raghu says goodnite to her and says it is time for me to leave and Antara says y
Raghu says I wanna go
Antara says this is the time I hear the mouth organ play and u also listen to it
Raghu says I do not wanna listen to any saddu music
As Raghu is about to leave, Raghu holds his hand

Raghu and Antara are staring at each other

Precap – Rasika yelling at Antara for sitting on DM’s singhasan
Antara says there was nothing to sit on hence I sat on it
Rasika says u have done sumthing that no one has ever done
Antara gets up from the singhasan is all nervous
DM is staring at her

Update Credit to: suj01

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