Gustakh Dil 12th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 12th September 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 12th September 2013 Written Update

The show starts in Lajjo house, they are all feeding Nikhil and the women are also following and completing the rituals after marriage. One of them asks Lajjo to feed Nikhil sweet and it is Nikhil turn to do the same… Lajjo bites his finger and he tells Lajjo that she still has the habbit of biting they all laugh and make fun of the couple.
Nikhil is already in his room at night and a child pushes Lajjo in her room and locks the door from outside. Lajjo makes Nikhil feels easy by telling him not to worry she will be sleeping on the floor as she’s used to it. Nikhil wants to sleep on the floor but Lajjo insists.
Nikhil is feeling unwell as he has eaten a bit more Lajjo gives him some medicines… She tells him to tell his parents about his decision and if he would have

said it before she would have slept in an another room. Nikhil asks Lajjo if she’s fine with his decision and if her parents will agree will take it easily. Lajjo says of course they will.
Lajjo lies down and thinks about Saraswati praising Nikhil and she has tears.
Ishana is dreaming about Nikhil telling her that his marriage is over, he offers her a bouquet of roses. She closes her eyes to feel if it is true and while running her fingers on the roses a thorn pricks her. She just
The next morning Nikhil is still sleeping and he hears some noise from outside and she awakes with a start with tears in her eyes. Her mom asks her what happened she says now everything is going to be fine both mother and daughter are elated on the same.

In the village Nikhil is still sleeping and he hearts some noise coming from outside he goes to the window to see Lajjo and his sisters running they are fightijng on a jewellery box.
Nikhil keeps staring at Lajjo and when he sees him he looks away and decides to tell Lajjo parents his decision.
He goes outside and sees Rambachan who calls Saraswati to serve him tea. Nikhil tells him he wants to talk to him but Rambachan says after and places a bundle of notes in his hand.
Nikhil has flashback of him giving it to Rambachan when Lajjo alliance got fixed.

Nikhil refuses to take the money but Rambachan insists and cries saying he’s their son in law and they can’t keep the money. He’s really good and kind to accept Lajjo at the wedding time he was not able to give him nothing except from Lajjo.
Rambachan thanks Nikhil falling at his feets and in the sametime Dadaji arrives and asks Rambachan to get up and tells Nikhil not to worry he’s taking the responsibility of Lajjo to tell whatever he wants… Nikhil thinks and tells Rambachan to call Lajjo and tells her to get ready as they need to leave. Dadaji is so proud of him he hugs him.
Nikhil is sitting somewhere in a fields and Lajjo joins him. She tells him that rtambachan asks her to get ready for leaving… She asks him he was not able to tell the truth.. he says no as her parents will not be able to take it they will be worried. Lajjo asks about his parents who are not ready to accept their marriage, she says NN will definitely not accept her. Lajjo says for the sake of her parents for whom she can go to any extent she will definitely follow him to the city.
They are walking and Nikhil tells Lajjo she deserves a loving and caring husband if ever she will be able to live her life with this compromise.
He tells her that she will never be able to give her a place in his heart as his wife.

Nikhil is at his place. Barkha enters with her car and sees Nikhil jeep she says Nikhil is back..
She goes in Lajjo room to take an album on closing the door back she remembers not to put light off when she re-enters she screams

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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