Pavitra Rishta 12th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 12th March 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 12th March 2013 Written Update

Police lock Onir inside lockup.
-Manav telling Savita that he will go back to the hospital. He says, I came because you were forcing a lot. Savita says, you rest, Sunny will go. Right then they get call from Sulo’s house and they find out news about Onir.
-Sachin goes to get the bail papers ready.
-Purvi in ters.. Onir in jail.. song in background.
-Manav, Arjun, Ovi, Savita, etc. come to Purvi’s house.
-Sulo says that someone is trying to trap Onir.
-Manav says, we all know that Onir can’t do anything like this and they will soon find out who is behind all this.
-Purvi comes out and hugs Manav.

Break 1…

-Purvi says that Onir didn’t do anything. Manav tells her, don’t worry Sachu has gone for his bail and Onir will be here soon.
-Purvi comes in the balcony. Arjun follows her.
-Purvi tells him that Onir can’t do anything like this. He was getting so many good offers, but he refused all so he can do poor people’s treatment. Ovi listening all this.
-Purvi continues, whoever blamed Onir for this.. I won’t spare that person.
-Ovi remembers what Punni that told her that Purvi is trying to get closer to Arjun through baby. She goes back with her baby.
-Sachu and Sunny come to police station for Onir’s bail.
-Sunny calls his brother, but teju picks up. She says, Jignesh is not here. Sunny says, I called to talk with you only. Teju says, but we can’t talk. Sunny says, I know.. but I wanted to tell you something. He gives Onir’s news to her.
-Onir’s bail is done and he is out of the lockup now.
-Sulo asks Purvi to go inside otherwise she will get fever. Purvi says, I won’t go anywhere until Onir comes back. Right then Onir, Sachu, Sunny come.
-Purvi runs and hugs Onir straight away. Arjun watches that.
-They go inside now.
-Savita tells Onir, we all were worrying for you. Manav tells him, you don’t worry.. we soon will find out who trying to trap you and who is behind this.
-Onir says, I know who is behind all this. I made a big mistake by not complaining to police. I didn’t file any complain because I didn’t want to disclose him in front of everyone. He says he is member of our family. Punni speaks in her mind, is he talking about Mittal?
-Manav asks who is that person? Onir says, Mr. Mittal.
-Manju gets angry and shouts at Onir. She asks, why would he try to trap you? And he’s a businessman.. what he has to do with stealing body parts?
-Onir says, I knew you all would react like this and that is why I hid this truth from everyone.
-Manju says, are you trying to say that Mr. Mittal is with that doctor and involved in all this?
-Onir says, yes.. I am telling you what I saw and heard. He tells them how he saw Mr. Mittal in Pune’s hospital, but he ignored that day. But then he saw them talking outside this house and his doubt turned in confirmation.
-Manju still doesn’t believe and says, I used to think you’re a good buy.. but you crossed all the limits today. Onir says, you can all and ask Mittal. Manju tells Punni to cal Mittal and call him here.
-Punni calls and tells Mittal it’s something important. Mittal agrees to come.

Break 2..

-Mittal comes to Purvi’s house. He asks, is everything alright?
-Manju says, no.. people are blaming you so we called you here to prove that you’re innocent.
-Mittal: What did I do?
-Onir: Don’t try to be so innocent.. you know what you did and what you are doing.
-Mittal: I am not doing anything.. you’re paying for your mistake.
-Onir: So now you’re blaming me?
-Mittal: You have misunderstanding that I do human body parts trafficing.. and infact I am trying to save you by hiding your truth from everyone.
-Onir asks what truth?
-Mittal: Isn’t it true that you couldn’t save Ovi’s child?
Everyone shocked. Arjun gets angry and says, what silly question is this? My child is alive. Mittal asks Onir to give answer. Ovi now asks, what are you asking? Mittal says, let me finish first, and then react. Mittal says, I just found out today.. that you (Onir) made a huge mistake during Ovi’s delivery.. and to hide your mistake.. you gave Purvi’s baby to Ovi.

Ovi comes to Punni’s house. She says, you’re my sister that’s why I came here to warn you. And you tell me which mother would give their baby to someone else and why? Punni says, maybe Purvi didn’t know anything about this either..

Update Credit to: Hira

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