Qubool Hai 12th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 12th March 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 12th March 2013 Written Update

Asad comes to meet ayan at lakeside. Asad syas he knew ayan was angry with him and told all that sautela stuff in anger and he understands him…but says our relation is the sacred of all and we will always remain brothers. Ayan asks if he will take back his case,asad says no, ayan says I always thought my struggles is your struggle but today you have taught me that I and you are not US and from today I will never seek any help from you & I will definitely get my father released from the jail. Asad too says I will see how you will get rashid released. Both challenge one another and head in opposite directions

Someone turns on the gas(Face not shown) Asad & Dilshad return home Dilshad wants to make khada and drink.. Billo says she has urgent work and want to go home.

Shireen asks Mamu for money and he asks if Rs.50,000 is enough, Shireen asks Rs. 1 crore so that using the money she can get Rashid released by using this money as bribe. mamu says he has some reputation and cant loose it for giving bribery. Shireen says Ayan will take care, mamu says Ayan is childish cant trust him. Shireen says she cant see Rashid suffering as he is being beaten by police. Mamu says Rashid is geting puished for his sins & he cant help her now to get a culprit released. Shireen says Rashid took his business to such a high position and today when he is in difficulty no one is helping him.

Shireen pleads and begs Mamu but Ayan stops her and says he cant see her begging and only in our bad time we will find who is ours and who is not. Today I lost my brother and you too lost yours and takes her away with him.

Zoya and Najma return home while the Gudia is close to their feet with the trash but they dont see it. Rasia tells hubby that we should get Rashid out as it may be useful. Mamu says if we get involved in this case we may get into trouble and its better if Rashid stays in Jail as he will never work with us nor get ayan married to humeira.

Tanveer discussing her work and new contract with Asad when Zoya comes with muffins for Tanveer & says Asad’s nickname is Jahapanah which she has kept it. Zoya comes to give her but she slips and Tanveer falls. Asad starts scolding Zoya and calls her irresponsible and helps Tanveer. Asad massages her leg when Dilshad asks if she is fine and goes to bring haldi for her.

Shireen gives some papers to Ayan to sell some property to get money to keep Firoz quite. Shireen says they will do whatever they can to get Rashid out of jail & says once Rashid returns they will leave this house and go away. Ayan looks at the paper and says we cant sell this property without mamu’s signature.

Asad caring for Tanveer massaging her leg, Zo not happy.Tanveer says she has to go out Asad refuses and says he will call doc. Dilshad about to light the stove, Tanu says Jammy I am getting weird smell.Dilshad lighting the match stick, Tanveer says gas smell gas is leaking they rush to the kitchen and stop Dilshad and open all the windows. Dilshad says she has cold so could notsmell the gas and thanks Tanveer. Asad says the gas is on. Tanveer says maybe while changing cylinder it happened and all look at Zoya and asad furious.

Shireen praying to god to save Rashid and Badi bee and asks god why they are suffering so much for no mistake.She pleads for some miracle while Ayan watches from afar in tears.Humeira comes to console Ayan and says she will get the signatures of her father somehow and takes the documents from him. Ayan asks if she knows what she is doing. Humeira says yes.

Asad Najma & Dilshad at dinner table when Tanveer comes with Zoya and says she didnot had food since afternoon, Dilshad asjs her to come and join them. Asad not happy. Tanveer observes them and asks Zoya not to feel bad she didnt do it purposely. Asad yells at Zoya for her stupidity and not allowing tanu to change the cylinder and Zo she is crying.Asad says becoz of you we all would have died… zoya runs off her to her room crying.

Precap – Rasia gives signed papers to Ayan and tells him in return he should marry Humeira which leaves him in shock.

Update Credit to: tulipdaisy

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