Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 12th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 12th March 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 12th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Viren calling SB to ask for Jeevika as he needed an important file, SB informs that may be Jeevika is too tired to come out because of tiredness and she would send him the file ..

@Outhouse – Dhanno is swabbing the floor, Maanvi is surprised to see the house so clean, she walks past Dhanno, pulling the veil of her head, Jeevika immediately pulls up the veil and Maanvi thanks Dhanno for helping her in this situation … Maanvi was trying to apply ointment on her arms.. Dhanno comes to her help.. Maanvi recognizes her touch and says “Dii” Jeevika is shocked.. Maanvi tells Dhanno that her touch is familiar to her Dii’s she got the same feeling with her touch as well and tells about how she grew up with her sister and are now married into the same house …but fate parted them and she is missing her di and tells that her di is her instant remedy

Virat asks the kid if he remembers the notes, the kid says yeah .10 Rs note, 100 Rs note, Virat says he is talking about the music notes, which the kid forgot, the kids mom tells Virat to teach the kid as long as he doesn’t learn.. else he will have to give back the money .. Virat asks her to leave the kid to him as the kid is not concentrating if she is around.. The lady humiliates and ridicules Virat and walks away..

Jeevika comes out of the outhouse and check numerous missed calls from Viren and calls him back.. Viren asks where she was, Jeevika tells that she was sleeping, Viren asks why she is whispering, Jeevika makes an excuse for it.. Inside, maanvi is looking around for Dhanno… Virika are still in conversation, (right in front of the outhouse) Maanvi comes out to check for Dhanno, who is not there..

In Vadhera house, Jeevika finds the living room deserted and runs to her room and searches for the file. Jeevika was about to go out of her room, ( in the same dress) KC comes there, Jeevika hides, KC leaves .. Jeevika is walking through the hall, SB stops her from behind and asks who is she and what is she doing in this house.. all the domestic help come there, SB asks if anyone knows her.. all are silent, Sundar comes and aks what is she doing here as he told her not to come into the house, Jeevika sighs in relief.. Sundar tells that she is the maid in the outhouse to help Maanvi, whom Jeevika has appointed, SB tells she is dumb and tells her to leave right now and not to come here again and walks her out .. while others disperse… outside in the yard, Jeevika thanks Sunder, and tells him to give this file to Viren, Sunder tells Jeevika that he wishes, everyone gets a sister like her..

Maanvi is still wondering where Dhanno left and wonders if she robbed them off something and checks her closet .. Dhanno comes there, Maanvi asks her where she went., Jeevika shows her pinky finger, Maanvi says this is city and she shouldn’t go out for all this and tells her to use the bathroom next time…

Night time, Jeevika is about to leave the outhouse, Maanvi pays her 100 Rs for 2 days and tells her to knead the dough for aloo paratha … Jeevika checks the time and agrees to it.. Maanvi thanks her for the dough and tells that she can leave now as her husband will come and make parathas.. Jeevika continues to do Paratha,.. Maanvi tells her to go as it is getting late.. but Jeevika continues to do the parathas.. Maanvi thanks Dhanno and leaves .. Maanvi wonders where dhanno is, she checks the parathas and is glad and thankful to dhanoo ..

Viren is home., he says he called Mr Krishnan for dinner and asks about Jeevika, SB tells she hasn’t seen Jeevika all day .. she even tells that she was not in her room .. Viren says it’s strange and tells that Jeevika has sent him the file , and he will go and check on Jeevika.. Jeevika is walking fast to reach home before Viren. Viren is shown walking towards his room..

Viren opens the door and is surprised to see Jeevika in the same hair style as dhanno, but changed into saree.. Jeevika asks him about the new hair style, Viren says it’e beautiful and teases her with the rose in her plait.. Jeevika says she was trying a new look.. Viren tells she is looking beautiful like a gao ki gori (beautiful village girl) and tells her to keep rose every day ..

@Outhouse, Maanvi gets Paratha for Virat and asks about his day, Virat says it was just like any other day .. Virat eats the paratha and is surprised with the taste, he tells they are just like home made paratha… Maanvi says that the smell itself was so much like her di’s paratha.. Virat feeds her.. Maanvi takes the first bite and says that they are just like what her di used to make.. Virat says that she is missing her di.. Maanvi says she can never forget the taste of her di’s food.. and wonders how can this be possible ..both Virat and Maanvi are thoughtful

Precap: Jeevika is in dhanoo’s attire, KC stops her and tells sunder that his sister’s veil is longer than needed and she sees a braclet stuck to her dupatta… she picks it up and screams at that dhanno for stealing Jeevika’s bracelet and now she wants to see her face and was about to lift the veil ..
Update Credit to:munnihyderabad

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