Pavitra Rishta 11th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 11th March 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 11th March 2013 Written Update

Teju is working at the Gujraati Mithaai shop while Sunny’s phone call comes on his Aunty’s cell. Sunny says to handle Teju politely as her metal condition is not good due to her mom. Sunny’s aunty says that she has got not that stone heart to ill treat her in such circumstances and calls Teju to go to hospital and meets her mom. Sunny goes to the hospital with the tiffin for Manav. Manav denies to eat anything. Sunny tries to convince him. Manav says that he is not lesser than Teju to him. In the mean time Teju comes crying. Manav promises sunny that when Archana will be recovered, he will make the Teju-Sunny marriage.

Dr Kundan calls Mittal who comes to meet his mother in law with Punni. Manjusha becomes busy to take care of his son in law. Mittal reminds Punni about the Sulo’s signature on the papre. Punni gets irritated and says that Mittal has already allotted some time to her, so there is not necessity to reminds her. Mittal comes outside to meet Dr Kundan and becomes afraid. He tells not to come to K’s house as Onir can recognise him any time. Dr Kundan handovers him a files and goes away from that place. But, Onir sees him and understand that the entire racket is being instructed by none other than Mr Mittal. Dr Onir threatens him to put him behind the bar. He also tells that he has remained silent as he is the relative of him.
Brother and sister (Ruchi and Baishali’s son) come to meet Pari and Ovi. Pari starts crying whenever he takes her. That time Sunny comes from hospital and he is only able to keep her silent by feeding her something liquid types (that must be called “nuska”). That was Gutti when Sunny’s mother used to give him when he was small.

Manju informs Sulo that they have repaid back the first installment of the loan taken for Punni’s miirrage. Manju praises her son in law as he has helped them to take the loan with some easy terms and conditions. Sulo also feels happy for Punni’s married life. Onir becomes worried by hearing all praise about Mittal as he only knows the actual Mittal and starts thinking how he can informs them. Now, Ruchi informs that cop has come to their house. Police has come for searching for Onir with the arrest warrant for him. Purvi wants to know the reason of that and tries to justifies Onir. The cop tells that he has got a complain that Onir is involved with the selling of body parts/organs (like Kidneys). Even some patients have been dead after his operation. This complain is lodged by Dr Kundan. Onir tries to say that Dr Kundan himself is a criminal who is involved with all of these illegal racket. The cop says that he should come to them before so that they can arrest Dr. Kundan instead of him. Onir is helping the criminal by protecting him. Onir wants apology for his mistakes as he has thought that Dr Kundan will change for good. The police takes Onir with them.

Manju calls Punni and informs Dr Onir has arrested. She also informs that Onir is blaming Dr Kundan who came to Punni’s reception where he met with Dr Onir. Punni is unable to recognise him. Manju tells Punni to meet Purvi. Punni irritates as she wants to keep herself away from all of these family melo drama. Punni informs Mittal that she is going to K’s house. Mittal calls Dr Kundan and celebrates their win. Punni hears the last few words and she raises doubts by determining Mittal’s connection with Onir’s arrest. She feels happy as she thinks some weak points of Mittal has come to her.

Pre Cap –
Manav is saying that Onir should be innocent as he has full faith on him. Everybody including Arjun, Ovi, Savita, Sachin were present there. Sachin wants to look after the case

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