The Buddy Project 11th March 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 11th March 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 11th March 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Ruby throwing her tantrums and asking RV and KD who will fight for Kiya, Kiya angrily marches toward her but RV holds her back and JJ comes shouting to stop it
He asks all of them what’s going on, Ruby tells him Kiya was about to slap her and complains she is violent, Kiya tells her to shut up, JJ calls out Kiya and goes to her and says to talk to him and asks her what happened, Kiya tells him that Ruby was talking non sense about her character, she tells him he can ask anyone here, JJ asks others about it and they say yes
JJ tells Ruby isn’t she ashamed of talking about a girl being a girl herself, Ruby gets frustrated, JJ tells her its fine if there is competition, but stooping so low is not acceptable in Royal, he says she owes an apology to Kiya and asks her to say sorry, Ruby looks at him shocked, JJ tells her again to say sorry to Kiya(buhahaha slap on Ruby’s face now)
Ruby angrily says sorry to Kiya who says whatever and leaves from there, RV and KD follows and leaves
Ruby to the camera: she wont leave Kiya, because of her she was insulted in front of the whole canteen, she will insult her so much that Kiya will remember for life(OMGEEE Ruby calling the camera, grrr that’s only for buddies and JJ)
RV goes to Kiya who is checking on her wound in the elbow in the buddy caf, he checks on it and Kria winces in pain, right then KD comes with the first aid box which RV takes from him
RV tells her she shouldn’t have fought with Ruby, Kiya says she was talking what not about her and she just couldn’t control herself, she then says how dare she talk about my ex, KD looks at her, Kiya realizes KD there and both have a look look
RV applies the medicine on Kiya’s wound, KD tells them he is getting late for the classes so he will leave, RV tells him fine he can go and he will drop Kiya to the class later, Kiya says no need she will go herself, RV irritated says not to be silly and he will drop her and he tells KD to explain her
KD tells Kiya RV is right, he should drop her, Kiya agrees, KD is about to leave when Kiya calls him out and says see you at 5, they both have a look look again, RV sees the two and smiles
TSG asks KD if he got the photos, KD says he will get it by evening, KD asks for his advance, TSG tells him not now he will get it outside the exam hall
On the other side of the road Kiya gets off RV’s car to see KD with TSG, RV asks her what happened, Kiya tells him about TSG who tried to give money to KD last time, RV looks at them, Kiya tells him she cant understand why is KD even talking to that person and says he might be in some problem, RV tells her even he heard KD talking to someone and maybe its that man
Kiya says she is very scared for him, RV tells her to wait here and he will go see
TSG tells KD to study hard and get the photo as well and he will arrange the money also, KD says ok, RV puts a hand on his shoulder, KD looks at him shocked, RV sees TSG and asks KD who is he
TSG introduces himself to RV as Raj and says he came to ask KD if he could give home tutions to his younger brother but it seems like he is too busy, he says nice meeting you and puts his hand forward to RV, he shakes it and tells his name, TSG then leaves
RV tells KD he is shining in the tution industry, KD asks him where is Kiya, RV shows him towards Kiya on the other side of the road, KD asks what is she doing there, RV was about to shout out to her when she calls him on his phone, Kiya tells him on the phone that her bag is locked in his car, RV tells KD her bag is locked so he will go take it out, KD tells him to bring her to the class as he is getting late, RV says ok and they both hug and leave from there
RV comes to his car and opens the door and tells Kiya is unlocked, he asks her what happened, Kiya says she didn’t want to talk about it in front of KD and asks about TSG, RV tells her that guy came asking for home tutions for his brother, Kiya reminds him she saw the guy offering KD money, RV says he must have been giving advance and tells Kiya they shouldn’t doubt so much and trust KD as friendship is based on that(aaahhh i hope this trust never breaks and TSG stops bothering KD and does not put him into a mess)
He assures her that KD himself promised him that if there is any problem he will share it with him, Kiya nods and RV tells her to go for her class and hands her the bag
Kiya then asks RV if he thinks she can become the Royal Queen, RV tells her ofcourse as she is the strongest contender and tells her only her head and hair deserves the crown, he then jokes and asks her the secret to her beautiful hair
Kiya smiles and says thanku for the compliment, RV asks her why did she ask this question but then gets his answer looking at Kiya’s expression, he tells her that she should concentrate on exams and studies not Ruby, he tells her before the contest they have their exams so she should only think about that, Kiya agrees and leaves for class
Piddi runs in full speed in the corridor and clashes with a guy and starts shouting at him for not looking and walking, he then runs to class screaming KD bhai its out and this time really its out(aise tym pe bhi DM talks, only Piddi can do it)
RV sees him and catches his nose and shouts at Piddi what is he doing here and pushes him to go to the washroom, KD asks him what happened, he screams out that the exam schedule is out in the notice board
The girls start panicking, Piddi bents down trying to catch his breath, he gets up to see the whole class empty
Everyone at the notice board is taking down the schedule, the buddies move out of the crowd, Juhi comes to them saying English and Maths are BTB, as usual everyone looks at her confused and she says Back to Back, and says there’s only one day gap and whines its such a horrible schedule
Panchi agrees and says they wont even get time to revise, RV frustrated says there’s hardly any time left for exams, KD tells them they are all ready for the exams as they prepared aready during viva, they just need to do revision so there’s no need to worry
Piddi goes to KD and asks him which temple do girls go to most, everyone looks at him, KD asks him why is he asking that, Piddi tells him he is thinking of going there from tomorrow as more then medicine he needs God’s blessings
Buddies ka Temple session-
At Piddi’s house temple, he prays to god and says just to get him more then 70% in the exams and then he will stop thinking about Bobby(Joke maara Piddi ne), while he puts his hands behind him and crosses his fingers(hahaha I knew it bargaining mei jhol), he then looks from the murti to his fingers behind and then says to the murti he must have got to know his fingers were crossed, and then he says he will seriously stop thinking about Bobby
Panchi prays to the murti in her hand to pass her in exams with good marks and she will have chocolates only once a week and keeps pleading when Juhi comes and tells her why is she buttering God so much, she should be the one doing it as Panchi has already prepared so well from before
Panchi then starts praying to get her whole class 90% in exams and if this happens she will surely leave chocolates totally, Juhi takes out a chocolate and gives it to her and tells Panchi take this cant happen(hahaha Panchi was soo cute the way she went praying for the whole class)
Samar praying to god saying he doesn’t want to become a halwaii he wants to become a real Nawab and for that he needs good marks and prays to get him good marks and he will put 1kg laddoo in her temple
Mr.Desai prays to God to get KD good marks in the exams, KD sees his father praying for him
At school next day everyone settles down in class for their Eco exam and they wish each other all the best before starting on their paper,
Paper over and back at home everyone is in learning process, except Piddi who is sleeping on his books and Mrs. Punj comes hitting him to get up
Next day is their English exam, Piddi keeps turning behind to peek in to another girl’s paper and then when teacher sees makes an excuse of asking for pen
Next is Maths, Piddi looks around and then says its quite an easy paper and then calls out to Panchi who ignores him
Samar to the camera: questions seem to be easy, just the answers seem to be difficult
Everyone leaves the classroom, Ruby deliberately pushes Kiya and her things fall down, Kiya looks at her pissed, Ruby says sorry with an attitude and leaves from there
TSG hands KD his admission card and says inivigilator is also part of their team so he wont have any problem, KD asks for his advance which TSG gives, KD thinks about what he told the loan sharks last time and then remembers about RV asking about TSG and his dad praying to god

At the buddy caf Piddi tells to play the radha song, Ruby says she will do it, everyone along with JJ is in party mood dancing on the song while Ruby on the otherhand transfers the RV-Kiya accidental kiss to someone’s mobile and gives an evil smile looking towards RV-Kiya-KD(Grr next mission after exams for Buddies should be to take down Ruby)

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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