Pavitra Rishta 10th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 10th June 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 10th June 2013 Written Update

Soham’s house .
Soham tells Varsha that Archana will soon be discharged .Both Varsha and Soham thank Bappa for curing Archana .Varsha gives the credit of this to Soham and the way he prayed for his mother .Soham says that before he did not believe in pooja and Bhagwan but now he to has faith . .Soham says that before he did not believe in pooja and Bhagwan but now he too has faith .
Soham tells Varsha that Archana knows about Onir losing his liscense and he was worried about Archana .he blames Gauri for telling this to Archana .Varsha tells him sto stop blaming Gauri and that it is good that the truth came out .
Soham has ordered flowers and other decorations .He wants to give Archana a wecome back surprise by decorating the chawl .

Archana’s hospital room .
Sulochna is looking happy as she is getting Archana’s things ready so that Archu can be discharged .Archaan is looking quiet .She tells Sulochna that the other day Varsha came to see her and though she did not say anything , she was not that happy to see her .
Sulochna is surprised that Archaan feels that way .she says that she was even more angry at Varsha and even had done her shradh but it was Varsha who convinced Soham to help the doctors with Archana’s experiment .

Sulochna starts crying and she looks helpless.
Archana then tells Sulochna that she should bring Varsha back home because she knows that this is what Sulochna wants to do .She tells her that she and Manav should not be the one to tell her if she wants to bring Varsha home or not and if she wants to do it then she should .
Sulochna is very happy and she hugs Archana …

Kinshuk’s apartment
Shalini is very annoyed at Onir and she tells Kinshuk that she is fed up because Onir is not telling Purvi about his truth and neither is he letting Shalini tell anything to Purvi .
Kinshuk is in agreement with Shalini that Onir is playing a rather clever game here .

Purvi’s house
Pari is crying .Purvi picks her up and tells her to stop crying or else she will leave her and go to her mother’s .Suddenly Purvi remembers how Archana told her to go away and never to show her face again .Purvi hugs Pari and promises her that no matter what happens , she will never leave her .
She calls the hpspital and they tell her that Archana ahs been discharged .Purvi is happy and wants to buy a gift for Archana .Suddenly she hears Onir talk to someone on the phone .She quietly listens to Onir’s conversation .
Onir is talking to Shalini who is angry with him and telling him to tell the truth to Purvi .Onir is trying to tell her that the time is not right but Shalini is not listening to him .Shalini starts threatening him that if he will not come and see her right now , she will come to his house and tell Purvi everything .
Onir tells her that he will come to see her .He puts the phone down .
Purvi acts as if she did not hear anything .She tells him that she has to go out for some shopping .and buy a gift for Archana .Onir is surprised but Purvi tells him that just because Archana was angry that does not mean that she does not loves her mother .Onir has no choice but to agree to take Purvi with him .
Purvi really wants to know what is going on between Onir and Shalini …
Soham’s house
Varsha is busy with house chores so Soham asks her if she is not going to go to welcome her sister .Varsha says that her sister has forgiven her but the rest of the family has not , mainly Manav Jeeju . Soham calls Manav a double faced person who behaves differently with him in Archana’s presence but then when she is not there he acts bad with him .Varsha says that Manav really loves Archaan and will do anything for her .
Sulochna comes in their home to take Varsha back to her house .Varsha is very happy .Sulochna tells Varsha and Soham that she never told them but she had always missed having them around .She apologiss to Varsha for her behavior towards her . She tells her that though she did her shradh but she could never put a garland on her picture .She wants Varsha to come home with her .
Both Varsha and Soham are very happy as Sulochna hugs them .

Purvi and Onir are going to the market and Onir keeps getting call from Shalini. He keeps disconnecting. Shalini follows them. Purvi asks Onir if any problem, and he says nothing.. it is unknown number.

They reach market and Purvi gets busy in shopping toys for Pari. Onir gets mad and says, you came to shop for aai, right? Then do that.. why are you wasting time in checking toys? He asks her to give Pari to him and finish shopping for aai. Purvi gets busy in looking at sarees.

Onir gets call from Shalini again. He comes on side and talks with her. He asks why are you calling again and again? I messaged you and said Purvi is with me. Shalini tells him that she reached market. She tells him no matter what I will tell our relationship truth to Purvi today.

Purvi sees Onir very tensed and searching for someone. She says to herself, now I am really worried.. first when Arjun told me, I ignored him. But even after Shalini left, you’re still in touch.. that means there is something for sure. She understands that Onir is rushing so she doesn’t meet Shalini here. She also decides that she will meet Shalini.

Onir comes to Purvi and asks her if she liked any saree. Purvi shows one and he asks shopkeeper to pack it. He’s paying for the saree but shopkeeper doesn’t have change for 1000. Shopkeeper goes to get change and Pari starts crying. purvi tells Onir that Pari needs to go in open area.. Onir tells her to take an auto too.

Purvi calls an auto and Shalini sees her. she is going to her, but on last moment, Onir pulls her back.

Purvi wonders where Onir is. And she hears Onir’s voice. Onir tells Shalini, I can understand your frustration. But I couldn’t let you stay in that house more.. otherwise situation could have gotten worse. Purvi hides and hears their conversation. Shalini says, I don’t care.. when are you telling her the truth? Onir says, very soon. Shalini says, no.. you have to tell her today only. Onir says, why can’t you understand? What I tell her? That you’re my first wife? Purvi gets shocked. Onir hugs Shalini.

Update Credit to: Precap: Sachin is mad at Soham. He tells her that woman got hurt because of your fireworks. Soham says, why are you shouting when I am saying that I didn’t do it purposely? Sachin says, you don’t do anything purposely.. you didn’t shot aai purposely either.. Soham gets angry and is about to punch Sachin, but Manav comes and stops Soham.

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