Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 10th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 10th June 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 10th June 2013 Written Update

Manvi are watching over the iyers. Shri’s mom notices that. And starts talking bad about punjabi’s. Shri’s dad asks what happened suddenly. But she shows him manvi standing behind the door. And shri’s dad joins him.

On the other Side, virat is outside vicky’s parents room. They see him and start acting In front of him. But he understands that they were texting each other.

Both shri’s and vicky’s mom are in the kitchen and are chitchatting. About likes and dislikes of their husbands. And they compliment each others acting. Vicky’s mom even wish for a Good home for shri. Suddenly jeevika comes there and they see her. And start to fight with each other. And leaves from there. But servant was there in kitchen and he tells jeevika

that they are weird people. Before she came they were talking like they are childhood friends. But now. They are fighting.

Virman and jeevika understands that shri’s and vicky’s parents are together. Manvi saw them exchanging looks. Virat saw them exchanging messages. And jeevika saw them together. They hope that all these won’t create AnY misunderstanding between vicky and shri.

Vicky and shri are at the terrace. Vicky tells her let’s elope. There is No other way. But shri says that’ll defame their parents. There’s another solution. Let’s breakup. Let’s sacrifice our love for breakup. Both are really sad. Viren comes there. They see him. Shri leaves from there sadly.

Shri’s and vicky’s dad are fighting over a chair at the dining table. They start shouting at each other. Though dadaji offers his chair noone is ready to leave the chair. Shri and vicky comes there. Vicky starts supporting his father. He says his dad has heart disease. Shri doesn’t like it. She starts supporting her family. read full updates daily with pics only at desitvbox.com When shri’s parents insult punjabis, shri doesn’t let them do so. She tells them vadhera’s are also punjabi’s. And they are taking Good care of us. Vicky doesn’t like it. And they end up fighting. Finally they declare their breakup. Though manvi and jeevika try to interfere, they don’t let them. Finally everyone disperse.

Shri and vicky are in their rooms with each others photo. They are really sad about the breakup. And misses each other so much. Virman and virika see that. Foursome reach terrace to make next plan. But they have no idea what to do next. Viren suggests that If they make both families stay back for a few more days then that’ll help. Jeevika supports him. But they need a reason. And finally manvi has a plan.

Manvi discloses her plan with everyone. But swamini bua feels it’s too much. And vanshika feels it’s difficult. But dadaji agrees to it. And virman and virika are happy. They go to inform shri and vicky. Vanshika and swamini bua asks dadaji what happened to him. He says when we are with kids we should be like them. And for past few days there had been not much fun at home.

Virman and virika reaches Vicky’s room. They try to make vicky understand. But vicky says both their parents are not happy with this relationship. He doesn’t want shri to leave her parents for him.

In their room, shri’s mom feels bad that it was not Good to separate vicky and shri. But shri’s dad says we didn’t do anything. he asks shri whether they did anything. Shri says nope. Both families are leaving. And manvi shows action to dadaji. He acts like he had a heart attack. All starts rounding him and make a big scene. And both families are forced to stay back. They all take dadaji to room. Manvi asks viren and virat to bring doctor. They dress up inder chachù and present him as Doctor. But shri’s uncle asks how did they bring doctor so soon. But they make up an excuse. Doc says he’s stressed. Dadaji says he’s stressed because vicky and shri’s massage is not happening. Manvi requests both families to agree to marriage. But vicky and shri tell their parents that it’s not needed. Dadaji ‘ll be alright soon. Doc is about to leave. But shri’s uncle stops him and takes off his duplicate moustache and beard. Both families wonder what’s happening.

Precap: it’s vicky’s and shri’s engagement. Shri is dressed up in punjabi lehanga and vicky is in south indian attire. Shri’s parents thank vicky’s parents for letting them conduct the engagement in south indian style. Vicky’s dad replies when their minds are same nothing matters. Vicky and shri exchange rings.

Update Credit to: DesiTvBox

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