Hitler Didi 10th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 10th June 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 10th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1
Sharma Niwas
Sunaina is crying of hunger. Seher brings her a plate of food. She is about to eat but Meher comes takes the plate from her and says she can’t eat her food, moreover she says its better she gives food to dogs. She throws the food and smirks, Sunaina and Seher are both sad. Seher tries to beg for food from Meher but she is pushed by her luckily Munna arrives and holds Seher. He asks Meher how dare she push his child, an angry Munna is about to slap her but Kutumb comes and reprimands him for misbehaving with their source(money, food etc) Munna asks her why is she stopping him! Kutumb says because of her money . Meher says that she will only provide for them if only Munna goes down on his knees and apologize! Munna says NEVER! Sunaina and Kutumb tries to convince

him but he doesn’t! Surprisingly the duo manages to make Make Munna kneel. Meher is on cloud nine as she smirks.
Munna stands up and says that His sister, Indira can never be replaced by a person like you pointing at Meherhe continues that she could never stand seeing his bhaiya being humiliated like this.

InShi are still standing facing the mirror. Indira then goes to continue packing her bags. Rk asks what is all this shrimati ji? But Indira ignores him, she goes near the window and sees Taoji running after a calf, Rk comes near her and smiles as he sees Taoji in that situation, Indira leaves from there. Rk then hides her bag behind the bed’s head and he also leaves. 3:)

Part 2
Cow Shed
Indira comes outside, she fixes her thambi and goes to the calf she catches it she sees Taoji and realizes her head is not covered she pulls a stole hunging on a piece of wood and covers her head. Taoji is fixing his trousers (I don’t know what its called in hindi) and Indira brings the calf to him. He thanks her and calls the calf mischievous, he then shows her to buffalo cows which are pregnant, he explains to her that when a girl is married she must try and fit in in her sasural. She must not give up so easily, she must not leave, she must stay and fight with all the hurdles she will face and so on. Indira smiles and takes blessings from Taoji and leaves from there. Rk is shown hiding behind a wall.

Part 3
Indira enters the house
She remembers Taoji ‘s talk while they were both at all corners of the house as she goes to her room, She takes the saris on top of her bed and a song on sasural plays im the background, she wears a beautiful pink sari. She is fixing her Pallu, Rk comes and help her place the Pallu on her head. They have a good InShi time! He applies sindoor on her forehead, helps her wear earrings and waistlace. They have an eyelock! Indira then tells him she has not forgiven him yet RK tries to persuade her but she doesn’t accept. RK then pulls her to him and they have an eye lock she then push him and run away 🙂 The Jagotians are having dinner! Indira is going there! RK comes there and starts flirting with her! They then enter the dining room holding each other and this shocks everyone. Ammu stares at them

Everyone is looking at InShi, Rk sees them and is shocked, Indira asks him what happened! She then looks back and she ls also shocked to see everyone eying them, Rk tries to explain themselves but Ammu stops him. Veeru teases RK. Ammu informs them that there will be a prayer ceremony tomorrow morning, Indira wants to say something but Rk doesn’t let her. Everyone leaves the Dining Room, Veeru asks Rk if he is coming, Rk is about to follow him but Indira stops him and questions him as to why he has lied to Ammu, she tells him you know that I don’t believe in prayers. Rk tries to reason with her but she wants to go and tell Ammu she doesn’t want to do the Pooja. Rk. tells her they will tell everyone later because they are angry now. He then starts flirting with her.
episode ends

Indu opens the door to the cow shed and she is happy to see the buffaloes and cows! She is shocked to see a woman performing something (I think witchcraft)

Update Credit to: AK

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