Pavitra Bhagya 10th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Archit and Reyansh save Pranati

Pavitra Bhagya 10th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Reyansh says you. Pranati comes there (dressed like she used to during their college time). he asks her what she is doing in his room. She asks him if he cannot come here. He asks her why she is dressed like this. I don’t want to talk to you. He leans forward and realises it was his imagination. He finds Pranati sitting on his bed next. She says you have been trying to get me out of your system since last 9 years. Tell me how will you be able to throw what’s destined for you. He asks her to leave. I don’t want to talk to you. She asks him if he still cannot understand what it is. She keeps her hand over his chest. His heart beats faster. She says I am your inner voice as she cups his face. My name is Pranati Mishra. He says you are neither real nor my voice. My voice is my voice. I don’t love you, Pranati Mishra. She says it wont be of any use. He asks her what she wants. Why are you here? She says I came to see if you understood what Maan had told you or not. He asks her what she means. She smiles and hugs him. Love does not complicate things. It solves everything. Ishq hai plays. She asks him to answer her. Is it true or not? Reyansh goes silent for a few seconds.

Dadi asks him to speak up. He says yes. She asks him about Pranati. I have been calling your name since so long. He shares that she has gone outside for some work. She asks him if she dint inform him before leaving. Where is she? He gets irked. Why are you always pushing me? She reminds him that they only have 9.5 days left. He assures her it will be done. She says I don’t have faith in you. You are so lost these days. You have changed. I think it is because of your emotions. He shakes his head but she reminds him of how much he loved his mother when he was a kid. She left you in the end. You eventually got closer to your father who handed you over to me and went back to enjoying life. You loved your school, your friends next but you got thrown out of school. You got into new school. You fell in love with your toys and they caught fire. Do you realise what I am trying to imply? Love is a poison for you. You will die one day if you fall in this trap. He finishes his drink. He repeats her words which make her happy. She pours another drink for him. I know that you know how to fix everything. She leaves.

Pranati resumes her presentation. She starts feeling dizzy. Vardhan smiles at the investor. Pranati loses her balance. Vardhan rushes to her side. Are you fine? She nods. She notices the investor standing as well. She notices Archit’s call but she loses her balance and falls in Vardhan’s arms. What’s happening to me? He says it is nothing. We will take care of you. He passes her onto the investor.

Archit wonders why Pranati isn’t picking his call. Presentation would have ended long ago.

Vardhan and his friend are taking Pranati somewhere. She tells them to let go of her but in vain.

Archit keeps trying her number. Why isn’t she picking my calls? The phone gets picked up mistakenly as Pranati pushes Vardhan and his friend away. It is on loudspeaker. Archit asks Pranati where she is. Vardhan disconnects the call.

Reyansh is pacing worriedly. Jugnu asks Reyansh about Pranati. It’s been too long. Reyansh says we will find out soon. Jugnu notices one box missing. Riya brings more boxes there. These are for all your friends. Jugnu thanks her. Where is Nayi Ma? Riya tells Reyansh that she has the boxes ready. Jugnu tells Reyansh that they are getting late to go to Bal Mandir. Where is Nayi Ma? She has been gone too long. Call her. she promised that we will go together. Reyansh receives a call. Someone informs him about Pranati’s last location. Pranati is in hotel with Archit? He tells Jugnu he will bring Nayi Ma home soon. Jugnu compliments him. He says this is our specialty. No one can hide anything from Khurana’s. Wait here. I will bring her home soon.

Reyansh is furious. How dare she spend time with Archit in a hotel? She promised to be with Jugnu. How could she break her promise? She is spending her time with Archit and she is pretending to be a good mother here. How could she?

Pranati begs to let go but Vardhan refuses. Archit reaches hotel and enquires about Pranati at the reception.

Vardhan keeps pulling Pranati closer. She begs him to let her go. He says we have to rest right now. He makes her lie down on the bed.

Receptionist guides Archit to Pranati’s room. Vardhan’s friend notices everything and gets tensed.

Vardhan pushes Pranati on the bed when she tries to get up. I know you are very lonely. I will make it go away. Reyansh does not care about you but I do. I look at you stealthily. I like you very much. He covers her mouth. There is no point shouting. No one will come to help you. Archit is looking for the particular room while Pranati keeps shouting / crying. Archit stops in his tracks as her hears her cries. He breaks open the door. Pranati is lying unconscious on the bed. He tries to wake her up. Say something. Who was with you? I will call someone to help. Inspector asks him what’s happening. Archit looks at inspector in shock.

Reyansh reaches hotel just then. He notices Archit bringing Pranati with police by his side. Inspector does not let him talk. Reyansh asks Inspector what’s happening. Inspector says there is a racket going on here. can you not see what’s happening? Reyansh asks him what he means. Inspector gets irked. Do you want me to tell you everything? Few reporters throng him with questions just then. Reyansh makes a fist. Archit keeps trying to wake up Pranati. Reyansh takes Inspector aside. Reporters question Archit during this time. Reyansh comes back and lifts Pranati in his arms. He takes her with him. Inspector is seen counting notes in the background.

Everyone is watching the news on TV at Khurana House.

Precap: Reyansh brings Pranati home. Mallika taunts her. A girl like her should not be in this house. Dadi says we should not come to a conclusion till the time Pranati gains conscious. Pundit ji asks Reyansh to seek Bappa’s blessings. He walks up to the idol still holding Pranati in his arms. He tries to hold her pallu when vermilion falls over her forehead. He begins to clean it and it spreads over her hairline.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. This blo*dy scumball vardaan – men like this should be burned alive… If I ever found scum like him I would kill him screw the police! Pranati will get blamed they will say she went with Archit -0 all boils down to archit being an a*sh*le. He let her go alone. Imma throw something at the TV if they don’t believe her about Vardaan and if that Dadi being a woman takes her cheap grandsons side. This Vardaan must leave the world of the living at least Anisha will be free. Must say Dadi saying wait for Pranati to wake up is surprising

  2. GBV ugghhhh disgusting you right kalika a man like vardhan needs to be thrown petrol and then light him he is a disgrace to manhood, hope he got his punishment soon but eish this is ekta’s produce this will stretch untill it loses its elasticity with so much family drama
    and what the hell is malika doing in the khurana house always like she is some d-i-l of the khuranas and on top of that poking her long nose in pupils business i really hate her

    1. She uses Riya as an excuse cause Riya is her sister in law to be… Riya needs to tell her to leave to be honest but because her father is a minister neither Riya or Dadi will say anything to keep their liquor licenses. I hope they understand she was drugged. This disgusting Vardaan might try to kill her – she is in the lions den after all… I hope Archit at least tries to tell Rey the truth instead of being an egoistic ass and keeping it to himself like he told Pranati don’t tell anyone – still blaming him. It’s going to be Pranati’s word against Vardaan unless they do some stupid shit where she loses partial memory due to the trauma… Vardaan must go, if we have to see his disgusting date rape face anymore then I will give up on this serial – stop putting GBV in serials and trying to hypernormalize it. Oof I can’t stand Ekta – her shows start out okay and they Its like she just gives up in the middle she must do limited series of 100 episodes so they don’t have to completely murder the serial Like KKB and it’s sister repeat, repeat, repeat… her serials always have a woman suffer for a man that isn’t worth the space he occupies on the planet… I am enjoying VB on the web more and more these days than Telly serials

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