Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 10th September 2020 Written Episode Update: An upset Arjun takes Pinky to his house

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 10th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram lighting the matchstick to burn Pinky, when suddenly rain starts. He gets shocked and tries to light the match stick again. Antra asks Pinky to say something. Ram says today you have broken me fully today. He says from today you don’t exist in my life. Pinky is shocked. Ram goes inside. Antra is coming out to Pinky, but the latter asks her to go and tells that this is her first and she will fight. She sits on the road and cries. Arjun comes in her car with Nandu, Revati and Sunny. Revati asks Arjun to come. Nandu insists to meet Maasi, but Arjun takes her inside. Nandu says Maasi and drops her toy on the ground. Pinky recalls Arjun’s words that she is nobody for him, for breaking his trust, Ram’s words that she is no more for him and Nalini’s words that let her die. She picks the toy dog and tells that that time also, I was having you and even now. She says Naati Pinky, na ghar ki na ghaat ki, na sasural ki na mayke ki….She says she is neither of sasural nor of mayka. She thinks previously Arjun was standing with her, but now she has broken his trust, there is nobody with her. She says who will come for me and cries. Arjun comes there holding umbrella.

Antra takes umbrella and sees Arjun with Pinky. Arjun helps Pinky get up. Antra cries and says Pinky…go. He holds her hand and takes her to his house. He makes turmeric milk for her and gives to her. Pinky tells that she was very scared, that he is upset with her like Papa. He brings rose pot and asks what you see in it. Pinky says flower. Arjun says I can see the thorns in it, like it is kept in the will stay here until everything is sorted with us. He tells that you will be taken care of like the pot and asks her not to have the misunderstanding that he has forgiven her. Pinky says Arjun ji…Arjun says I don’t want to hear any explanation from your mouth and asks her not to lie anymore. He calls Revati and asks her to make Pinky stay in the guest room. He says I have to take care of her until my name is attached with hers. Revati says what game you have played with my son…my son is Nandu’s father, but not her father. Arjun looks at her. Revati says I am saying right, tells that she has pleaded infront of Nandu’s mother to get her and gave away her bangles. She says you are not her father as Pinky is the guardian for next six months, after that we can apply for adoption. Nandu comes there and asks why you are upset with Maasi and asks where is Choti Amma? Revati asks her to come. Nandu asks again. Arjun tells that your Choti Amma is dead and tells that your Maasi had taken Imarti’s avatar and done the drama and lied to everyone. He asks her to become far from her as she likes to play with others’ feelings. Nandu goes. Pinky shouts Nandu. Arjun says I hope you will be happy now. Revati asks Pinky have you seen, what you have done with my son and calls her shameless person.

Pinky comes to Nandu’s room and apologizes to her. She tells that she didn’t have any option with her. Nandu gives her Ananya’s stuff and tells that she always wanted to make her mother. She says I had told PM also to make you my mother. Pinky gets happy to know that Nandu has accepted her. Nandu takes out sindoor from the purse and asks her why woman applies it. Pinky tells about the sindoor which is applied by the married woman. Nandu says I will apply it to you, like my mother used to apply. She applies sindoor on her forehead. Revati hears them and gets upset. Nandu asks her not to hope to get extra treatment from her and says you are not new to me. Pinky hugs her and tells that she got her support. Revati says she is very angry and controlling Nandu. She thinks Arjun is very angry now, she will distance them and will do something against her, will wipe Arjun’s name sindoor from her head. Nandu tells her that she will not let her go far from her. Pinky hugs her and cries.

Precap: Pinky tells Arjun that she will give him Nandu’s custody and asks him not to go out of room. Arjun asks her to give him divorce and freedom from this marriage. Pinky is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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